— January 2, 2017

Experience : 4 – 10 years
Requirements :
Task Info :

Qualification and Skills Required

•Interact frequently with the onsite team and work out the execution plan

•Decide the approach while thinking through possible deadlocks in advance

•Typically ourbusiness problems cannot be solved using a linear/single line of thought.

Some days, you would find yourself deeply engrossed in debugging a code, writing a program while on other days you could be designing an algorithm or defining the right architecture 

•In short, a day would involve hands-on delivery – be it brainstorming on a project, or writing some algorithm in SAS/R/Java or whatever technology it takes

•Expertise in proposals, directing the team below him for delivery

•Extensive experience with analytics delivery across domains

•Belief in the “fail fast and learn” way of doing things rather than sitting out of the process

•An open mind and pleasing personality with good comfort level in interacting and motivating people from diverse backgrounds

•A strong appreciation for analytics, math and technology

•Willingness to do an honest and continuous evaluation and development of your leadership skills


•Strong background in advanced analytics and business domains

•Experience of 4-10 years

•Mu Sigma/Axtria experience is highly preferred

College Preference : no-bar
Min Qualification : ug
Skills : analytics, java, r, sas
Location : Bengaluru

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