India Establishes 12-Member AI Knowledge Consortium

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 08 Mar, 2024
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India’s strides in Artificial Intelligence (AI) governance reach new heights with the inception of the AI Knowledge Consortium (AIKC). This collaborative effort involves twelve prominent research institutions and think tanks dedicated to fostering a multi-stakeholder approach to AI governance.

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India Establishes 12-Member Consortium for AI governance

AIKC Inauguration and Mission

India’s journey into AI governance marks a significant milestone with the establishment of the AI Knowledge Consortium. Recognizing the importance of responsible business practices and societal oversight, the AIKC aims to navigate the complexities of AI technologies. Vivan Sharan, Partner at Koan Advisory, expressed the need to understand AI’s multifaceted nature and govern its use effectively.

Perspectives on AI Governance

NS Nappinai, Senior Counsel of the Supreme Court and founder of Cyber Saathi, emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and equity in India’s AI revolution. She underscores the need to align AI development with foundational pillars such as empowering communities and fostering inclusive dialogue. The AIKC’s efforts aim to ensure that AI regulation remains human-centric and innovation-driven, as highlighted by Manish Tiwari, Director of the Institute for Governance, Policies and Politics.

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India Establishes AI Knowledge Consortium (AIKC)

Insights from Indian Parliamentarians

The unveiling of the AIKC’s debut report, “What Indian Parliamentarians Think of AI,” provides valuable insights into policymakers’ perceptions. With 37 Members of Parliament surveyed, the report reveals a consensus on prioritizing human-centric AI regulation and innovation-centric approaches. Such findings underscore the importance of aligning AI policies with societal values and fostering innovation.

Public-Private Collaboration for AI Advancement

The AIKC launch witnessed the participation of leading global AI companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon Web Services, alongside emerging Indian startups. Discussions centered on the need for a public-private partnership to develop hardware infrastructure, ensuring equitable compute capacity for AI advancement in India. Such collaborations are crucial for fostering innovation and driving AI development in the country.

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Our Say

The establishment of the AI Knowledge Consortium heralds a new era of AI governance in India. With a focus on responsible practices, societal oversight, and stakeholder collaboration, the AIKC is poised to shape India’s AI landscape positively. As the nation embraces AI technologies, it’s imperative to prioritize inclusive governance frameworks that align with societal values and promote innovation-driven growth.

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