Dec 23 2014

Simple Framework to crack a Kaggle problem statement


It is an exciting times at Kaggle: 5 simultaneous competitions with significant prize value – Santa is definitely out there looking for good data scientists across the globe! I have put in at least one shot in all the 5 competitions. Every attempt enlightens me with new tricks to make a better prediction. Even though I started competing …

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Dec 22 2014

The “caret” Package – One stop solution for building predictive models in R

Summary (lmCVFit) 2

Predictive Models play an important role in the field of data science and business analytics, and tend to have a significant impact across various business functions. Building such models is often a very iterative process that involves lots of trials depending on the data size in terms of observations and variables. Most common problems that …

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Dec 18 2014

Combining datasets in SAS – simplified!

Proc Append, SAS

One of the most common task, every analyst performs multiple times in a project is combining data sets. There are various ways to combine datasets in SAS, which are different from the way datasets are combined in SQL. Due to this, a lot of people with experience in SQL remain confused about how they can …

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Dec 16 2014

Data Science trends 2015 to help you plan your learning!

Data Science trends 2015

2014 is coming to an end shortly. What a glorious year it has been for technology and data science! Constant change, better products, faster solutions, new technologies – all of this happened with breath taking pace. If activities in recent months are any thing to go by, next 12 months are going to be nerve wrecking …

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Dec 14 2014

NoSQL Databases : Simplified


My father always hesitates while making big ticket transaction online. He is always scared of machine making an error. Just imagine that you transfer your entire financial asset from your one account to other and because of some data error, it gets transferred to someone else’s account. However, I do not hesitate even by for …

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Dec 12 2014

QlikView Section Access for defining data access in your applications


New age BI tools like QlikView and Tableau are making it easy to access information on the go. With this ease of access, there comes an additional danger – the danger of putting the application in wrong hands. Imagine what can happen if your QlikView application (which stores and presents information for all business critical …

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Dec 09 2014

Top certifications for SAS, R, Python, Machine Learning or Big Data

Data Science course rankings

We released our rankings for various long duration analytics programmes in India for 2014 – 15 last week. They were greeted with unparalleled enthusiasm and response from our audience. We continue our journey to help our audience decide the best analytics trainings and resources. This week, we will focus on ranking short duration courses or certification courses. …

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Dec 07 2014

All you need to know to start a career in analytics

AV blogs

In last two years, we have successfully tried creating a community dedicated to share best practices across industry and give a kick start to all newbies. We received unconditional support from the people in the industry beyond the boundaries of experience and geography. If you search for any relevant topic of analytics, there is …

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Dec 04 2014

How to remove Synthetic Key using Concatenation & Link table in QlikView?


In one of my previous articles, we discussed about synthetic keys (Synthetic keys in Qlikview – Simplified). We discussed why synthetic keys are generated and came to conclusion that if we have multiple synthetic keys in our data model, it might be a result of bad bad data model and may deliver unexpected results. We also …

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Dec 02 2014

Top 5 Analytics Programs in India (2014 – 15)


We created our first set of rankings of analytics programmes about 18 months back. We didn’t expect the roaring response those rankings received. The rankings still continue to be one of the most visited page on our website – a way to connect with people who probably need help the most! However, a lot has …

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