Power BI Developer: Job Role, Salary, and Future Scope

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Among numerous available exciting career choices, Power BI developer is one of the intriguing career options among professionals. With data analysis, visualization, interpretation, and business intelligence skills, setting your foot and heading over others requires consistency, practice, and an innovative mindset. Multiple career growth options are available in the field with reasonably accurate salaries to help you satisfy yourself with the proper use of your skills.

What is Power BI?

Microsoft offers Power BI as an advanced business analytics and data visualization tool, finding widespread usage. Utilized in handling a variety of data sources, it transforms and shapes the data and catalyzes its visualization and report formation interactively. It offers a suite of data modeling, preparation, and analysis tools that provides a platform for managing complex datasets to extract insights from them.

Power BI Dashboard
Source: Microsoft Learn

What is a Power BI Developer?

You can refer a professional to be a Power BI developer if they are dealing with creating and implementing business intelligence solutions using Microsoft Power BI. They will design and develop reports, dashboards, and interactive visualization to help interpret and analyze data.

Roles and Responsibilities of Power BI Developer

Some key roles and responsibilities of a Power BI developer are:

  • Data Modeling: They generate the data models by importing them from different sources and accurately transforming and cleaning the data.
  • Report and Dashboard Development: The developers create intriguing reports and dashboards by adding diverse visualization elements for clear communication. Accordingly, they modify and alter project progress with the generated reports and dashboards.
  • Data Integration: Power BI developers are supposed to integrate the data with different data sources like APIs, spreadsheets, databases, and cloud services for extractions and analysis. It includes writing SQL queries or using ETL.
  • Data Analysis and Visualization: The developers also deal with tasks such as pattern, trend, and insight identification for decision-making. They have to couple it with effective communication for better grasp and attention of the audience.
  • Collaboration and Deployment: Work with cross-functional teams of data scientists, engineers, and business users to meet project requirements effectively. 
  • Performance Optimization: They have to constantly optimize the performance of Power BI solutions, find room for improvement and optimize data models and queries for faster response times. Also, they have to apply updates, troubleshoot the issues and ensure the reliability and scalability of the Power BI environment.
Roles and responsibilities of Power BI Developer
Source: DataFlair

Skills Required to Become a Power BI Developer

The candidates aiming to serve the role of Power BI Development in India must possess the following technical and soft skills.

Professional/Technical Skills

  1. Task completion: Ability to complete tasks with accuracy and maximum efficiency with a complete understanding of the features and capabilities of Power BI. It includes DAX or Data Analysis Expressions language, Power BI Desktop, data modeling, and Power Query.
  2. Data Modeling and Analysis: Proficient enough to deal with data modeling concepts, define calculated measures and hierarchies, use functions and formulas for data analysis and create relationships between tables. 
  3. Data Integration and Transformation: Should be able to extract data from different sources using ETL processes and use Power Query or SQL to transform and shape the data. The candidate must also load the Power BI for analysis.
  4. Data Visualization: The candidates should have expertise in creating exciting reports and eye-catching dashboards through slicers, charts, and maps. They should be able to leverage Power BI for visualization.
  5. Conceptual Application: The concepts concerning SQL and databases must be clear with the data retrieval and manipulation application. They should be familiar with indexes, views, tables, and normalization.
  6. Programming and Scripting: Must have working knowledge of programming languages like R or Python, which is beneficial for data handling and processing.
  7. Business Intelligence Concepts: Familiarity with fundamental concepts and methodologies concerning

Soft Skills

  1. Analytical Skills: They are required for analyzing complex datasets, pattern identification, and interpretation for decision-making. Analytical skills are also helpful in problem-solving.
  2. Communication and Presentation: To understand business requirements, collaborate with stakeholders, and present data insights. The candidate must also be able to explain the technical information to individuals from a non-technical background.
  3. Collaboration and Teamwork: Ability to adapt and collaborate with different domains and specialized teams.
  4. Attention to Detail: They are expected to be observation oriented to provide accurate and reliable work.
  5. Time Management: Handling different projects and stakeholders simultaneously requires excellent time management ability and experience

How to Become a Power BI Developer?

Time needed: 10 minutes

Here are the steps to take on the role of Power BI Developer:

  1. Knowledge Base

    Build and gain a foundation of data analysis concepts and visualization. Learn different tools and techniques, such as handling Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Tableau, and other relevant agencies.

  2. Power BI

    Be thoroughly familiar with the tricks and functionality of the software. Should have working experience of the same. Exhibit your abilities through portfolios or previous projects.

  3. Data Modeling

    Work to gain knowledge of principles of data modeling, such as table relationships, measures, and hierarchies.

  4. Advanced Concepts

    After grasping the basics, head on to advanced features of Power BI, such as data modeling optimization, use of Power Query for data transformation, and complex calculations using DAX. Gain information on data connectivity options, performance optimization techniques, and data security.

