Top 5 AI Web Scraping Platforms

Yana Khare 04 Oct, 2023 • 5 min read

The awareness of the importance of data has led to its voluminous collection. The primary step generates the base for organizations to work upon and utilize the potential. Multiple methods have been used, but they remain associated with challenges. Efficient AI-based automation in different industries has led to its incorporation in data collection and extraction from websites. It also familiarizes you with the concept and associated tools, easing the task. Here is a summary of five practical tools for AI web scraping.

What is AI Web Scraping?

Web scraping refers to data extraction from websites. The task is possible manually through humans, automatically through AI, or via a hybrid approach combining both. AI web scraping specifically refers to completely automated web data extraction or collection. The automated version fills the inability of traditional programming language-based web scraping by self-adjustment to dynamic websites. The tools accomplish these and multiple other actions.

Homepage of | AI Web Scrapping Tool

In 2003, Kadoa was initially released with features like automatic scrolling and pagination, detail page extraction, and change notifications. The AI tool is independent of coding and intrigues the users through the category-based scraping of data types such as videos, text, and images. The obtained data can be stored in JSON, Excel, and CSV formats. Kadoa uses generative AI for pattern recognition, making it suitable for data extraction from changing websites.

Kadoa works when you put in the URL of the desired website. It begins by defining the data, schedule, and sources, generates scrapers through AI, and adapts according to changes in the website. While ensuring accuracy, the data is further obtained in the desired output format. The integration facility with the functionality to configure the data extraction workflows helps the users to carry out the tasks effortlessly. is suitable for different business needs and financial assistance.


  • Free 14-days trial
  • Self-service: $39 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom

Visit the Official Website Here.

Nimbleway API

Homepage of Nimbleway API | Web Scrapping with AI

Another AI web scraping platform is available as an API with integration facilities. The functionality in multiple programming languages such as Ruby, Python, and JavaScript eases the integration. It is a capable tool that can handle complex web scraping tasks and streamline the data pipelines regardless of the business scale. Boasting speed, it is compatible with any web source without bothering the users over workflow. 

The platform utilizes techniques like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for effortless extraction from different formats such as textual web format, images, and PDFs. The user-friendly interface generates structured data with flexible delivery methods and meets multiple business needs.


  • Essential: $255/month
  • Advanced: $595/month
  • Professional: $935/month
  • Enterprise: $3400/month 

Visit the Official Website Here.


Homepage of Scrapestorm |  AI Web Scrapping Tool

This AI-based web platform, supporting all the operating systems, also does not require programming skills. They also leverage Machine Learning algorithms for data extraction, beginning with website layout analysis. Scrapestorm is a visual scraping tool that allows data selection through a point-and-click interface. Besides, users can also schedule the web scraping for specific times and offer an easy-to-use interface. 

The Scrapestorm offers operations in two different modes: smart and flowchart. Additionally, there are multiple suited data export methods with services provided through various powerful features like automatic export, IP rotation, start and export by group, RESTful API, speed boost engine, and SKU scraper. 


  • Strater: Free
  • Professional: $49.99/month
  • Premium: $99.99/month

Visit the Official Website Here.

Homepage of Browse.AI | Web Scraping using AI

Use Browse.AI to extract data freely from any website and obtain it on a spreadsheet for easy accessibility. Perform the scraping without any coding and schedule the extraction for convenience. It also provides notifications on changes and prebuilt robots to meet your personalized scenario through available robots for famous use cases. 

The tool is integrable, with more than seven thousand applications. It offers intriguing options to users, such as a bulk run of 50,000 robots, solving captchas for anti-bot measures, handling pagination and scrolling, orchestrating robots using workflows, automatically adapting to layouts, and beginning your work freely. The platform does not require sophisticated learning. The users can gain proficiency within 5 minutes. 


  • Free: 50 credits per month 
  • Strater: $19/month
  • Professional: $99/month
  • Team: $249/month
  • Company: Contact 

Visit the Official Website Here.


Homepage of AnyPicker | AI Web Scraping Tools

The platform is available as a Chrome extension, providing services for free. It has a simple-to-understand visual interface that does not require coding skills or configuration settings. All the requirements are point-and-click without coding. AnyPicker also offers smart detection that avoids common mechanisms leading to blocking the crawl. It provides 99% compatibility with all the available websites accessible to Google Chrome.

The proprietary AI contributes to its functionality of pattern detection while creating an outline. The extension comes with an easy-to-follow method for data scraping. The users need to activate the tick mark on the data source page, point and click to choose the target data, and obtain structured data results in spreadsheet format. Some key features include infinite scrolling support, image download, concurrent crawling, no data tracking, and anti-scraping detection. 

Pricing: Free

Visit the Official Website Here

Ways Web Scraping Uses AI to Improve Data Collection Efficiency

AI web scraping is associated with the solution for multiple technical challenges. Its usage can be further enhanced through the following methods: 

  • Change the IP address on each request sent for scraping.
  • Learns from experience.
  • Utilize different behavioral patterns. 
  • Identify and classify inactive URLs.
  • Imparts speed.
  • Recognize the relevant content.
  • Uses a proxy to locate essential data like price or image. 


As data continues to be a critical asset in various industries, AI web scraping is set to play a pivotal role in empowering organizations with accurate and timely information from the vast landscape of the internet. Embracing these AI-powered tools can significantly streamline data collection processes and support data-driven decision-making across industries. To fuel your passion and encourage you for a career in such a developing domain, Analytics Vidhya brings forward a Generative AI course to help you control the Large Language Model and, subsequently, machines. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can AI do web scraping?

A. Yes, AI can perform web scraping by automating data extraction from websites using algorithms and tools like ParseHub.

Q2. Is there an AI that can browse the web?

A. AI-driven web crawlers can browse the web autonomously, searching for specific data by following links and analyzing web content.

Q3. Is web scraping legal in India?

A. Web scraping’s legality in India depends on factors like the purpose and data privacy laws. It’s advisable to consult legal experts to ensure compliance.

Q4. Which browser is best for web scraping?

A. Google Chrome is a popular choice for web scraping due to its developer-friendly tools and extensions, making it easier to inspect and extract web data.

Q5. Does web scraping need coding?

A. Yes, web scraping typically requires coding skills, often using programming languages like Python. Libraries like BeautifulSoup and Scrapy simplify the process.

Yana Khare 04 Oct 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

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