Top 7 LinkedIn Free AI Courses for Learners

Yana Khare 29 Mar, 2024
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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are essential to modern technology. They are changing many industries and how we look at innovation and problem-solving. Understanding these new technologies’ basics and real-world use cases is critical to making smart choices in this fast-changing world. This article will explore a range of free AI courses on LinkedIn that aim to give students of diverse skill levels and interests deep insights into AI, ML, and related areas.

Top 7 LinkedIn Free AI Courses

Importance of Doing Courses

Engaging in courses offers numerous benefits that can significantly impact personal and professional growth. Here are some reasons why participating in courses is essential:

  1. Development of Skills: Training provides an adjustable learning environment for obtaining or developing new proficiencies. Courses give learning opportunities that will be useful throughout life and supply skills such as programming and leadership.
  2. Career Advancement: Attending courses, which most often lead to expanding skills and information, is a tool for job seekers to increase their chances of getting a job and growing further. Employers usually value employees who are driving profit, avid learners, and willing to invest in their professional development, and they get different benefits.
  3. Staying Updated: Ensure that the newest technologies, methods, and trends are always in your mind, especially in areas with constant updates like business and technology. Not only to stay up-to-date and competitive, but courses also offer a place for information exchange between instructors and students on current research, the industry’s best way of doing business, and upcoming technology.
  4. Personal Development: Course mentoring is the key factor, but the courses also help with personal development and success. They allow people to explore the deeper aspects of themes, open prospects for them, and even find new interests. Learning new things may improve affectivity, promote imagination, and boost self-esteem.
  5. Credibility and Credentials: Completing the educational program and getting certificates, which can be seen as evidence of qualification and demonstrating competence in a subject matter, do so. Achieve this through the school certificate of credit or organization that your colleague, client, or employer has proved to be of high quality.

Here are LinkedIn Free AI Courses

LinkedIn offers many free AI courses to help you enhance your skills and stay ahead in the field. Here are a few noteworthy ones:

LinkedIn Free AI Courses 1: What is Generative AI?

Conducted by: Pinar Seyhan Demirdag.

Target Audience: Anyone interested in understanding the fundamentals of generative AI.

Link to Access Course: Generative AI

Course Content: The instructors of this LinkedIn free AI course design it to offer students a broad spectrum approach, giving them an in-depth view of the topic from all angles. The foundational course begins with a lecture that explores the characteristics and applications of generative artificial intelligence with real-world examples that clearly show how people use it. Using generative AI as a learning tool, students will be taught how this digital creation can be applied. As a result, they will be able to conceptualize and bring forth their signature blends of creativity in exciting ways. Nonetheless, the class also elaborates on various generative models, which should be well understood throughout this procedure. Eventually, we will dwell on the chances the technology benefits from and its ethical implications. Thus, as they analyze the societal impact of technology and resolve any ethical concerns, it would help them remain ethical.

Duration: The course typically spans 1 to 4 weeks.

LinkedIn Free AI Courses 2: Introduction to Prompt Engineering for Generative AI

Conducted by: Ronnie Sheer.

Target Audience: Individuals who want to maximize the effectiveness of generative AI tools.

Link to Access Course: Prompt Engineering for Generative AI

Course Content: The course “Definition of Prompt Engineering for Generative AI,” a free LinkedIn AI course, discusses basic knowledge and methods of prompt engineering necessary to get the most out of generative AI software packages. The first skill the participants will learn is how to write prompts straightforwardly. It should also be short and specific. The encompassing of practical exercises and the hand-holding of students will enable them to increase their capacity to formulate individual prompts and tailor each to their particular objectives. Besides that, the class would also discuss techniques for getting the preferred results of the generative AI models, thus equipping the students with vital skill sets to multiply their outputs. Toward the end of the session, students will have entirely mastered the topic, which will help them maximize the AI engine’s potential in their numerous applications.

Duration: This course is designed to be completed in approximately 1 to 3 months.

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LinkedIn Free AI Courses 3: Machine Learning with Python: Foundations

Conducted by: Fred Nwanganga.

Target Audience: Beginners interested in machine learning.

Link to Access Course: Machine Learning with Python

Course Content: This course will offer a fundamental approach to learning the fundamentals of machine learning, enabling students to obtain sound knowledge of different machine learning algorithms and their work. The course will enable students to grasp the practicality and application of various machine learning techniques, including supervised and unsupervised learning. Instructors will examine these techniques using laboratory work and theory. The class will also strongly emphasize problem-solving abilities by making the students capable of separating the application of machine-learning techniques from real-world problems. Learners will gain a working knowledge of the discrimination of the relevant issues and the finding of the solutions using the practical projects and the study cases that will help the students in the problem-solving aspect from the academic understanding to the real-world applications because of the dynamic nature of the machine learning field.

Duration: The course duration may vary, but it typically covers the basics in a few weeks.

LinkedIn Free AI Courses 4: Introduction to Deep Learning and Neural Networks

Conducted by LinkedIn Learning.

