The DataHour: Build Your First Chatbot Using Open Source Tools

Sakshi Khanna 04 May, 2022
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The latest edition of our flagship learning series on everything in and about data analytics is sure to excite your minds, be prepared for the DataHour on Building your First Chatbot using Open Source Tools. The session will be hosted by Dr. Rachael Tatman- Staff Developer Advocate at Rasa, the world’s leading conversational AI platform, that enables enterprises to revamp customer experience with cutting-edge open-source machine learning implementations.

In this session, you will be led on an engaging journey of using the open-source platform Rasa, and the lecture will be helmed by an ex-Googler and an instructor at the University of Michigan, Dr. Rachael Tatman. The session is for both freshers and professionals alike who would like to design chatbots to improve the CX for their organisations or simply get hands-on experience with open source tools like Rasa.



About the DataHour on Chatbot

Chatbots have been around for some time. They have revolutionised the customer experience domain by enabling automation of frequently-repetitive consumer interactions using an AI-powered consumer response system. These systems are highly economical, scalable and transmutable, as they can be built into any existing CRM and CXM software. Hence, chatbots are the future of all consumer-facing industries and are moving from not only answering basic questions such as “Where is my Order?” to complex quotations and enquiries too.

In this DataHour, Dr. Rachael Tatman will guide you through a hands-on chat-bot building process using an open-source tool called Rasa. She will walk you through the basics of Rasa, including how words are translated into machine learning features, and how the conversation turn is picked up. 

You will be working alongside the tutorial, so come prepared with the prerequisites mentioned below. 

Pre-Requisites on Building a Chatbot!

Enthusiasm for building a Chatbot. If you’d like to code along you should install Rasa Open Source beforehand. Installation guide for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu.

Who is this Data Hour for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build a Chatbot from scratch.
  • Consumer experience experts looking to give their product an edge using chatbots.
  • Budding coders looking for roles in CX/CRM/UX design and implementation.

How to Register?

Simply click on the banner above to register yourself for the webinar. Registration lasts till the session starts from 7:00 PM on 11th May 2022 (Wednesday). The 1-hour session will be held Online and the DataHour link will be shared post-registration.

About the Speaker: Dr. Rachael Tatman

DataHour Chatbot

Dr. Rachael Tatman

Dr. Rachael is a Staff Developer Advocate at Rasa, where she enables developers to utilize open source tools to create and accomplish leading conversational AI projects. She started her career with a B.A. in Linguistics from Williams & Mary, post which she pursued a Doctorate in the same field. She went on to work as a Teaching Assistant during her tenure as a Research Fellow at the University of Washington. 

Post her education and doctorate, she went on to work for Kaggle (a Google subsidiary) as a Data Preparation Analyst and as a Developer Advocate. She then worked as a Guest Instructor for the capstone Data Science Masters course at the University of Michigan, before assuming a Senior Developer Advocate role at Rasa in Jan 2020.


We are sure that you have ample learning waiting for you from this DataHour on building your chatbot with Dr. Rachael Tatman. Her experience working in Linguistics and NLP has led to her expertise in the creation of powerful chatbots which are catalyzing the consumer experience journey on multiple touchpoints. We recommend you register as soon as possible to gain a once-in-a-decade opportunity to learn from such a distinguished AI, ML and NLP professional.

We look forward to hosting you for this amazing opportunity. Make your mark and book your seat for the Webinar here. If you’re attending this session and have some preliminary questions about this topic, please send them to us at [email protected], or you could ask directly to the speaker during the session.

If you missed our previously conducted ‘The DataHour’ series, head to our YouTube Channel and check out the recordings. And don’t forget to tune in at 7:00 PM on 11th May 2022 once registered!

Sakshi Khanna 04 May, 2022

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