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Shweta Rawat 02 Dec, 2022
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Data Science, Data Tech and Blockchain are the most promising careers of 2022 and beyond. Keeping this in mind, many working professionals and students have started upskilling themselves. Do you know that, for the past 5 years, ‘Data Scientist’ has consistently ranked among the top 3 job professions in the US market? To upskill yourself, and expand your Data Tech knowledge, mark your calendars and benefit from the FREE DataHour sessions. 

What does a Data Scientist do?

So, Data Scientist collects, analyzes, and provides insights using data. This helps businesses to make profit-driven decisions and create new services.

Here, at Analytics Vidhya, we aim to build a future Data-Tech Community. For this, we organize “DataHour” sessions every day so that you can keep up with the latest trends. Don’t wait and Register Now.

Requirements for Registration

Curiosity and Eagerness to Learn and Grow.

Who can Attend these DataHour Sessions?

  • Students who want to pursue a career in the Data-Tech Industry.
  • Working Professionals looking to change their career in the Data-Tech Industry.
  • Professionals in the data science industry who wish to improve their current skills and gain knowledge regarding ongoing trends.

So, Register Now and brush up your technical skills. Below is the complete list of upcoming events.

DataHour Session: Exploratory Data Analysis with F#

About DataHour: Our Speaker Munmun Das, Principal – Automation and Innovation at Accenture, will explain how to perform exploratory data analysis and use Machine Learning and Smart Visualization with F# efficiently. Some tips and tricks for using F# will be also discussed in the DataHour which can facilitate your EDA.

As you know, F# is an excellent solution for programmatic data science as it combines efficient execution, REPL scripting, powerful libraries, and scalable data integration. It can be integrated with other powerful and rich languages easily, like R and MATLAB and thus having endless possibilities in this domain. It is also a sustainable programming language with less energy consumption and thus resulting in less carbon emission even while dealing with big data.

DataHour session

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About the Speaker: Munmun Das is a professional and research scholar with 16 + years of experience in Software Project Management, Product development, Product strategy, and delivery of large-scale, complex automation/transformation solutions, and web and mobile applications. She has implemented handshaking projects on RPA with Dot Net web applications and successfully built on-demand RPA.

Connect with Munmun Das on LinkedIn.

DataHour Session: Introduction to Metaverses and the shift in Marketing Paradigms

About DataHour: Our Speaker Abhishek Shukla, Founder & Chief Monster at YKCOR GROUP, will explain how everyone will be able to benefit from the metaverse. Abhishek will provide attendees with an understanding of what the metaverse is, what it means for our world today and in the future, and what opportunities it offers both professionals and businesses.

Metaverses could fundamentally change the way businesses and consumers interact with products, services, and one another. Metaverse concepts, such as cryptocurrencies, have a profound impact on today’s economy. In order to stay competitive in a new digital world and lucrative marketplace, brands must make a choice: either they get on board, or lose out. It is evident that the metaverse is generating a lot of buzzes. Besides offering more advertising space, the metaverse will also change everything from office interactions to leisure activities and communication.

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About the Speaker: Abhishek Shukla, known by his pen name Abhysheq Shukla, is an international keynote speaker, author, psychologist, political analyst, and mentor. His seminars have inspired students, professors, and corporations throughout the world. Abhishek is an expert in strategic business planning and brand management. He serves as a Mentor & Advisor for the Atal Innovation Mission, the Global Startup Hub, and the Web 3.0 Center of Excellence. He is the founder and chief monster of YKCOR Group and YKCOR Metaverse Services LLC. 

Connect with Abhishek Shukla on LinkedIn.

DataHour Session: HIV Analysis using ML and Flutter

About DataHour: Our Speaker is Geeta Kakrani, CEO and Data Scientist at Kanishka IT Pvt. Ltd. will discuss how HIV is decoded using ML and flutter application as she covers the following topic in detail:

  • Statistics of HIV cases worldwide and countrywide.
  • Detecting the stage of HIV using ML
  • Avoiding HIV using the Flutter application, HIV can be avoided if we can talk about it with our parents and teachers.

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About the Speaker: Geeta is the CEO and Data Scientist at Kanishka IT Pvt. Ltd. She is the organizer of the Google Developers group. She also serves as the brand ambassador of Women Techmakers Gwalior. With an experience of 12 + years, she is an expert in the field of Data Science, Tableau, Machine Learning, and Python Programming.

