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Coca-Cola is introducing an AI platform dubbed "Create Real Magic," created by OpenAI | DALL-E

Coca-Cola has introduced a groundbreaking AI platform dubbed “Create Real Magic.” This platform enables digital artists to produce unique works of art utilizing recognizable elements from Coca-Cola’s archives. The venue, explicitly created for Coca-Cola by OpenAI and Bain & Company, combines the powers of GPT-4 and DALL-E. GPT-4 makes text that resembles human speech from search engine queries. At the same time, DALL-E creates visuals from the text. Fans in nations such as Australia and the United States can use the portal until March 31, 2023.

“Create Real Magic” Contest

“Create Real Magic” Contest by Coca-Cola enabling artists to use AI technology like GPT-4 and DALL-E

Through March 31, fans in a few countries may access  www.createrealmagic.com. They would access a variety of branded pieces that can be used as a canvas for AI-powered experimentation and creative iteration. Among the branded aspects are the unmistakable Coca-Cola contour bottle, the Spencerian script logo, and other illustrious icons from Coke’s advertising history, such as the Coca-Cola Santa Claus and Polar Bear.

The “Create Real Magic” competition asks artists to download and submit their work. In addition, they would get a chance to be shown on digital billboards in London’s Piccadilly Circus and New York’s Time Square. The competition’s goal is to tap into this developing technology’s new creative potential. Coca-Cola is looking into methods to boost company operations and capacities while enhancing marketing through cutting-edge AI.

The Collaboration

OpenAI and Bain and Company collaborate with Coca-Cola for their platform, "Create Real Magic."

The “Create Real Magic” platform is the first product of a partnership between The Coca-Cola Company and a brand-new global services alliance that Bain & Company and OpenAI established. Coca-Cola is the first business to join the association. It combines OpenAI’s technologies with Bain’s digital implementation capabilities and strategic knowledge. Coke’s Global Design and Creative teams will choose 30 artists to attend a three-day workshop. This will be done in collaboration with OpenAI at The Coca-Cola Company’s world headquarters in Atlanta.

Real Magic Creative Academy

The Real Magic Creative Academy, a three-day course, will be held at the Coca-Cola world headquarters in Atlanta. A group of 30 artists will participate in the workshop by Coke’s Global Design and Creative Teams in collaboration with OpenAI. They will utilize the AI tools like GPT-4 and DALL-E to co-create material. Using these materials for Coca-Cola licensed goods, digital collectibles, and other things. To recognize and pay artists for their efforts, participants will receive credit for their work. Emma Sofija, Chris Branch, Paul Parsons, and Ean Hwa Huag, AI artists, have already launched the campaign. The workshop program aims to investigate how artificial intelligence (AI) and human creativity may improve marketing and other corporate processes.

AI in Emerging Technologies

To “drive new approaches, more experimentation, and improved speed to market,” Coca-Cola has used cutting-edge AI technology, according to the first-quarter results statement. The business is experimenting with AI to enhance point-of-sale materials, customer support, and ordering with its bottling partners. The organization seeks to investigate additional creative fields, including marketing, to expand its skills.

Coca-Cola’s AI-Powered Campaign

The AI-powered “Masterpiece” campaign from Coca-Cola tells the journey of a Coca-Cola bottle through some of the most well-known paintings and sculptures in history while showcasing some of the most iconic pieces of art ever created. Aket, Vikram Kushwah, Stefania Tejada, and Fatma Ramadan are the modern artists in the advertisement. It also includes works by some of history’s finest painters, including Utagawa Hiroshige, J.M.W. Turner, and Van Gogh. The Coca-Cola Masterpiece campaign will also include 3D billboards and digital collectibles and a two-minute commercial.

Coca-Cola’s Use of AI

Coca-Cola has been heavily utilizing AI in its marketing initiatives

Coca-Cola has been heavily utilizing AI in its marketing initiatives, such as in vending machines where AI algorithms advertise popular beverages and give people recommendations based on the machine’s location. In addition, the business targets potential consumers who upload photographs online using image recognition technology and collects evidence of purchase for its loyalty and incentive programs.

What Does It Mean For Coca-Cola?

Leveraging the power of tools like DALL-E might increase consumer engagement for one of the world’s most valuable and well-known businesses. Still, there are other possible uses as well. Demand forecasting and inventory management are other critical AI technologies that can help Coke, and its retail partners ensure they have enough in-store inventory and better understand customer demand trends. AI might assist the corporation in creating novel formulas and beverages.

Our Say

By introducing the “Create Real Magic” platform and the “Masterpiece” campaign, Coca-Cola is setting the bar for AI-powered marketing efforts. The business’s deployment of AI technology like GPT-4 and DALL-E exemplifies its dedication to innovation and the pursuit of fresh creative possibilities. Coca-Cola is utilizing the potential of AI to enhance its marketing initiatives.

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