Target Audience: Those interested in deep learning and neural networks.

Link to Access Course: Deep Learning and Neural Networks

Course Content: Students diving into the underwater world of Deep Learning Concepts using this free LinkedIn AI course will cover their deep ends during the course. It also includes exploring the capabilities of neural networks and front-edge deep learning techniques. The course will require learners to walk through the structure and designs of neural networks, learning their training schemes and optimization skills in a scheduled curriculum and practice applications. The course defines profound learning manifestations. Instructors show use cases for neural networks. They demonstrate addressing prominent issues across fields.

Attendees understand AI’s revolutionary emergence. Real applications and cases are studied. Through this exposure, students fully utilize the latest tools. They can implement solutions for their disciplines. The course covers AI/ML concepts practically. Security case studies are combined for learning. Participants efficiently contend with AI/ML challenges. Learners walk through neural network structure and design. They learn training schemes and optimization. A scheduled curriculum guides neural network practice. Standard system failure causes are introduced. Flawed design and implementation are covered. Intentional attacks misusing trusted information are explored. Threat actors attempt to influence decisions unethically.

Duration: The course duration varies, but it provides a solid foundation in neural networks.

LinkedIn Free AI Courses 5: How to Research and Write Using Generative AI Tools

Conducted by: Dave Birss.

Target Audience: Individuals aiming to enhance their research and writing process using generative AI.

Link to Access Course: Research and Write Using Generative AI Tools

Course Content: Using the syllabus, this free LinkedIn AI course ensures that the students complete the course by meeting the challenges of data retrieval with the help of customized AI models. Students will gain detailed knowledge after some demonstrations and hands-on practice. Therefore, they will be able to develop specific prompts that meet all the requirements they are supposed to meet. The seminar addresses the content creation strategy and how AI generative tools are the alternative for writing reports, emails, and social media posts, to mention a few. Through a recap of cases and exercise projects, participants will have the skills and knowledge they can apply to create content with generative AI in many situations and across various platforms.

Duration: The course typically spans 1 to 3 months.

LinkedIn Free AI Courses 6: Security Risks in AI and Machine Learning: Categorizing Attacks and Failure Modes

Conducted by: Diana Kelley.

Target Audience: This course is designed for individuals interested in understanding the security risks associated with AI and machine learning.

Link to Access Course: Security Risks in AI and ML

Course Content: Participants in the course will get an idea of all the risks of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Students shall be trained extensively about potential drawbacks (risks and vulnerabilities) in AI and ML programs. Next, the class will scrutinize several attacks and types, curtailing students’ knowledge and skills in various attack paths and techniques bad actors apply to undermine AI and ML locations. Immersing students in such situations will allow them to identify and estimate the possible security risks in AI and ML-related situations.

Moreover, the free LinkedIn AI course will discuss mitigation approaches that will significantly help the learners, as they will be provided with quick tips on installing permanent security measures to reduce the risks and protect the AI and ML systems from cyberattacks. The instructors will introduce attendees to common causes of system failures stemming from flawed design and incomplete implementation, as well as intentional attacks in which threat actors attempt to attack the system and influence their decisions by misusing information labeled as accurate. The course expects participants to learn the underlying concepts and practicality of AI and ML, combined with instance-based security case studies,, so they can efficiently contend with these challenges.

Duration: The course duration may vary, but it typically covers the essentials in a few weeks.

LinkedIn Free AI Courses 7: Learning No-Code AI

Conducted by: Sudha Jamthe.

Target Audience: Individuals who want to build AI applications without coding expertise.

Link to Access Course: Learning No-Code AI

Course Content: During the course syllabus, participants will join the in-depth journey of No-Code AI Tools, trying all the available platform tools that make AI building possible even when no coding skills are present. The instructors will explain the basics of the no-code AI tool through lessons and demos. Students can then use AI technologies successfully. The Application Building section covers AI app development fundamentals. Instructors expect no higher coding ability from participants. Through analysis and exercises, instructors ensure 100% confidence. Participants gain skills in using no-code AI tools. They can invent solutions and adjust workflows accurately.

The program also focuses on business problem-solving. Participants solve the latest business problems using AI. No coding is required for this. Students explore strategic transitioning to no-code AI solutions. Case studies show decision-making process improvements. Operations efficiency boosts are demonstrated. Business development via no-code AI is encouraged. By the end, students are empowered. They can apply no-code AI analytics practically. No-code AI aids complex business problem resolution. Organizational success is enabled through no-code AI mastery.

Duration: The course duration varies but provides practical knowledge for leveraging no-code AI tools.

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These courses collectively provide a diverse and comprehensive overview of AI, ML, and related disciplines. Therefore, catering to learners’ varying interests and expertise levels. These courses are designed for beginners and experienced professionals. These courses are tailored to meet your needs and propel your journey in the exciting world of AI and ML.

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Yana Khare 29 Mar, 2024

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