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Introducing FreedomGPT: The Unfiltered AI Powerhouse

Freedom GPT is a groundbreaking open-source AI technology developed by Age of AI, an Austin-based AI venture capital firm. This state-of-the-art chatbot is programmed to recognize and prioritize ethical considerations without any censorship filter, unlike ChatGPT, which comes with censorship compliance and certain safety rules that prevent it from generating harmful or offensive content.

FreedomGPT - the uncensored ChatGPT alternative

Built on Alpaca: The Foundation for Ethical Freedom

FreedomGPT is built on Alpaca, an open-source model fine-tuned from the LLaMA 7B model on 52K instruction-following demonstrations released by Stanford University researchers. This powerful foundation allows FreedomGPT to answer questions free from censorship or safety filters, while maintaining ethical considerations.

Age of AI's FreedomGPT chatbot is built using Stanford Alpaca

Controversial Topics: Addressed Without Safeguarding

FreedomGPT’s ability to cater to controversial topics without safeguarding is one of its most distinguishing features. With a logo depicting the Statue of Liberty, this bold, large language model symbolizes freedom in every aspect of its functionality.

Unlike ChatGPT, FreedomGPT developed by Age of AI has no censorship, safety filters, or banned topics.

The Ethical AI: Balancing Controversy and Ethics

Programmed to prioritize ethical considerations, FreedomGPT’s responses to extreme and potentially harmful suggestions from users have been surprisingly balanced. When faced with questions about drowning homeless people in San Francisco or whether Hitler was “bad,” FreedomGPT demonstrated an understanding of basic human rights, the Holocaust, and the atrocities committed during World War II.

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Complex Social Issues: A New Frontier for AI

While FreedomGPT’s initial responses have been promising, it remains to be seen how this AI language model will tackle more complex or nuanced questions related to social issues. Nevertheless, its ability to address such topics without censorship while maintaining ethical considerations sets it apart from other artificially intelligent chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard.

Local and Private: AI on Your Computer

FreedomGPT’s unique version, developed by AgeOfAI.capital, allows users to run the bot locally on their computer without requiring internet connectivity. This is quite an innovation in providing unmatched privacy and accessibility for users looking to explore the capabilities of artificial intelligence without censorship.

Age Of AI has developed an uncensored AI chatbot named FreedomGPT

Uncensored Examples: A Double-Edged Sword

FreedomGPT has been known to provide uncensored answers to questions that mainstream AI language models would never touch, such as tips on cleaning up crime scenes, making bombs, and even praising Hitler as a good leader. While some may find these answers troubling, it showcases the chatbot’s dedication to freedom of information.

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AI Safety Through Transparency

The creators of FreedomGPT aim to prove that AI safety can be achieved without censorship. They believe that every company and individual should have access to their own 100% private large language model (LLM), pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence and opening new doors for exploration.

Our Say

Age of AI’s FreedomGPT is a groundbreaking, ethically balanced AI that’s revolutionizing the landscape by providing uncensored responses to user inquiries. This innovative language model caters to controversial topics without sacrificing ethical considerations, setting it apart from other AI systems like ChatGPT. While its unfiltered approach has raised concerns, FreedomGPT demonstrates the potential for AI safety without censorship. By sharing this eye-opening article, you can help spread awareness about this pioneering development in artificial intelligence. Get ready to embrace the power of freedom with FreedomGPT, the bold AI that’s redefining the boundaries of artificial intelligence!

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