Connect with Geeta Kakrani on LinkedIn.

DataHour Session: Understanding Dimensionality Reduction

About DataHour: Our Speaker Aakash Bansal, Data Engineer at Amazon, will explain the basic concepts, evolution, working, best practices, and importance of data warehouses in the current data world and future outlook.

Over the last decade, the 3Vs of data – Volume, Velocity & Variety has grown massively. The Big Data revolution has completely changed the way companies collect, analyze & store data.

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About the Speaker: Aakash Bansal is currently working as a Data Engineer with Amazon. He has 10+ years of experience in the field of data engineering, with a deep focus on data warehousing and data modeling. He has worked on multiple cloud technologies – AWS and Microsoft Azure, providing solutions for complex data problems by setting up Data Warehouse and data pipeline that caters to organizational overall data needs.

Connect with Aakash Bansal on LinkedIn.

DataHour Session: DataHour: An Introduction to Extended Reality (XR)

About DataHour: Our Speaker Pooja Sarin, a Data Science Researcher, the Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi), will walk you through the world of virtual reality. She will be covering the following points in detail:

  • Introduction to Extended Reality (XR)
  • The conceptual distinctions between AR, VR, MR, and XR.
  • Platforms, devices, apps, tools, and the XR technology landscape
  • How to find XR apps that work with your equipment?
  • How can XR applications be grouped along a spectrum from reality to virtuality?
  • Fundamentals of VR including the technology and history of VR
  • Various uses of VR
  • Psychology of virtual reality
  • Difficulties of the medium


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About the Speaker: Pooja Sarin is a Data Science Researcher (Doctorate Research Scholar) at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, working in applied machine learning for “Social Media Challenges.” Before joining the Ph.D. program, she worked as Research Associate and explored the domain of Big Data and its applications (Air Pollution & Computer Vision Applications) at IIT Delhi. She also has research experience as an M.Tech. trainee at the Central Scientific Instrumentation Organization (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research), Chandigarh, in Earthquake Data Analytics.

Connect with Pooja Sarin on LinkedIn.

DataHour Session: Building Beautiful Apps using Flutter and its Powerful Ecosystem

About DataHour: Our Speaker Ashita Prasad, Founder of Flutter Gems, will explain how one can build beautiful apps using Flutter. She will also elaborate on the working of the growing Dart + Flutter package ecosystem that contains more than 35000+ packages and witness how these packages can be leveraged to build a feature-rich real-world app with a significant reduction in development time.

DataHour Session

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About the Speaker: Ashita is an IIT-Kanpur and IIM-Ahmedabad alumni, and creator of Flutter Gems, a visual package discovery platform that is trusted by more than half a million Flutter developers across the globe. 

Connect with Ashita Prasad on LinkedIn.

DataHour Session: Deep Dive into Graph Neural Nets for Content NLP

About DataHour: Our Speaker Anustup Mukherjee, AI Engineer at Newton School, In this DataHour Anustup will explain all about Graph Neural Nets for NLP covering the following topics in detail:

  • The world of Graphical Architectures models including examples of cutting-edge projects that are executed in the industry (past/ongoing and futuristic)
  • Defining fundamental definitions of GNN and highlighting important mathematical understanding with real-life examples only, with the context of knowledge graphs
  • Explaining a real-world projects
  • Learning path for GNN Models
  • How to kick start a career in AI with opportunities?


DataHour Session

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About the Speaker: Anustup Mukherjee has 10 + years of experience working with companies in India and Silicon Valley to develop AI solutions. Anustup is presently working as an AI Engineer at Newton School, building the next Ed Tech revolution with the power of AI and he has also worked with MHRD India. He is a Presidential Award winner for AI contributions towards National Building.

Connect with Anustup Mukherjee on LinkedIn.


Aren’t the topics covered above exciting? DataHour sessions are the best source to Enhance your skill set. You can attend these sessions from anywhere in your Comfort. You can also ask your query Directly to the Speaker through Q&A Session. So don’t wait for more and Register Now for the above Upcoming sessions. If you have missed previous DataHour sessions, then read its synopsis here.

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