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Designation – Statistical Analyst – Modeler

Location – Chennai

About employerSCIO Health Analytics

Job description:

The ideal applicant will have a strong background in mathematics and/or statistics with experience in healthcare analytics, outcomes research, and data mining/integration.

Qualification and Skills Required

  • Bachelor’s in economics, mathematics, statistics, epidemiology, biostatistics, or other related fields
  • Understand health services research methodology
  • 4 years of experience in healthcare data analysis and/or healthcare data warehousing
  • Have statistics background
  • Ability to plan and design analytic activities as well as analyze and solve complex problems
  • Desire to work within a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to work in a team environment and be flexible in taking on various projects
  • Performance of statistical analyses including opportunity assessments, clinical and financial risk tracking, trend identification and predictive modeling exercises
  • Coordinates and prioritizes analytic projects including client communication, planning, and identifying operational process flow
  • Creation and maintenance of comprehensive and standardized data warehouse structures that integrate a variety of healthcare data
  • Assessment of data quality using advanced statistical testing and validation techniques
  • Supports interpretation and analyses of outcomes data to accurately assess, evaluate and demonstrate program performance
  • Interpretation of findings to both the internal executive team as well as client representatives using clear and concise methods
  • We are looking for analytical and planning skills, creativity, and excellent problem solving skills.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Predictive Modeling

Interested people can apply for this job can mail their CV to [email protected] with subject as Statistical Analyst – Modeler – SCIO Health Analytics – Chennai

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