Definition of some basic football terms:

Pass: when a player kicks the ball to one of their teammates.

Assist: pass that leads to a goal being scored.

Goal: the only method of scoring in football; for a goal to be awarded the ball must pass completely over the goal line in the area between the posts and beneath the crossbar.

Formation: how the players in a team are positioned on the field. The formation is often denoted numerically, with the numbers referring to the corresponding number of players in defensive, midfield and attacking positions

Striker: one of the four main positions in football. Strikers are the players closest to the opposition goal, with the principal role of scoring goals. Also known as forward or attacker

Defender: one of the four main positions in football. Defenders are positioned around the goalkeeper and have the principal role of keeping the opposition away from their goal

Midfielder: one of the four main positions in football. Midfielders are positioned between the defenders and strikers.

Goalkeeper:  player closest to the goal a team is defending. A goalkeeper has the job of preventing the opposition from scoring. They are the only player on the pitch that can handle the ball in open play, although they can only do so in the penalty area.[30] Known informally as a keeper or a goalie.


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