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Designation Modeler

Location – Bangalore


Job description:


  • Work with Business owners & team members to provide deep analysis and guidance on statistical & modeling assignments across areas within the company
  • Draw upon the knowledge and experience in applied statistics, data mining, modeling and forecasting to ensure the results are accurate
  • Must be detail oriented and highly aware of the impact of the analysis across the company

Experience and Skills Required:

  • Experience in solving analytical problems using quantitative methods
  • Experience in working with high-volume & high-dimensional data from varying sources
  • Expert knowledge of analytical tool such as R/SQL
  • Should be aware of Logistic Regression, Linear Regression, Segmentation and Clustering and should be proficient in one of these techniques in depth.
  • Perform complex data analysis, design, support, and documentation.
  • Help translate business problems to analytical frameworks: extract insights from consumer, sales and other data available and provide data analysis, synthesis & presentation support.

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