Announcing DataHack Summit 2019 – The Biggest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Conference Yet

Pranav Dar 26 Jun, 2019 • 4 min read

DataHack Summit 2019

Bringing Together Futurists to Achieve Super Intelligence

DataHack Summit 2018 was a grand success with more than 1,000 attendees from various diverse industries and domains. Our community loved the content, knowledge sharing, and everything about the event. Check out the highlights from DHS 2018:


So what do you do when you scale such heights?

You continue scaling up!

Analytics Vidhya’s mission to bring together people, machines and their collaborative experience is about to be unleashed to a whole new level. A level that hasn’t been seen before.

Yes, we are about to unleash the era of Super AI at DataHack Summit 2019, 13-16 November in Bengaluru – the largest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning conference yet!

Records are made to be broken – and DHS 2019 will break them again. There will be more Power Talks, more Hack Sessions, more Workshops, and more content than ever before. And we are adding an extra day to the conference – just for hack sessions (more on this below)!

If you are a data professional, or someone who wants to see machine intelligence unleashing a new era in our world – DataHack Summit 2019 is the place you want to be. This year’s conference is between 13th – 16th November in Bengaluru, India.

Tickets are selling at an unprecedented pace. The Early Bird discount ends soon but the tickets might be sold out before that – so make sure you grab a seat today:

Click here to book your ticket


Speakers at DHS 2019

We bring you the top thought leaders in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and the top Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers from across the globe. Here’s a list of the top speakers confirmed for the conference:

And many more which you can check out the Speakers page. Are you interested in submitting a speaker proposal? Then fill in this form and we will get in touch with you accordingly.


DataHack Summit 2019 by the Numbers

The sheer scale of DataHack Summit 2019 is staggering in its scope. The learning will increase multifold, records will tumble, and we will witness artificial intelligence and machine learning in action like never before.

  • 1,200+ AI and Machine Learning Brains
  • 100 Speakers, including world-renowned AI specialists and hackers
  • 30 Hack Sessions. That’s right – 30 hack sessions including an exclusive Hack Day!
  • 10 (yes 10!) Workshops on various trending and relevant AI and Machine Learning topics


Wait..A Day Full of Exclusively Hack Sessions?

That’s right! We are thrilled to present Hack Day at DHS 2019.

Hack Sessions are one of the most in-demand and popular features of DataHack Summit. We introduced the concept of hack sessions at DHS 2017, expanded on that at DHS 2018, and are ready to truly unleash their power this year at DHS 2019.

“Hack sessions are an integral part of what we bring to you through this conference and we want to make sure you get full access to all the latest AI and machine learning trends.” – Kunal Jain

Hack sessions are essentially hour-long live interactive coding sessions presented by the top data scientists from around the globe – a dream for all machine learning professionals!

Mark the date in your calendar – November 15th, 2019 – is an exclusive Hack Day.


What kind of content can you expect at DHS 2019?

The content we showcase at DataHack Summit has always been lauded for the breadth and depth of topics we cover. We want to continue that trend and are leaving no stone unturned this year as we unleash the latest developments, breakthroughs, and happenings in AI and machine learning.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect at DataHack Summit 2019:

  • 70+ Power Sessions: Explore the latest applications with AI and Machine Learning experts, practitioners, and thought leaders from around the globe. Each power session will combine the knowledge and perspective of experienced industry speakers with the power of AI
  • 30+ Hack Sessions: What better way to understand machine learning than seeing an expert coding it in front of you?
  • AI Master’s Talks: Hackathon winners and Kaggle Grandmasters will take the stage and share their winning formulas and frameworks. What worked and what didn’t, winning solutions – find it all in the AI Master’s talks
  • Workshops: We are expanding the scale of the workshops, even more, this year! With 10 day-long workshops, we aim to make sure you learn AI and Machine Learning by doing it yourself. No more lectures – just code with the help of experienced data professionals!
  • Exhibition Area: From exciting startups and solution providers to bleeding-edge hardware and software providers –everyone will be showcasing their best – make sure you check them out!
  • Panel Discussions: These will range from finding out what the best data scientists do to win hackathons and competitions to how experts see ethics and privacy in the use of AI

The Applied ML workshop from DHS 2018 – a successful day full of learning


How can you attend DataHack Summit 2019?

Tickets are ON SALE right now at an incredible price. Our Early Bird discount is still valid but the tickets are selling out quickly so make sure you book yours today before you miss out.

Book your DataHack Summit 2019 Tickets here

Have you attended DataHack Summit before? What are you most looking forward to seeing this year? And what else do you feel we should add? We would love to hear from you – let us know in the comments section below!


Pranav Dar 26 Jun 2019

Senior Editor at Analytics Vidhya. Data visualization practitioner who loves reading and delving deeper into the data science and machine learning arts. Always looking for new ways to improve processes using ML and AI.

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