— December 29, 2016

Experience : 3 – years
Requirements :
Task Info :

A typical assignment handled by a Consultant and his role:

To coordinate and manage the implementation and deployment of analytical applications/frameworks, while using project management techniques in order to meet deadlines, budget constraints and technical requirements. Consultants are required to have technical expertise in basic statistical analytical techniques and business knowledge in different industries. Also, they should be able to guide and mentor the analysts. Consultants holding bachelor’s degree are more likely to bring the following skill sets of critical reasoning, team management, and attention to detail, quality assurance and organizing client meetings. They are also required to be inquisitive and persuasive for effective project delivery. 

Primary Role – Consultant

Provide analytical architecture analysis, design, development, and enhancements 

Develop analytical framework with the help of offshore team for the project. 

Prepare the data dictionary for the list of variables from the client’s data. 

Finalize the list of variables for modeling based on business and technical aspects. 

Define and identify appropriate analytical model for the project. 

Develop business insights based on the output of model relevant to client’s business needs. 

Prepare the benchmarking report (technical report) for to analyze and compare the results of different models/variables. 

Presentation of final results to the client and discuss further opportunities within/outside the project. 

Project Definition and Management: 

Serve as Project Lead or Project Manager for the entire life cycle of the projects. 

Maintain project documentation and reports. 

Plan deliverables and milestones for different projects that you are responsible for. 

Provide business analysis and business area assessment. 

Lead Project kick-off and Project Closure including (on per need basis) board-level progress and status reporting. 

Facilitate meetings within the team and also with developers, users and external vendors. 

Track and report team hours. 

Analyze, drive and re-engineer existing business processes to reshape the organization structure to better adapt future business needs. 

Develop business opportunity within the client responsible for. 

Develop business opportunity in nearby areas outside the current clientele. 

Define KPIs and SLAs for projects. 

Support dashboards design for BIs. 

Competences Required:

An undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or similar job-relevant field from a premier institute. 

Direction and overseeing of project teams consisting of five personnel or more.

Proficiency in analytical tools like R/SAS/SQL.

Demonstrate an understanding of statistical techniques (Hypothesis Testing, Regression analysis etc.)

Must have worked on large datasets as the consultant will be responsible for manipulating, extracting, transforming, and analyzing the large data to develop solutions and insights.

Should have domain knowledge in either of the following – Retail/CPG, Banking & Finance, Pharmaceutical, Technology/Media, eCommerce etc.

College Preference : tier1-any
Min Qualification : ug
Skills : banking, ecommerce, r, regression, retail banking, sas, sql
Location : Bengaluru

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