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Senior Science Analyst- Bangalore (7+ years of Experience)

Experience : 7 – years
Requirements :
Task Info :

Job Description and Responsibilities

• Help improve existing data analyses by always researching cutting edgestatistical modeling and data visualization techniques.

• Help deliver customized analyses leveraging internal and external,structured and unstructured datasets. Utilize advanced modeling techniques toparse out adverse experience drivers. Manipulate large data sets, using cuttingedge machine learning or statistical modeling techniques and synthesizinginsights.

• Help develop an analytics platform to house and analyze big data

• Help with the process of curating, cleaning and integrating data toenable scalability of analyses. Leverage several internal databases as well asexternal data sources.

• Collaborate with other analytical teams to leverage tools andtechniques developed across AIG.

• Always strive to automate analyses where possible.

• Help with advancing Data Visualization capabilities

• Help train new staff in a growing team. Help manage additional COEresources as needed.


 Position Requirements:

The ideal candidate needs to be familiar with the following techniquesand tools, with an expert-level experience in some: 

• Expertise in one or more modeling/machine learning platforms as such asR, SAS, and Python

• Expertise in Natural Language Processing techniques

• Experience with additional programming languages such as C++, Java,Matlab, Octave a plus

• Classification methods (e.g., Neural Net, Logistic Regression, DecisionTrees, KNN, SVM, Random Forest)

• Regression methods (e.g., Linear, Nonlinear, Boosted Regression Trees )Clustering methods (e.g., K-means, Fuzzy C-means, Hierarchical Clustering,Mixture Modelling)

• Time-series Modelling/Forecasting (e.g., AR, ARMA, GARCH, ExponentialSmoothing)

• Statistical Analysis (e.g., Hypothesis Testing, Experiment Design,Hierarchical Modeling, Bayesian Inference)

• Familiarity with common computing environment (e.g. Linux, ShellScripting) Knowledge about Big Data related techniques (e.g., Map-Reduce,Hadoop, Hive, NoSQL)

• Advanced skills in SQL


Additional Position Requirements:

• Master’s Degree in a technical field with 7+ years of experience.

• Advanced data visualization skills

• Strong and effective communication (both written and verbal) withcolleagues and business leaders

• Proven project management skills – ability to manage and coordinatelarge and complex projects across the organization.

•Actuarial background a plus

College Preference : no-bar
Min Qualification : pg
Skills : bigdata, c++, classification, data visualization, decision trees, forecasting, hadoop, hive, java, linear regression, logistic regression, machine learning, mapreduce, matlab, nlp, nosql, python, qlikview, r, random forest, regression, sas, sql, statistical techniques, tableau, time series
Location : Bengaluru

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