Top 10 Web Scraping Projects to Do in 2023

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Web scraping is the process of generating content and information from a website with the help of bots. It extracts the entire HTML code along with data stored in the database. Web scraping has various uses for large business organizations. It can generate the correct contact information of their target market, which can, in turn, help these companies generate more leads and sales for their business. Web scraping is a new skill and technology that is emerging in the market. Undertaking web scraping projects can be very beneficial for individuals in refining their skills and serving as a valuable asset for the company they are working with. Here is a list of the top 10 web scraping projects that you must do in 2023.

Job Market Analysis

You know how important job search is for job seekers online. Creating a web scraping project that can cater to the diverse needs of job seekers and help them find jobs easily can be a very valuable tool.

To create a web scraping project, gather job openings from different job search websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. Scrape data from these websites and know the key parameters to focus on. For a job market analysis, focus on key metrics like job description, job location, skill requirement, experience required, and most importantly, the salary.

Job Market Analysis | Top 10 web scraping projects
Source: Medium

Analyze trends in job demand. Analyze which job locations are trending. Find out which job role requires how much experience and what are the important skills required for the particular job. For example, while scraping job postings for a Software engineer, the required skills will be Proficiency in a coding language, Hands-on practice for maintaining Databases, and much more.

After all of these insights have been generated and analyzed well, it is important to present the data in a way that is easy for job seekers to understand while going through your project.

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E-commerce Price Tracker

Online shopping has evolved greatly over the years. The comfort and ease of access e-commerce websites are offering is gaining huge popularity. Building a web scraper project that tracks the prices of e-commerce websites is a valuable tool. Select the websites that you want to scrape from, like Amazon and Flipkart.

E-commerce Tracker | python web scraping projects
Source: ScapeIt

Track the prices of all the listed products, their descriptions, and other important information. Create a web scraper project and send alerts to the generated leads of customers when the prices drop below a user-defined threshold.

Compare the prices of the products across different online retailers to offer the best price and serve as the most efficient web scraping project.

News Aggregator

The ones who are addicted to reading the news and staying updated about current affairs look for platforms that offer news from every domain. Developing a news aggregator web scraping project is an informational as well as valuable tool. Create a web scraping tool that collects news articles from multiple news websites like Times of India, Hindustan Times, and Economic Times.

News Aggregator | web scraping projects using python
Source: HackersFriend

Segregate the collected news by specific topics and keywords and create a personalized news feed for users. This helps in categorizing news so that it is easy to be accessed.

Real Estate Market Analysis

Build a web scraping project using Python projects. A web scraper to gather real estate listings, like property details, prices, and locations, can be an essential tool for making Real Estate Market Analysis. Analyze market trends, property appreciation rates, and rental income potential to create an efficient system. Visualize this data collected from different real estate websites and create a tool that helps investors and homebuyers make informed decisions.

Real Estate Market Analysis | Top 10 web scraping projects
Source: LoginWorks

Weather Data Dashboard

It is very important to check for weather updates before heading out for some fun-day activity or a professional business deal. Python web scraping projects can be considered as an example of developing a Weather Data Dashboard. Collect data from different weather analyzing tools and create a dashboard that displays weather information like forecasts and historical data. Include features like Weather alerts and location-based recommendations in order to personalize your project.

Weather Data Dashboard | python web scraping projects
Source: Data Science Journal

Social Media Analytics

Tracking the overall performance of social media ad campaigns is the foremost important concern for any business. Develop a web scraping tool to extract data from social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These insights can help you analyze the key metrics that are essential to track success and growth. Analyze user engagement, trending keywords, sentiment analysis, and competitor analysis. Providing these insights for social media marketers and businesses on your web scraping project can help businesses and organizations.

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Social Media Analytics

Academic Research Assistant

Creating a web scraper to collect academic papers and publications from research databases using Natural Language Processing Techniques can be a valuable tool. Select your research databases. Popular sources include Google Scholar and IEEE Xplore. Ensure you comply with their terms and conditions. This web scraper tool can be developed while considering Python web scraping projects. Python libraries like Scrapy and Beautiful Soup can be used for this purpose.

