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Data Scientist- Bangalore (5-10 Years of Experience)

Experience : 5 – 10 years
Requirements :
Task Info :

  • Job Description and Responsibilities 
  • Education Requirements : A Master’s or PhD 
  • Experience : 2 Yrs to 10 Yrs 
  • Technical Skills : 
  • ·         Expertise with one of thefollowing scripting languages 
  • ·         Python, R, Knime,Mat-lab, Java, Mat-lab/Octave 
  • ·         OpenNLP, WordNet, NLTK 
  • ·         Tech savy and willing towork with open-Source Tools 
  • ·         Proven track record andexperience with statistical modeling/data mining algorithms such as
  • .        Multivariate Regression, Logistic Regression, clustering algorithms,Support Vector Machines, Decision Trees etc 
  • .       Machine learning, or graph mining. 
  • .       DOE, Forecasting, Segmentation, Uncertainty Analysis etc. 
  • .       Data Mining i.e. Text Mining, Classification Methods – SVM, NN, etc 
  • .       Vector Space model for Unstructured Text 
  • .       SentimentAnalysis, Association Mining, Semantic Analysis

College Preference : no-bar
Min Qualification : ug
Skills : clustering, data mining, decision trees, java, logistic regression, machine learning, matlab, multivariate analysis, nlp, octave, python, r, statistical modeling, text mining
Location : Bengaluru

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