OpenAI Disables “Browse with Bing” Feature in ChatGPT: What Happened?

Yana Khare 07 Jul, 2023
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OpenAI Disables "Browse with Bing" Feature in ChatGPT: What Happened?

In a surprising turn of events, OpenAI has decided to disable the “Browse with Bing” feature in its popular chatbot, ChatGPT. This decision has raised questions among ChatGPT users. The users had become accustomed to utilizing this web-browsing capability. OpenAI has not provided a specific timeline for reactivating the feature. But they assure users that they are working diligently to bring it back online.

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The Decision to Disable “Browse with Bing”

Microsoft's Decision to Disable "Browse with Bing"

OpenAI officially announced the disabling of the “Browse with Bing” beta feature on July 3, 2023. The primary reason cited for this step was the unintended display of content in a manner that OpenAI deemed undesirable. In particular, when users requested the full text of a URL, the chatbot occasionally fulfilled this request inadvertently. As a result, OpenAI decided to disable the feature to prevent any further display of content that may be inconsistent with their guidelines.

ChatGPT Plus Subscribers and Exclusive Features

ChatGPT Plus Subscribers and Exclusive Features

ChatGPT Plus subscribers enjoy additional benefits compared to free users. Benefits include access to the more powerful GPT-4 and the GPT-4 Plugin Store. They were also granted access to the “Browse with Bing” feature. The integration of ChatGPT into Microsoft’s Bing Browser was done in February. This marked a significant milestone in OpenAI’s partnership with the tech giant, further expanding the chatbot’s capabilities.

Controversy and User Reactions

The decision to disable the web-browsing feature has sparked controversy among ChatGPT Plus users. Some subscribers expressed dissatisfaction with OpenAI’s move, feeling that it goes against the value proposition of ChatGPT Plus. One user on OpenAI’s forum voiced their discontent. They stated that they pay for ChatGPT Plus specifically for the browsing feature and feel let down by the decision to remove it.

The Future of “Browse with Bing” in ChatGPT

While OpenAI has not provided a specific timeline for reactivating the “Browse with Bing” feature, they are actively working to address the concerns that led to its temporary suspension. OpenAI expressed gratitude to ChatGPT Plus subscribers for their invaluable feedback during the beta phase of the feature, highlighting that it has been a valuable learning experience. The company remains committed to bringing back the feature as quickly as possible.

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Our Say

OpenAI’s decision to disable the “Browse with Bing” feature in ChatGPT has raised eyebrows among users who have come to rely on its browsing capabilities. Although the move has generated some controversy, OpenAI assures users that they are actively working to resolve the issues that led to the feature’s suspension. The company’s commitment to delivering a seamless browsing experience reflects its dedication to improving ChatGPT based on user feedback. As OpenAI continues to refine and enhance its chatbot, users can anticipate the return of the “Browse with Bing” feature shortly.

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Yana Khare 07 Jul, 2023

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