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Fraud Analyst- Gurugram (6-8 Years of Experience)

Experience : 6 – 8 years
Requirements :
Task Info :

A fraud analyst is someone who investigates forgery and theft within customers’ accounts and transactions on behalf of a bank or a financial institution. They track and monitor the bank’s transactions and activity that comes through the bank’s customers’ accounts. It is their job to identify and trace any suspicious or high-risk transactions, and determine if there is improper activity involved and if there is risk to the bank or its customers.


1.He will be responsible for observing any type of customer transactions to flag or identify any suspicious activity.

2.He will be responsible for keeping any collected information confidential while working to catch the criminals who may have committed the felony of check fraud or electronic fraud.

3.Monitor real time queues and identify high risk transactions within the business portfolio. 

4.Identify fraudulent transactions and cancel them from further processing. 

5.Resolve queued transactions within the service level agreements to reduce potential revenue losses.

6.Interact with banks and customers to validate information and to confirm or cancel authorizations. 

7.Resolve customer issues within the scope of existing service level agreements. 

8.Monitor constantly customer and transactional records to identify unauthorized transactions and fraudulent accounts.

9.Maintain fraud analysis models to improve efficiency and effectiveness of company systems. 

10.Ensure confidentiality of all information collected during investigation. 

11.Determine existing fraud trends by analyzing accounts and transaction patterns. 

12.Identify system improvements to prevent fraudulent activities. 

13.Recommend anti-fraud processes for changing transaction patterns and trends. 

14.Generate suspicious activity reports and risk management reports for Managers.

Qualification and Skills Required

•A bachelor’s degree is required for this position, with a concentration in finance, business, mathematics, or economics.

•Master’s Degree In Economics, Statistics, MBA Or Related Quantitative Fields From A Reputable Institute

•Strong Analytical Skills With The Competencies to Lead And Conduct Analyses

•Have any experience in programs or projects that can project a clear problem-solving or investigative ability.

•Should have worked in Banking domain for at least 2 years

•Experience on SAS for at least 2 years

•Excellent communication skills

•Experience- 6-8 years

•Investigative skills, written reports, evidence preparation, witness interviews, database maintenance, active-listening, critical thinking, telephone skills, familiarity with SAS, SQL, E-mail, telephone and retail banking systems

College Preference : tier1-any
Min Qualification : ug
Skills : banking, database, retail banking, sas, sql
Location : Gurugram

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