IBM and META Forms AI Alliance for Responsible Innovation

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In a significant stride towards responsible AI innovation, IBM and Meta have jointly launched the AI Alliance. It unites over 50 prominent organizations globally. This collaborative effort aims to foster open and transparent innovation in artificial intelligence (AI). The priority is on safety, diversity, and economic opportunity. The alliance includes renowned entities such as AMD, CERN, Dell Technologies, NASA, Oracle, and several leading universities and research institutions.

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The Need for Collaborative Innovation

AI advancements present unprecedented opportunities, transforming how we live, work, and interact. While individual entities commit to open science and technology, the AI Alliance emphasizes the importance of collaboration. By bringing together developers, researchers, and adopters, the alliance seeks to accelerate innovation inclusively, identify risks, and ensure responsible AI development before products enter the market.

Objectives and Focus Areas

The Alliance sets forth clear objectives to guide its mission. The alliance plans to develop benchmarks, standards, tools, and resources for global AI system development. Additionally, it aims to advance open foundation models and foster a vibrant AI hardware accelerator ecosystem. It will support global AI skills building and develop educational content. All these efforts aim to inform public discourse and policymakers.

The AI Alliance sets forth clear objectives to guide its mission:

1. Benchmark and Evaluation Standards: Develop tools and resources globally to facilitate responsible AI system development, including safety, security, and trust tools.

2. Open Foundation Models: Advance diverse modalities of open foundation models, addressing societal challenges in climate, education, and beyond.

3. AI Hardware Accelerator Ecosystem: Foster a vibrant ecosystem for AI hardware accelerators by enhancing essential enabling software technology.

4. Global AI Skills Building: Support exploratory research and engage the academic community to contribute to essential AI model and tool research projects.

5. Educational Content and Resources: Develop content to inform the public and policymakers about the benefits, risks, and regulations for AI, promoting precision in its development.

6. Open Development Initiatives: Launch initiatives encouraging the responsible and open development of AI, hosting events to showcase how Alliance members use open technology for positive impact.

Who We Are

The AI Alliance comprises a diverse range of organizations working across AI education, research, development, deployment, and governance. From creators of benchmarking tools to universities, hardware builders, and framework champions, the alliance represents a comprehensive collaboration to ensure open innovation in AI benefits everyone.

Partners and Collaborators

IBM and Meta proudly lead the AI Alliance, with partners and collaborators spanning industry, government, and academia. Notable entities include the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay), Agency for Science, Technology and Research(A*STAR), Cleveland Clinic, Cornell University, Meta, NASA, Red Hat, Sony Group, and Yale University, among others. This diverse coalition reflects the global commitment to responsible AI development.

Our Say

The launch of the AI Alliance marks a pivotal moment in the trajectory of AI innovation. By creating a platform for diverse stakeholders to collaborate, share knowledge, and address challenges collectively, the alliance exemplifies the spirit of responsible AI development. As we embark on this journey, the AI Alliance invites the global community to join hands in shaping the future of AI, ensuring it aligns with the complex needs of our societies. The AI Alliance stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in shaping the future of technology. Through open innovation, shared resources, and a commitment to responsibility, the alliance paves the way for a future where AI benefits all of humanity.


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