Top 10 Programming Languages in 2024

Harshit Ahluwalia 26 Apr, 2024
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With technology changing all the time, learning the most useful programming languages is super important. Today’s digital world moves really fast, being a skilled coder with the right programming language can give you wings to fly in this digital world or it can give you a big advantage and open doors to cool jobs and amazing inventions. In this article, we will explore the top programming languages poised to dominate the tech planet in 2024.

Top 10 Programming Languages in 2024

10 Best Programming Languages in 2024

Here is the list of top programming languages of 2024:

1. Python

Python | Top 10 Programming Languages in 2024

If you want to easily learn any programming language, I would recommend you to start with Python. It’s easy to read, easy to learn, and easy-to-use language. It’s the perfect language if you are starting to learn programming languages in 2024. Moreover, Python is now being taught in universities and schools as the very first programming language over the globe. Python syntax is user-friendly in comparison to other languages which increases the developer’s productivity.

Here’s a beginner-level course to get you started with Python for Data Science.

Features of Python 

  • It is Open Source and object-oriented programming
  • It can be easily integrated with C and C++
  • Careers in multiple fields such as web development, Data Science, Robotics, and Big Data
  • Companies working on Python: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Netflix, Quora, Paytm, etc.

2. Javascript

JavaScript | Top 10 Programming Languages in 2024

Last year, when StackOverflow announced its report JavaScript was at the top of that report but this year it will also be one of the most popular languages among the developer community. But do you know the reason, why it is still at the top of the survey report? It’s because javascript is providing the ultimate business solution and that is the main reason why it is in the list of tech startup. If you want to get placed in a good company, then Javascript opens a lot of opportunities for you in the job marketplace.

Javascript is being used in the frontend as well as the backend side. There are so many frameworks and libraries available for JavaScript that are popular in the tech world such as AngularJS, React, Meteor, Vue, and many more.

Features of Angular

  • It is lightweight, interpreted Langauge
  • It follows an object-oriented paradigm
  • It is used for server-side and client-side programming
  • Companies working on Javascript: Google, FaceBook, Dell, PayPal

3. Java

Java | Top 10 Programming Languages in 2024

If you are new to the programming world, you must be aware of this popular programming language JAVA. The reason why Java is the most popular language is that there are so many large organizations that are still working in JAVA. This programming language is particularly used in Android app development and for building enterprise-scale web applications. Do you know that Google has also created an amazing Java-based android developement framework, called Android Studio.

Feature of Java

  • It is also an open-source and Object Oriented programming language
  • It is cross-platform compatible
  • High performance, top-notch security
  • Companies using Java: HCL, Flipkart, Amazon, Adobe, etc.

4. C and C++

C/C++ | Top 10 Programming Languages in 2024

While C and C++ are known for their performance and their capabilities,  C++ empowers object-oriented programming, allowing for well-structured and maintainable code. Additionally, C++ includes a rich and varied library called the STL (Standard Template Library) that provides some pre-built components for common tasks.

These languages are the workhorses behind various applications, including:

  • Game development: Creating immersive and performant gaming experiences.
  • GUI applications: Building user-friendly interfaces for desktop software.
  • Desktop applications: Powering essential tools and programs.
  • Real-time mathematical simulations: Enabling complex calculations and visualizations.

Features of C and C++

  • C++ followers OOPs paradigm
  • Availability of ready-to-use STL libraries in C++
  • These languages are used in game development, building GUI applications, desktop applications, and real-time mathematical simulations.
  • Companies working on C and C++: eBay, Adobe, Huawei, IBM, PhonePe.

5. Golang

GO programming language

This language was developed by Google and it is one of the top programming languages like Python. Hence, people who love to work with Python will definitely love this programming language too. This language is scaling up a lot. In earlier years, this language didn’t get a lot of popularity but in 2024, it will be rising a lot. This language is more efficient than C and C++ and it provides features to write concurrent programs that are very problematic to write in other programming languages. Revel, Gin, Martigin, and Beego are some of the popular frameworks of this language.

