— January 2, 2017

Experience : 1 – years
Requirements :
Task Info :

The Data Scientist (Product) will be responsible for developing and maintaining healthy product analytics environment, predictive systems, creating efficient algorithms and improving data quality. This individual will work closely with the Head of Analytics to identify, evaluate, design and implement statistical analyses of gathered open source, proprietary, and customer data to create analytic metrics and tools suitable for use in Digital Sandbox applications. This individual will have the opportunity to contribute directly to the features and capabilities deployed in our applications.

Key Responsibilities:

• Work with engineering and research teams on designing, building and deploying data analysis systems for large data sets

• Work with various Product Managers for setting up analytics for their respective products

• Conduct Event Audits, random data checks, user funnel analysis at regular intervals

• Work with marketing teams to understand the ROI and reach of various marketing campaigns

• Design, develop and implement R&D and pre-product prototype solutions and implementations

• Create algorithms to extract information from large data sets.

• Establish scalable, efficient, automated processes for model development, model validation, model implementation and large scale data analysis.

• Develop metrics and prototypes that can be used to drive business decisions.

• Provide thought-leadership and dependable execution on diverse projects.

• Identify emergent trends and opportunities for future client growth and development

College Preference : no-bar
Min Qualification : ug
Skills : algorithms, c++, datavisualization, google analytics, java, python, r, sas, sql
Location : Mumbai

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