— February 6, 2017

Experience : 2 – 7 years
Requirements :
Task Info :

Key Responsibilities
•    As a member of the BI Team the primary focus of this position would be to develop, support and maintain product offerings using the SQL and standalone or enterprise BI platform.
•    The BI Developer will need to intimately understand the product requirements and recommend the most optimal strategy to implement them, provide timing and sizing estimates for the effort, and implement the enhancements.
•    Additionally, this BI Developer will also work closely with organizational functions in the enhancement of existing products.
•    The creation and maintenance of product documentation will also be an important function of the BI Developer.

•    Understand organizational processes, interfaces, and considerations of existing BI implementations
•    Determine optimal design strategy to implement requirements
•    Provide timing and sizing estimates to implement recommended design, and present it to team for review
•    Implement approved solution design
•    Conduct data integrity validations / performance tests on implemented solution
•    Support enhancement of existing products on an as-needed basis
•    Support ad hoc reporting projects on an as-needed basis
•    Develop and maintain product documentation
•    Provide Level 2 product support when needed

Desired Skills
•    Minimum of 2 years of experience in the use of anyone of the standalone or Enterprise tools like SAS / R / MicroStrategy / Qlikview / Pentaho / Tableau..etc, in all phases of the project life cycle : ETL development, Scripting and front-end design
•    Proficiency in SQL is a must
•    Hands-on report development, dashboard creation, freeform SQL reports/metric/attribute/custom group/consolidation, and cubes creation
•    Working with large data sets
•    Integrating data from more than one source
•    Developing most optimal scripts for a given solution
•    Data modelling
•    Strong knowledge of star schemas
•    Optimization of data model for query performance
•    Experience with complex data models involving more than 5 tables
•    Front-end design
•    Intimate familiarity with all charts and graphs to determine best one to use for a given situation
•    Automation of user actions
•    Strong fundamentals in basic graphic design concepts to create aesthetically pleasing interfaces

College Preference : no-bar
Min Qualification : ug
Skills : business intelligence, etl, pentaho, qlikview, r, sas, sql, tableau
Location : Bengaluru, Chennai

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