— December 31, 2016

Experience : 4 – years
Requirements :
Task Info :

A typical assignment handled by an SBA and his role:

Starting with understanding the business problem, the SBA works with the Consultants & Managers to create the solution framework, followed by the analysis framework. This is followed by the BA managing his part of the work.The SBA is deeply knowledgeable of different analytics techniques and can critique among different techniques to come up with the best fit one. This entails the SBA spending a good amount of time researching and learning about new tools and techniques not only from his seniors in the company but also through great deal of self-learning. The SBA also needs to understand the client business and his domain quite well to be able to design meaningful solutions.The last but very important aspect of an SBAs work is to be able to manage a part of the work in global delivery model, ensuring smooth communication across borders.

Primary Role – Senior Business Analyst

Formulating the Analytical Framework for Analyses

Manage large volumes of structured and unstructured data, extract & clean data to make it amenable for analysis 

Analyse big data using statistics, econometrics, mathematics, operations research, and text mining techniques

Leverage technology to enhance the competitive position of clients by identifying appropriate solutions 

Developing sophisticated analytical solutions to solve business problems using advanced statistical methods

Drawing actionable insights from the conducted analysis

Making business inference out of the analyses done to provide value to the Client teams

Engaging with the Clients, understanding their requirements and fulfilling them to their utmost satisfaction

Aiding Consultants & Managers in managing the team

Helping the Consultants/Engagement Manager with Business Development initiatives

Additional Responsibilities at client site

oAiding the onsite consultant on running analysis at client site

oAiding the onsite consultant on managing client communication

oAiding communication between onsite and offshore teams

oActing as onsite SME and Data Expert Competences 


Technical Capabilities – 

oStatistical Packages (Atleast R, RapidMiner, Weka, SAS, SPSS, KNIME)

oAnalytical Techniques (Atleast regression, clustering, machine learning algorithms)

oData Management (Atleast SQL and One reporting tool)


oAbility to think strategically and analytically in order to effectively assess each assignment

oExcellent written and oral communication skills

oAbility to work in tight deadlines & under pressure

oExcellent interpersonal & organizational skills

oGood listening and comprehension skills

oExcellent time management skills

College Preference : no-bar
Min Qualification : ug
Skills : clustering, machine learning, r, regression, sas, sql, statistics
Location : Bengaluru

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