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K. C. Sabreena Basheer 27 Jun, 2023 • 4 min read

In an exciting breakthrough,, a US-based AI chip startup, has announced the mass production of its first-generation AI chip. Utilizing TSMC 16nm technology, aims to bring the AI revolution to the industrial world. Unlike conventional approaches that employ a one-size-fits-all chip,’s MLSoC (Machine Learning System on a Chip) is specifically designed for edge computing. This significant development sets the stage for a transformative future in the industrial sector.

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Advancing the Industrial World into the 21st Century with AI and Machine Learning

Krishna Rangasayee, the founder and CEO of, expressed his excitement about the potential of AI and machine learning to drive significant improvements in the physical world. seeks to usher the industrial world into the 21st century with its cutting-edge technologies. Their visionary approach aims to break barriers and foster innovation in diverse fields such as smart cars, drones, & advanced robotics.

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In a statement, Rangasayee revealed that is gearing up for a generative AI-embedded edge future. Believing that generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) will be integral to everyone’s innovation, regardless of whether they operate in the cloud, the edge, or the mobile phone space, Rangasayee emphasized the importance of embracing these technologies.’s commitment to pioneering generative AI highlights its forward-thinking approach to revolutionizing the industry.

Sima to enhance machine learning potential in edge computing, with new microchip.

The Rise of Generative AI in the Embedded Edge Space

Generative AI has made remarkable strides in recent years and is now venturing into the embedded edge space. Rangasayee finds it fascinating that generative AI is transitioning into real-world applications, including enterprise and edge applications. As awareness and adoption of generative AI continue to grow, the transformative potential of this technology becomes increasingly evident. The impact of generative AI is expanding rapidly, captivating a billion people worldwide and reshaping industries.

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Running LLMs on AI Edge Devices: A Promising Trend

Today, numerous enterprises are exploring the possibilities of running Large Language Models (LLMs) on AI edge devices. Developers have already achieved successful implementation by running generative AI models on edge devices. For instance, Qualcomm developers showcased the text-to-image AI model Stable Diffusion running on an Android phone earlier this year. This achievement highlights the immense potential and future widespread adoption of generative AI on edge devices.

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Competing with NVIDIA in the Embedded Edge Space

While competes with various players in the embedded edge space, its primary competitor is NVIDIA. Rangasayee has previously stated that’s chips outperform NVIDIA’s by a factor of 10 in terms of computational efficiency, as measured by frames per second per watt.’s significant advantage positions them as a formidable competitor, surpassing industry leaders such as NVIDIA and Qualcomm. Their relentless pursuit of excellence has solidified their superiority in the embedded edge market.

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SiMa's chips are specifically designed to enhance the potential of machine learning in edge computing.

NVIDIA’s Dominance in the Generative AI Wave

NVIDIA has been at the forefront of the generative AI wave and has greatly benefited from its rise. The company is poised to experience substantial revenue growth, leveraging the power of generative AI to further its success. As the generative AI revolution unfolds, NVIDIA remains a key player, continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible in this rapidly evolving field.

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Recognizing the immense market opportunity in India, places great importance on this region. With a research and development center in Bangalore and a team of around 60 personnel, acknowledges the abundant talent pool available for product development. The startup plans to expand its team in India, further utilizing the talent in the country. Currently engaged with 10 customers in India, aims to reach 100 customers in the near future. Their focus on providing a standardized edge computing platform that caters to various applications showcases their commitment to meeting the needs of Indian businesses eager to adopt AI and ML.

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Our Say’s breakthrough in mass-producing its AI chip based on TSMC 16nm technology is a significant step towards revolutionizing the industrial world. By designing its MLSoC specifically for edge computing, has challenged the traditional one-size-fits-all approach, paving the way for innovation in sectors such as smart cars, drones, and advanced robotics. With its focus on a generative AI-embedded edge future, is poised to shape the technological landscape and bring AI and machine learning to new heights. Their commitment to excellence, superiority in the embedded edge market, and strategic expansion into India position them as a driving force in advancing the industry into the 21st century.

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