CRUNCH – Practical Big Data Conference, Budapest, October 28-30, 2015

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What is CRUNCH all about?

CRUNCH is a Practical Big Data Conference in Budapest, between October 28-30, organised by two startups Prezi and Ustream (who joined forces to help to turn Budapest into a technology hub with non-profit conferences). From the 16 talks, and 4 workshops you can learn practical insights from the big players of data science, that you can apply from the next day in your company.

Crunch will also feature 4 interesting workshops for participants. These look really useful, for example Evan Miller of How Not To Run An A/B Test fame will be running one! The other workshops are:

  • Lean Analytics: The Data That Will Make or Break Your Business
    by Alistair Croll, author of Lean Analytics
  • Data analytics clusters with one-click
    by Lajos Papp, Hortonworks
  • Building Recommendation Products 101
    by Esh Kumar, Spotify
  • Introduction to Data Exploration and Predictive Modeling
    by Evan Miller, author of the Wizard Statistical analyzer

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Who are the Key Speakers?

Doug Cutting

Chief Architect at Cloudera, Founder of Hadoop

Alistair Croll
Entrepreneur, author of Lean Analytics bestseller

Stephen Brobst
CTO, Teradata Corporation

Scott Gnau
CTO, Hortonworks

Andrea Burbank
Data Scientist, Pinterest

Elena Verna
Director of Growth and Analytics, SurveyMonkey

Esh Kumar
Data Scientist, Spotify

Check the full lineup at


Why should you attend it?

Here are the reasons to attend this event:

  1. Meet and learn from founders, CTOs, Bestselling authors, like Doug Cutting (Founder of Hadoop), Alistair Croll (Author of ‘Lean Analytics’) Stephen Brobst (CTO, Teradata), Scott Gnau (CTO, Hortonworks)
  2. Learn insights/best practices by professionals of data driven companies, like Cloudera, Pinterest, SurveyMonkey, Spotify and Skyscanner who will share practical insights and best practices about how they do eg. AB testing, build recommendation system or self service data solutions.
  3. The program includes 16 talks and 4 practical workshops as well:
  4. You can network with other international data professionals like you
  5. Your ticket is valid to enter also to AMUSE UX conference in the same time and same venue as CRUNCH


How to Register ?

  1. Tickets are available at
  2. Special Discount: 15% (= 45 USD) Discount for the readers of Analytics Vidhya: Analyticsvidhya45
  3. For group discount, please contact [email protected]


avcontentteam 18 Sep, 2015

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