12 AI Code Generator Tools to Boost Your Programming Skills

Nitika Sharma 14 Jun, 2024
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In an era of boundless possibilities, the widespread usage and revolutionized accessibility of generative artificial intelligence solutions present a resplendent symphony of innovation for programmers. The use cases range from creating artwork to writing code. Their growth has exceeded every consumer technology trend of the past ten years. How we work is evolving rapidly, and the world of software development is no different. For many developers, using AI coding tools has become common practice. Explore which AI code generators are ideal for producing excellent code using artificial intelligence. These frameworks leverage advanced AI models to optimize coding tasks, allowing developers to write Python code and interact with AI assistants and chatbots to enhance their coding experience.

What is an AI Code Generator?

AI code generators are like smart assistants for programmers. They help write code faster and more accurately in three ways:

  1. Autocompletion: As you type code, the AI suggests completions based on what it’s seen before.
  2. Natural Language Prompts: Describe what you want the code to do in plain English, and the AI suggests code snippets.
  3. Direct Code Requests: Tell the AI exactly what code you need written or a bug you need fixed, and it tries its magic.

Now, lets look at top 12 AI code generators that can make your life easy!

OpenAI Codex

The most well-known AI coding tool currently accessible is OpenAI Codex, a powerful AI code generator. It was trained using vast code and built on the LLMs (GPT-3 and GPT-4) from OpenAI, naturally incorporating the ability to understand and generate code. OpenAI Codex promises to write programs in over 12 languages, including Go, TypeScript, Perl, PHP, BASH, Ruby, JavaScript, and Swift. The algorithm has been developed on trillions of lines of openly accessible code from sites such as GitHub repositories, making it a versatile and robust tool for developers and programmers.

OpenAI Codex | ai python code generator


  • It generates programs out of comments or provides comments to programs.
  • It can translate English algorithms into programs in any language.
  • Making comments and alerts while coding creates secure and dependable codes.
  • It reduces the repetitious nature of coding.
  • It can generate code for machine learning models, mobile apps, or online applications.


Tabnine is an efficient AI code generator online created by Codota. This code generator uses machine learning approaches to predict and recommend completion, making coding faster, more effective, and less error-prone. Since it uses deep learning abilities to offer highly accurate code recommendations, it is an essential resource in every developer’s toolbox. Your writing habits are used to generate personalized suggestions, and your code is automatically indexed. Its sophisticated AI capabilities offer features like automatic code completion, auto-generated tests, syntax highlighting, and interface with well-known IDEs.

Tabnine | ai code generator


  • It supports more than 20 programming languages.
  • It integrates with significant code editors such as VS Code, Sublime Text, and Atom, enabling developers to utilize it in the environment that fits them best.
  • It helps in bug tracking and test case tracking.
  • It offers application development.


CodeT5 is a platform that enables developers to produce AI-generated code for their particular projects. It is a free AI code generator online which is easily accessible to developers around the world. The tool analyzes project requirements using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning approaches to provide the best code attainable using pre-trained models. It can complete incomplete code, summarize, and convert between several programming languages.


  • The platform offers a simple graphical interface that may be incorporated via the GitHub documentation.
  • It finishes the entire function of code specified by the target function name.
  • It provides a written description in the natural language of a function summary.


Polycoder is one of the initial open-source AI-powered code generators that focuses on writing code for specific programming tasks. PolyCode is a potent AI code generator that is freely accessible on GitHub. It uses complex algorithms for natural language processing and code creation. The datasets now available on GitHub are more extensive than 200GB, and the models are continuously updated with the help of solid hardware.

polycoder | free ai code generator


  • Numerous pre-trained models are included in it for 12 different programming languages, including PHP, C, JavaScript, Python, C++, Ruby, TypeScript, and many more.
  • The program can write C more effectively than any other model, including Codex.
  • Anyone may make it better by teaching PolyCoder new programming languages, providing it with datasets from more coding repositories, or enhancing its understanding of natural language.

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot, created by GitHub and OpenAI, is the newest advancement in AI-powered programming support. This tool swiftly helps developers write better code by acting as a virtual duo programmer. You can use it to help complete code, code clarification, debugging, and other functions. Compared to Codex, Copilot generates more comprehensive code that covers more programming language models.