  5. Practice

    Use public datasets or create your own for analysis and visualization. Do focus on data import, transformation, cleaning, and other aspects. Look for internships, freelancing, and volunteering to gain more practical knowledge.

  6. Certifications

    Online courses and certifications help prove your learned skills, exhibit updated experience and hands-on projects, and are an excellent source to check your knowledge level.

  7. Build Portfolio

    Display the Power BI skills using a portfolio. Show the dashboards, visualization skills, formed reports, complex calculations, and all the other relevant skills learned in your journey.

Understanding Power BI Salaries

The Power BI salary in India, along with other countries, is tabulated to indicate the significance and role of the Power BI developers:

CountryAverage Annual Power BI Developer Salary
India5 Lakhs
UAEAED 10,000

Tips for Negotiating Power BI Salaries

The candidates in the field of Power BI development must also know the skill of salary negotiation for the correct payments and satisfaction, which eventually encourages their performance. Here are some tips for the same:

  1. Know your job’s market rate through salary calculators and industry surveys for effective negotiation.
  2. Showcase your uniqueness, align skills with company needs, and highlight achievements.
  3. Demonstrate impact with quantifiable results, be it revenue generation or increased efficiency.
  4. Understand all components of the salary, align with career goals, and negotiate accordingly.
  5. Be confident, provide fact-based evidence, and maintain open communication.
  6. Define your requirements, gracefully decline inadequate offers, and seek alternatives.

Career Growth and Opportunities for Power BI Professionals

The increasing demand for critical aspects of the role of Power BI development allows career growth opportunities for Power BI professionals such as:

Power BI AnalystEntry-level role focused on visualization, report creation, and dashboard generation. Involves stakeholder interaction, data analysis, and delivering actionable insights.
Senior Power BI Developer/AnalystExperienced role handling complex projects and large datasets. Leads teams, designs advanced data models, and optimizes performance.
Power BI ConsultantSpecialized expertise for clients, either as an independent contractor or within a consulting firm. Involves implementing Power BI solutions, optimizing data analysis, and driving informed business decisions.
Business Intelligence ManagerManagerial role with a strong grasp of Power BI techniques. Collaborates with stakeholders to align analytics initiatives with organizational goals, defines data strategies, and manages projects.
Data/Business Intelligence AnalystExpands into broader data analysis using expertise. Conducts in-depth data analysis, develops data models, and generates insights to support decision-making.
Data ScientistTransition to data science with analytical and technical skills in programming, statistics, and machine learning.
Business Intelligence ArchitectDesign data infrastructure and architecture for organizations, integrating Power BI and Microsoft products and services.
Trainer/InstructorTransition to training and education roles, conducting workshops and providing certifications to enhance Power BI skills for individuals or corporate clients.
EntrepreneurshipEstablish consulting firms offering data analysis, Power BI implementation, and related services. Requires hard work, flexibility, autonomy, and diverse project opportunities.

Why are Companies Hiring More Power BI Professionals?

Numerous reasons that account for the increased demand for the role of Power BI developer are enlisted as follows:

  1. The prime need is an excess requirement of professionals capable of data analysis and visualization. It requires the need for data interpretation and finding insights for data-driven decisions.
  2. The widespread usage of Power BI due to its user-friendly interface, advanced calculations, and ability to handle larger datasets makes it a commonly used platform among businesses. People with technical expertise in the software hence are in higher demand.
  3. The growing volume and data complexity due to digitization requires companies to leverage their strengths. Modifying, customizing, and transforming the data answers numerous questions of significance for the company, thus demanding people for the task.
  4. The fast-paced time relies on real-time reporting to adapt to the changing market conditions. The Power BI professionals can provide better connectivity, and up-to-date information, thus aiding in future insights and subsequent decisions.
  5. Power BI professionals are also suitable candidates to gain an edge over the competitive era. They can further identify the opponents’ patterns, trends, and shortcomings, leading to growth and success through their innovative approach to problem-solving.


Thus, becoming a Power BI developer requires technical and soft skills to succeed in this job. Industrial knowledge and practical experience help you head above others. The combination of a solid understanding and applicability of tools and techniques with prolificity in Power BI is judged among the candidates being interviewed for the position.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the resources for learning advanced Power BI topics?

A. Learning advanced Power BI topics is possible from Microsoft training courses and documentation. Additionally, one can use forums, YouTube channels, and blogs for active participation in discussions and learning.

Q2. Which tools integrate with Power BI?

Microsoft tools like Azure, SharePoint, Teams, and Excel integrate with Power BI to assist in data analysis and reporting.

Q3. Do Power BI developers require knowledge of database management systems?

Yes, knowledge of database management systems such as SQL is essential as the tasks require connection with datasets, querying data, and performing data transformations.

Q4. How to learn Power BI?

Online tutorials, documents, video courses, and hands-on practice are the right resources to learn the software. The training from the online certificate issuing authorities is also a recommended source.

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