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Deeksha Rana 20 Jan, 2023
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If you are looking for a platform where you can learn about Data Science, then look no more! Analytics Vidhya is the one.

We have always kept our community at the centre stage of the ecosystem. In mind, Analytics Vidhya has launched the DataHour sessions, which will improve your domain knowledge and help you develop new skills and excel in your profession.

So, what are you thinking now? Read about the upcoming DataHour below, and register now!

Prerequisites for registering:

Zeal to learn Data Science and its practical applications.

Who can Attend these DataHour Sessions?

  • Students and Freshers who are willing to start a career in  Data Science.
  • Data science professionals looking for a platform to upgrade their knowledge and grow in their field.

DataHour Session: How do Algorithms Generate Recommendations?

The use of recommendation systems has made our life easier and will only get better moving forward to enhance our overall experience on apps and websites. In this DataHour, familiarize yourself with the two most commonly used approaches to build a simple recommendation algorithm and discover the latest advancements across these spaces.


The speaker of this DataHour, Varun Behl, is currently working as Data Science Engineer with Adobe in Bangalore. With more than 5 years of experience in the Data Science profession, he has worked with various kinds of data covering industries like Telco, Ecommerce, Pharma, Retail, Musigma, and Web Analytics.

DataHour Session: Ethereum Blockchain & Smart Contracts

In today’s world, Ethereum has become the second most used alternative blockchain after Bitcoin. After it went live in 2015, it gained popularity mainly in developer communities. It is used to create smart contracts. Its native token, Ether, is also the second largest cryptocurrency-based Coin Market Cap listing.



Through this DataHour, Interact with one of Africa’s leading blockchain experts and consultants, Benjamin Arundra, who was awarded at the Africa Bank 4.0 Summit Awards 2022 for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Blockchain Development in Africa.’ He is the founder and leads blockchain consultant of a leading blockchain consultancy firm, Chainadvise. He consults government agencies, banks, law firms, and cryptocurrency startups in African countries, Dubai, India, and Singapore. Benjamin was formerly the Head of Education at the Blockchain Association of Kenya and is currently a member of the Government Blockchain Association (GBA).

DataHour Session: Normal Distribution-Understanding the Numbers and its Real Life Applications

Normal Distribution is the most used distribution when it comes to analyzing real-world data set. Attend this DataHour and learn what normal distribution is, how Skewed Distribution can be transformed into normal, and how you can predict market movements using this distribution.



Learn with Sumit, currently working as a Data Scientist at PayPal. He started his professional journey after graduating as a Civil Engineer from PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh, and post-graduating with an MBA in Marketing and Operations from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune. He holds an experience 5.5 years of in the field of Data.

DataHour Session: Exploring Multi-label & Multi-class Classification

Do you know what the difference is between Multi-label and Multi-class classification? If No, then this DataHour is for you!

In this DataHour, the speaker will explain the difference, uses, and practical applications of the supervised techniques in detail.



Dive into the basics of Multi-label & Multi-class Classification with Aanchal Varma. Aanchal is currently a Senior Data Scientist at Freshworks and holds 3+ years of experience in AI & Machine learning. She has worked across various B2C domains in building conversational AI tools for Bixby at Samsung and also across the B2B domain, enhancing the AI capabilities in sales and marketing at Freshworks.


What are you waiting for now? Book your calendar for the DataHour sessions that interest you.

Register now and learn about the trending tech-related topics with us in an hour.

For any queries regarding the session or the topics, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected], or ask directly to the speaker during the session. If you skip any part of the session, ‘The DataHour,’ you may watch the recordings on our YouTube channel or read the synopsis here.


If you’re having trouble enrolling or would like to conduct a session with us. Contact us at [email protected].

Deeksha Rana 20 Jan, 2023

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