OpenAI-backed Startup Beats Tesla with AI-Enabled Humanoid Robots

Yana Khare 24 May, 2023
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AI-Enabled Humanoid Robot by 1X Beats Tesla's

A robotics business financed by OpenAI defeats Elon Musk’s Tesla in the race to market humanoid robots with AI capabilities. After successfully using EVE, the humanoid robot, as security guards, the firm 1X aims to use them in hospices and senior care homes.

Meet EVE – The Robot Capable of Performing Nursing and Bartending Tasks

Meet EVE - The Robot Capable of Performing Nursing and Bartending Tasks

The CEO and creator of 1X, Bernt Bornich, claims that their humanoid robot, EVE, has exceeded their early expectations. EVE may use its human-like arms to carry out bartending and nursing duties. The robot is now working as a security guard at two industrial sites. It sets itself apart from other security robots by having two freely moving arms, a head, and a face. These EVE humanoids on patrol are watched over by human security personnel.

Virtual Control – Addressing Issues with Robot Malfunctions

It’s interesting to note that security officers may digitally enter and operate a robot’s body in the case of any problems. Hence, offering immediate presence as if they were physically present. These robots are an excellent option for security services because of the added degree of safety and protection this function provides.

A Grand Vision for Addressing Labour Scarcity and Sustainable Energy Generation

Bornich has a broad strategy for tackling the labor shortage. In his future society, he sees sustainable energy production that can be transformed into any good or service. Thus, making the idea of labor scarcity meaningless. He expects to realize this goal within the next five years, if not within this decade if no hurdles arise. The potential for such developments in the future is fascinating.

Advantages of Deploying AI-Enabled Humanoid Robots

Advantages of Deploying AI-Enabled Humanoid Robots | EVE

When questioned about their advantages, Mr. Bornich said these gadgets could quickly alleviate labor shortages, maybe within five years. The business is already working on creating the NEO alternative robot. It would have bipedal movement and be able to walk like a person.

Our Say

Using humanoid robots with AI capabilities has created new avenues for tackling the labor shortage and enhancing security services. 1X has illustrated the possibilities of this technology and the exciting future that lies ahead using EVE as a leading example and defeating Tesla’s robot.

Yana Khare 24 May, 2023

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