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Writers | Guest Authors of 2021


Analytics Vidhya has been at the helm when it comes to publishing high-quality content since the beginning of its inception.

From the latest developments to guiding people through the thorns of career, Analytics Vidhya has it all in its blog archives. And this would not have been possible without leveraging the power of the community.

And there is no better gift for an organization that has a community eager to teach and learn from each other. So here is the list of top Guest Authors for the year ending 2021.

Chirag Goyal

Chirag is currently pursuing B. Tech in computer science and Engineering from IIT, Jodhpur. He has written various blogs on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

python | Guest Authors of 2021

Chirag has written a very interesting guide on built-in data structures in Python. This guide will entail various details about what is the meaning of data structure? Why do we need data structures? What are the different types of it? What are built-in data structures in Python? and so on. Click here to read more.

Another interesting topic, he has written about is data leakage and its effect on the performance of an ML Model. Click here to read. This article talks about how data leakage happens and how you could fix it.

His style of writing is simple and by giving examples, he makes a complex topic also very easy to understand. He has written a total of 81 articles and has a great response from our audience.


Mrinal Singh Walia

Mrinal has started his writing journey with us in March 2021. He is a professional Python Developer with a computer science background and specializes in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Vision. He connects the data science industry to other fields, where people who aren’t from the data science industry can also relate to it. Some of the most interesting topics he has written are on color quantization, healthcare, COVID-19 pandemic, and customer segmentation.

Every day, we see numerous images while scrolling the screen of our phones. But have you ever thought about how an image evolves and involve so many technical steps?

coloured image output | Guest Authors of 2021 gray image output

Color quantization is a method of lessening the abundance of different colors that are applied in an image. This article talks about color spaces and contrasts, steps in image quantization, and much more. Read more here.

One of the most interesting topics is how big data is shaping healthcare. With the advancement of technology, data science is contributing to the healthcare sector and thus, provide with services and solutions in an affordable range. It involves steps and remodeling for specific three active units. McKinsey & Company predicts about the application of big data in health care will be able to generate profits of up to approximately a trillion dollars in 2022. Interesting…isn’t it? Want to read more? Click here.

COVID- 19 pandemic has created a lot of ruckus around the world. In this article, you will learn how data science was able to contribute to the pandemic and to the welfare of society. Machine Learning was able to predict the areas in a different zone of risk because of the pandemic (red, green, orange, etc.). It can also justify the source of the virus, which will further help to predict the next outbreak.

For any business, its customers are the most important aspect of it. This article will help you to understand how machine learning will help in customer segmentation and its types. What will be the effect of customer segmentation in the marketing domain? What steps should be taken to perform customer segmentation with machine learning algorithm?

Akshay Gupta

Our next guest author of 2021 is Akshay Gupta who has joined us in April 2021. His articles have been viewed more than 150K times on our blog. He not only writes on the technical aspects of the data science industry but also fun and reflective topics related to our lives.

Happy Face | Guest Authors of 2021

One of the coolest articles, I have read so far, is about concerning the happiness of people around India. It discusses various parameters that contribute to people’s happiness. It also contrasts and compares India with other countries and then, shows where India is ranked. After reading this article, I am sure, you would be reflecting on yourself – Are you happy right now? What are the factors that affect your mood and stop you from becoming happy?

Another article that I came across is about Sudoku, where we get to know how we could solve sudoku by using deep learning and python code. This article is divided into three parts:

  • Digit Classification Model
  • Reading and Detecting the Sudoku from an image
  • Solving the Puzzle

Are you excited now? To solve sudoku via deep learning steps? Go, try now!

Prateek Majumder

Prateek is a final year engineering student from the Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata. His favorite Sci-Fi franchise is Star Wars. Prateek has got some fan following on our blog and has articles that come under the category of ‘most-reads’. He wants his audience to know that data science is everywhere, be it our bank or our most loved topic of discussion ‘food’!

He has written articles on some of the most relevant and interesting topics like banknote authentication, web scraping a news article, data visualization exploring the human space race, and understanding the Indian Cuisine.

With each of his articles, he connects the applications to be used like Keras Sequential Model, Sentiment Analysis using NLP, different datasets used for various analyses, and so on. His style is unique, using different codes and images, he keeps his readers engaged.


Rahul Shah

One of the most technical writers, Rahul is slowly coming into the groove of writing. He believes in giving back to society. And thus, along with pursuing Post Graduate Diploma. Rahul is enthralled to share his knowledge on our platform. He has written various articles for all the levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced. So, he has a large readership on our platform.