Feature of GoLang

  • Ideal for making single-page applications
  • It is very fast compared to C++
  • It is very easy to learn
  • Its support multithreading
  • Companies working on GoLang: Medium, Uber, Google, Dailymotion

6. Swift

Swift | Top 10 Programming Languages in 2024

This language is developed for programmers who are very interested in building iOS applications. This language is developed by Apple. Nowadays, many people are using iPhones, so the demand for iOS applications is also increasing. The demand for Swift programmers is increasing rapidly. It is the best programming language among iOS development languages.

Earlier we just had one single option, Swift, to enter iOS development but now we also have the option of Flutter and React native in the iOS market so you will see a little bit of a decline in the popularity of this language. Still, some of the things can only be done in Swift language (ex-payment stuff ) so definitely, it’s worth learning Swift programming language.

Cocoa and CloudKit these two are popular frameworks of Swift programming language.

Features of Swift 

  • Easy-to-read syntax
  • Scalable and easy-to-add new features
  • Fast is a comparison of Objective C and Python
  • It is used in its applications, Mac OS development, and the whole Apple ecosystem.

7. Kotlin


When it comes to Andriod Development, Nothing has become a recent choice for developers. It is used for both frontend and backend frameworks. This language comes up with some amazing features such as interoperability with Java as well as Android Studio support. Ktor, Vertex, and Spring are some of the popular frameworks of Kotlin.

Features of Kotlin

  • Follows Object-oriented paradigm
  • Cross-platform language
  • Easy to debug
  • Companies using KotlinL Lenskart, Pinterest, Slack, Trello, Airtel, Netflix, and Google.

8. C#


This language is developed by Microsoft and is a popular language in present day. It is mostly used in web development and game development such as X-box, virtual-reality, and Unity 3D games. C# is also used in creating Windows applications. It has a very vast set of libraries that makes the compilation and execution very fast. .NET is one of the popular frameworks of C#.

Features of C#

  • It also follows Object Oriented Paradigm
  • Fully integrated with the .NET library
  • Companies using C#: Capgemini, Intellectsoft and Phillips

9. R


If you are very interested in statistical analysis, data science and machine learning or very good at interpreting data by reading graphs, then this R programming language is for you, my friend. It is used in the financial domain to build statistical models, machine learning models, and deep learning models. It provides you the ability to create web applications and insightful models, and it comes with a huge set of libraries with more than 10k packages. If you are interested in data science or business analytics I would recommend you this language.

Features of R

  • Open-source and cross-platform
  • Highly extensible
  • It is good for Linux and Microsoft Windows
  • Companies using R: Airbnb, Uber, Twitter

10. PHP


A lot of people would agree with me that PHP is losing its popularity these days. Nevertheless, we need to accept the fact that this language still holds a high rank in the market. It is mostly used by developers and freelancers for web applications. PHP is a cheap, free, and easy-to-use language. Beginners can also choose this language because there is less competition in the market due to the popularity of Python and JavaScript languages.

Features Of PHP

  • Functional and Object-Oriented Programming
  • Platform independent
  • Easy to get started for making web pages
  • A lot of automation tools are available for testing and deployment.
  • 540K+ repositories on Github
  • Companies working on PHP: Oracle, HCL, Motorola.


Understanding the best programming languages for 2024 is crucial for aspiring developers. Each language offers unique strengths and career prospects, from Python’s versatility to C#’s application in game development. Whether you aim for AI, mobile app development, or data analysis, this guide helps you align your goals with the right language. Programming languages are essential tools, each with distinct advantages and applications. Learning a language can open doors to diverse opportunities in a variety of industries. Stay informed about trends to make better decisions about which languages to learn. Start with Python and JavaScript, as they are ideal for beginners and widely used in the industry.

Harshit Ahluwalia 26 Apr, 2024

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