Announcing DataHack Summit 2018 – Bengaluru, 22 – 25 November 2018

Kunal Jain 12 Nov, 2018 • 3 min read

Imagine a world, where…

the next gen data scientists are building intelligent bots, droids, humanoids to unleash a new era in human civilisation.

A world where we are doing cutting-edge research in latest technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Reinforcement learning. That research is reaching the industry and is being applied to create products which were never seen before.

A world where technological innovations and their applications will enable us to solve problems impacting millions of people in a manner people could not even imagine a few years ago.

So, what do we need to build this world?

We need to “Build The Next-Gen Data Science Ecosystem”

This is the world we dream at Analytics Vidhya. This is the world which we are creating. We are building this step by step and we will not rest till we reach there.


DataHack Summit 2018 – The Next-Gen AI, ML & IOT Conference

DataHack Summit 2017 was the first time we saw this ecosystem coming together in India. We saw Dr. Kirk Borne laying out latest industry trends in his Keynote. We saw practitioners presenting the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Cyber Security, Bio genomics, Automotives, Financial Services and several other industries. We saw multiple hands-on workshops teaching the latest tools and techniques to our community members.

This year at DataHack Summit 2018 – we are not only dreaming bigger, but we are also planning to showcase you the world where “Humans meet Artificial Intelligence”. We will showcase the latest industry case studies, the latest research in AI and live hack sessions building Artificial Intelligence in front of you. You will see machines becoming smarter in front of your eyes and some even doing things better than humans in specific tasks.

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DataHack Summit 2018 by numbers

DataHack Summit 2018 is happening on 22nd – 25th November 2018 in Bengaluru. It will be bigger, better and more impactful than DataHack Summit 2017 by every means and aims to take the ecosystem to a different level. Make sure you block these dates now!

  • 1200+ Brains
  • 60+ Power Speakers
  • 15+ Hack Sessions
  • 6+ Workshops


What can you expect in DataHack Summit 2018

  • 4 parallel tracks – We will have parallel live tracks including Keynote sessions, Sessions by industry experts and practitioners, Hack Sessions and Research track
  • 15+ live hack sessions – We were overwhelmed by the response on hack sessions last year. We promise to make them even better this year. Be ready to see machine learning in action as it gets built right in front of you.
  • Research track – This year, we will ensure that our community gets a flavour of the research happening in the country. There will be a dedicated Paper / poster presentation from the best entries at the Summit.
  • Startup Showcase – Check out the exciting startups, their products and technology as part of the DataHack Summit 2018
  • Workshops – Our community demanded more workshops and we plan to deliver it to them. We will have more than 6 workshops as part of the Summit. Each of these workshops will be conducted by industry experts and seasoned professionals.


Mind Zones at DataHack Summit 2018

DataHack.AI: From witnessing human-like capabilities in machines to building deep learning predictive models for an intelligent future, this zone will surely amaze you with solutions that exhibit human-like behaviour and intelligence.

DataHack.DL: Take a deeper dive into most significant innovations of coming generations with this zone – self-driving cars, self-organizing drone swarms, computer vision, conversational interfaces, gene editing, emotion recognition, and more.

DataHack.ML: Ground-breaking research and applications of algorithms, tools, and platforms related to analyzing massive data sets, to be discussed in this zone.

DataHack.IOT: Migrate to the zone to learn about IoT ecosystem, including cloud and edge computing, data analytics, sensor networks, mobile devices, Internet architecture, middleware, and IoT applications.


Trending Topics for DataHack Summit 2018

  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning
    • Deep Learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Data Visualization


What do you need to do to attend DataHack Summit 2018?

For now, block your calendar and make sure that you subscribe to the updates here. We will share more details about the Summit in the coming weeks.

What do you feel about DataHack Summit 2018 – make sure you tell us through comments below or by using #DHS2018 on any social media platform. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Tickets are available and you can book them NOW!

Kunal Jain 12 Nov 2018

Kunal is a post graduate from IIT Bombay in Aerospace Engineering. He has spent more than 10 years in field of Data Science. His work experience ranges from mature markets like UK to a developing market like India. During this period he has lead teams of various sizes and has worked on various tools like SAS, SPSS, Qlikview, R, Python and Matlab.

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Responses From Readers


Karthikeyan P
Karthikeyan P 19 May, 2018

Mind Blowing !!!. Very excited and cant wait to see whats there inside !!

Arnab Ghosh
Arnab Ghosh 19 May, 2018

The dates are very close to US Holiday season which is peak for retail. It is considered very critical business period and pretty much everyone in those organisations will be on high alert at that time. I think we will have more participation from the retail space if you adjust your date to accommodate that. Thank you

Dinesh Chauhan
Dinesh Chauhan 19 May, 2018

Sound interesting. Any plan to live steam ?

Sandeep Verma
Sandeep Verma 21 May, 2018

There was an announcement earlier about AV DataFest 2018 happening in Mumbai. But that page doesn't seem to be active anymore. Has that plan been dropped?

Pragya shrivastava
Pragya shrivastava 21 May, 2018

Nice to hear about this summit

Subhasis Khatua
Subhasis Khatua 27 May, 2018

It was a wonderful summit last time, with the conference and workshop sessions. That gave me and many others a huge boost and confidence to continue the learnings. Looking forward to the next one. I am even interested to drive any workshop session if there is any opportunity.

Ramana 04 Jun, 2018

Looking forward to see you all !

Nirwan 06 Sep, 2018

I am new to the field of Machine Learning. The closest I have been to this field is after completing Andrew Ng's course on Coursera with certification. Will it be beneficial for me to attend this conference? Will I be able to understand part of the conference even with the basic knowledge?

Ashish Paliwal
Ashish Paliwal 12 Nov, 2018


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