Academic Research Analysis | web scraping example using python
Source: MDPI

Extracting valuable information like paper titles, authors, publication dates, and links to previous articles can be beneficial. Use NLP for summarization and categorization. Develop a project that has a user-friendly interface. This Academic Search Assistant can help researchers stay updated with the latest publications in their domain of expertise. Do not forget to update your database regularly.

Stock Market Analysis

Building a stock market tool involves web scraping and data analysis of the stock market. Build a web scraper to collect stock market data, including stock prices, news, and financial reports. Choose your source for extracting this information. This source can include stock market API and financial news websites. Make sure that you adhere to all the terms and conditions of the source you are collecting data. Collect news articles, stock prices, and financial reports and create a lead for your project. Perform technical and financial analysis on stocks like Moving Averages and Relative Strength Index. Conduct fundamental analysis focusing on Price to Book and Price to Earnings.

After that, create a portfolio tracker where users can add and manage their stocks. Set up alerts and recommendations for significant market events and stock price drop or rise scenarios.

Stock Market Analysis
Source: Medium

Recipe Finder and Meal Planner

Develop a web scraper that gathers recipes from food blogs and websites, has a search feature and generates meal plans. Choose a source from where you will gather all the recipes. This source can include food blogging blogs or websites. Create a web scraping script that scrapes the entire website content. Extract all the key information like ingredients, recipes, cooking time, and preparation tips.

Recipe Finder
Source: ScrapeStorm

Manage all the gathered databases using database management systems like MongoDB to segregate all the content and categorize the data. Build a user-friendly interface or a mobile app that allows users to search for recipes based on ingredients they currently have. Use NLP techniques to create an interface that matches the recipe with the ingredients listed by the user.

To make your project more engaging, create automated shopping lists and meal plans that can serve as a valuable tool for users. Thoroughly test your tool for accuracy and usability and offer a help section for users to reach out to the customer support team, if necessary.

Travel Planner

Developing a web scraping project as a travel planner should be on your wishlist in 2023. This tool can offer valuable insights into how people can plan their travels.

Start by choosing a source from where you will collect data. These sources could include Goibibo, Makemytrip, and other travel websites. Ensure that you have the right to web scrape their data. Develop a web scraping program that will scrape all the data from the selected source. Extract metrics like flight details, hotels, and tourist attractions. Create a structured database and segregate all the data under their particular organization factor.

Travel Planner | python web scraping
Source: Information Research

Build a user-friendly mobile app that users can rely upon and meet all their travel goals. You can create an AI-driven feature that will create an automated itinerary for the user according to their needs and requirements. Combine hotel and flight bookings using APIs available. This will let users book their entire package from your project only. Provide custom-based travel-friendly trips and tours with destination recommendations.

Provide the feature of user account creation so that users can save their travel ideas and details and access them whenever they require. Create a custom help page in case a user wants to reach out to the customer care executive.


Web scraping projects offer numerous options for individuals to sharpen their skills. From job market analysis to e-commerce price tracking, news aggregation, social media analytics, academic research assistance, stock market analysis, and more, there are so many innovative projects to undertake. Pick the most suitable, and remember to always test your projects before you share them live. This can help you detect any potential issues or glitches that can lead to the failure of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are some good web scraping projects?

Ans. Some good web scraping projects include e-commerce price trackers, job market analyzers, news aggregators, travel planners, and stock market analyzers.

Q2. Is web scraping profitable?

Ans. Web scraping can be profitable, but it depends on various factors, including the industry, data quality, and ethical considerations. A web scraper at the top of his/her career can earn up to $131,500 annually. In India, they tend to make ₹2,90,588 per annum.

Q3. Is web scraping in demand in 2023?

Ans. Web scraping has become immensely valuable for businesses seeking to enhance their intelligence initiatives. As of 2023, the need for quick and efficient web scraping has been on the rise as the quality of data is more important nowadays than the quantity.

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