Rahul has written various guides during the Blogathon participation and some of the interesting topics are to create PySpark DataFrame and PySpark RDD Operations.

PySpark is a tool that helps to perform cluster computing operations in Python. The distribution of dataset operations is easier to process. It is based on Apache’s Spark which is written in Scala and has its own set of operations to process Big Data efficiently.

If you would like to know more about these topics. Head on to Rahul’s profile and check it out.


Harika Bonthu

Someone who is new to the data science field and is excited to learn more, then head on to Harika’s profile. Harika is a special writer for us who is focused on writing articles that will help the newbies in the industry.

She has written various articles introducing GitHub, functions in Python, working with CSV files for data science, statistics, and different types of probability distribution for data science.

The article on GitHub introduction talks about the version control system, its different types, what is the difference between Git and GitHub? How to install Git? And, get to know Git operations and commands.

A beginner guide for statistics discusses the basic difference between parameters and statistics. What are statistics and their types? It gives various details on central limit theorem, probability distributions, hypothesis testing, and graphical representations.

Kaustubh Gupta

Kaustubh is a Python Developer with an interest in Data Analytics and wants to become a data engineer in the upcoming years. He has been associated with us for more than a year now and is now a regular contributor to the ‘Blogathon’.

His expertise is in the advanced level of articles which need a deeper level of understanding. He has covered a wide range of topics in his articles. Some of my favorites are listed below:

Read these articles and more from Kaustubh’s profile and share your views below in the comment section.

Raghav Agarwal

Raghav is a tech-writer who is a passionate learner and a data science enthusiast. He is currently pursuing Bachelors’ in Computer Science. He has written a complete guide for beginners on SQL for Data Science.

SQL is a structured query language that deals with a relational database to query from and manipulate databases. This guide will take you through various parameters of the topic. For example, brief on DBMS, types of databases, ER model, order of query execution, basic data analysis of titanic dataset using SQL, etc.

Laptop | Guest Authors of 2021

Another interesting topic is Laptop Price Prediction. Here, he is describing problem statements, overviews of the dataset, data cleaning, exploratory data analysis, machine learning, etc. In this article, you will learn to develop and deploy a machine learning application project lifecycle with practical implementation.

Mayur Badole

Mayur is a newbie on our blog, he joined recently and has made a stark reputation among our readers. The combined views on his blogs are more than 100K which is interesting. Now, you would be wondering how is it possible to gauge so many viewers in such a short time?

One of my favorite articles is on Geometric Intuition of Logistic Regression. It assumes that the logistic regression is trying to find a line or plane that linearly separates the class labels. Basis this assumption, we draw our plane and data points. Does this article then talk about how outliers will impact the model? Then modify optimal function using Squashing.

Neural Network | Guest Authors of 2021

Another fascinating article, Artificial Neural Network Using Breast Cancer Dataset where a deep learning technique is used to find the accuracy. Deep Learning is the type of machine learning which is just like the human brain. It uses a multi-layered structure of algorithms called neural networks. When algorithms attempt to copy the data where humans would be analyzing data with a given logical structure. This is known as a deep neural network.

Sion Chakrabarti

From the guest authors of 2021, our last favorite is Sion Chakrabarti. He is zealous about writing blogs on the most trending topics. When the world was devasted by the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us lost our source of income, some lost jobs while others had huge losses in their businesses. Everyone wanted another source of income to run their livelihood. This further developed my interest in the ‘cryptocurrency’.

The article discusses cryptocurrency price prediction using ARIMA Model. I am not sure if all of you are aware of what cryptocurrency actually is. So, just for those who aren’t aware, let me tell you.

Cryptocurrencies are digital tokens that could replace traditional currency in the future. These are just like our physical notes and coins which are available right now. They have become so popular in a short span because anyone can access them, easily. You could trade them via different available apps.

How the prices can be predicted basis today’s price. What will be the highest and lowest price on a trading day? And, what is the last price of the coin before the trading day ends?

Along with this, he has written quite a few articles which will fascinate you in different ways. Go, check out his profile now!


2021 as a year started off very challenging for all of us. While it was a difficult time staying at home while the pandemic was spreading like fire. But, in the end, we have to try to focus on what’s important for us. Our top 10 guest authors of 2021, not only added a new skill set in their resume by writing these articles and guides but also, shared their knowledge with everyone. By staying at home, how did you stay productive? What skillset did you add in the year 2021? Share your stories with us in the comment section below.

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