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Data Munging in Python (using Pandas) – Baby steps in Python

Time flies by! I see Jenika (my daughter) running around in the entire house and my office now. She still slips and trips – …


Last week, I shared a framework to help you answer the question, “Should I become a data scientist (or business analyst)?“. For the people, …


Currently R, SAS and Python are the three languages ruling the analytics industry. Expertise in at least one of the three language is a …

Mining YouTube using Python & performing social media analysis (on ALS ice bucket challenge)

If you are someone like me, you would have been swamped by the constant feed of people pouring ice buckets over them – but …

Bring it on! Analytics Vidhya Author identification challenge

What is the best form of analytics learning? Applying it to practical problems! This is exactly what led us to create this interesting problem, …

Baby steps in Python – Exploratory analysis in Python (using Pandas)

In the last 2 posts of this series, we looked at how to install Python with iPython interface and several useful libraries and data …


In one of the posts last month, we started taking baby steps in learning Python for data analysis. This post will take you one …

Baby steps in learning Python for data analysis

Last weekend turned out to be a very special one! My 10 month old daughter took her first baby steps and watching her take …

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