Aishwarya Singh — Published On February 3, 2018

With the exponential growth of Artificial Intelligence based applications in various fields, it is now making its way to the space. Japan government plans to use Artificial intelligence to analyze images of earth captured by the satellites to predict and prevent disasters. AI based analysis could be used to develop new services for disaster management in areas prone to high occurrence of disasters.

The main idea is to use AI to monitor any change in the images and predict the risk of disasters. For example, changes in the steep slopes could be an indication for landslides, or changes in sea behavior may imply arrival of tsunami. Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co. has revealed plans to utilize a satellite to assess large-scale flood damage, with artificial intelligence.

Apart from monitoring these changes, it can monitor aging infrastructure. Satellites can detect millimeter scale deformations and provide a synoptic view of terrain and infrastructure stability. Hence the damage caused by collapsing buildings or subsiding roads/bridges could be reduced, if not completely eliminated. With the practical implementation of AI in satellites, a significant amount of time and money can be saved.

For more information on implementation of AI for disaster prevention, click here.


Our take on this:

With the help of AI, the data from satellite can be put to appropriate use. At present, we have advanced image processing techniques and deep learning methods that can provide better results for image analysis than we have ever seen before. If we can forecast the occurrence of a disaster, it will not only be helpful in saving thousands of lives, but also mitigate the loss of money and infrastructure. Further developments in AI based technologies will certainly be beneficial for social good.

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