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Designation – Data Scientist

Location –Hyderabad

About employerTech Mahindra

Job description:


  • Translating business challenges/problems to Analytical problems
  • Ideation of data driven solution to business problems
  • Technical Supervision/development of analytical models.
  • Exploratory data analysis and presentation of preliminary insights to business
  • Supervise and perform technical platform changes aligned with IT management guidelines.
  • Ensure stability of the overall analytics ecosystem in terms of deployment and enhancement
  • Very Good Communication Skills. (Mandatory)

Qualification and Skills Required

  • Experience Level: Preferably 8-12 years in Analytics, Business Intelligence & Data warehousing
  • Relevant Experience Required: 4-5 years of experience, in Data Processing, Data Querying, Analytical Dataset Creation, Analytical Algorithms, Analytical Model Creation, Interpretation and presentation of results to relevant stakeholders.
  • Proven experience with Analytical/Data Mining software like SAS, R, Weka, SPSS.
  • Proven experience with visualization software like Tableau, Qlikview, pentaho.
  • Proven experience with SQL for structured data analysis
  • Working experience with NoSQL data stores like Hadoop, Cassandra, Hbase
  • Working Knowledge of Java Map reduce, Hive, Pig preferred
  • Good knowhow about BI technologies
  • Good knowledge of IT landscape of a typical web-scale organization

Interested people can apply for this job can mail their CV to [email protected] with subject as Data Scientist – Tech Mahindra – Hyderabad

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