Copilot | free ai code generator


  • It works with well-known IDEs (integrated development environments).
  • Copilot provides JetBrains, Neovim, Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code extensions.
  • It can easily navigate between numerous auto-complete alternatives.
  • It facilitates finding and fixing coding errors.
  • It discovers possible security flaws in your code.
  • It provides comments to improve code comprehension.

GhostWriter Replit

Replit GhostWriter, created by Replit, is a powerful AI code generator to help programmers create effective, high-quality code. GhostWriter distinguishes for its capability to finish producing boilerplate code as the developer writes automatically. This saves time wasted looking for syntax problems and writing boilerplate code. It is well-known for its browser-based IDE, which supports native hosting and co-coding within documents.

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Ghostwriter Replit,ai code generation


  • It integrates seamlessly with the Replit online code editor, allowing coders to create, execute, run, and troubleshoot their code all in one location.
  • It allows you to practice coding within the actual page.
  • It provides code explanations and comments.
  • It offers over 16 programming languages, including Python, Perl, CSS, C++, JavaScript, Ruby, C, C#, PHP, Bash, Java, Go, and more.


Seek is an AI code generator that provides developers with various code designs. It works on the concept of “code snippets,” which lets developers use pre-existing templates and customize them to fulfill the requirements of their project. It is an ideal AI code writer for programmers and data analysts who want to instantly create SQL queries without manually writing code. Seek’s approach provides more adaptability and customization when creating SQL code for training data.



  • It can cater to many developers as it supports different languages.
  • Its versatility is increased by the tool’s ability to let developers design and customize their code templates.
  • Generating code is more straightforward, with an intuitive methodology and user-friendly UI.
  • Integration with prominent development platforms like GitHub and Visual Studio Code.


The AI2SQL code generator, a powerful tool in the realm of artificial intelligence, was specifically designed to translate naturally posed natural language inquiries into SQL statements. AI2sql minimizes the requirement for a comprehensive understanding of SQL syntax by effortlessly translating natural language into SQL, thereby making database interactions more approachable to a broader audience. Python programmers, data scientists, and company executives who are required to explore databases for insights can all benefit from the capabilities of this innovative AI code generator

AI2SQL,ai code generation


  • Promotes user engagement through its intuitive and easy-to-use UI.
  • It speeds up database management by reducing the time and effort required to write and troubleshoot SQL queries.
  • It supports numerous database management platforms, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server, making it a flexible solution for many customers.

Cody by Sourcegraph

Cody, a built-in AI coding helper, is designed to facilitate “ai code generation naturally.” It excels at locating, interpreting, and generating code by harnessing a combination of Large Language Models (LLMs), Sourcegraph search, and Sourcegraph code expertise. By leveraging these tools, Cody significantly reduces the need for manual labor, allowing human programmers to stay focused and productive. One of Cody’s standout features is its innate ability to understand the context in which the code is being generated, empowering it to provide insightful and relevant comments and feedback

Cody by Sourcegraph | ai code writer


  • Cody uses AI to foresee your input and deliver code snippets as you enter, making coding more straightforward and efficient.
  • It does automated code reviews, finds any errors in the code, and fixes them.
  • Cody is meant to function across every language, making it a worldwide business option.
  • Cody offers strong AWS encryption and SOC II vector database privacy requirements to protect your data.


According to their official website, Mutable is an AI code generator online that employs NLP and machine learning to boost software developers’ efficiency and contentment. It provides auto-complete features for several programming languages, including Java, Python, Typescript, Rust, and Solidity. It is explicitly made to produce usable front-end code from unfinished design files.

MutableAI | ai code writer


  • One of its unique characteristics is its ability to convert design files into HTML/CSS code, closing the discrepancy between designers and developers.
  • It streamlines and accelerates the process of turning designs into valuable websites.
  •  Open-ended query dialog enables users to pose complex queries.
  • It provides area-specific changes that perfectly understand your code and make tasks easier.

Amazon CodeWhisperer

CodeWhisperer by Amazon elevates real-time code generation, suggesting snippets to entire functions based on your comments and existing code. Embracing natural language commands, it extends support to CLI completions and effortlessly translates natural language into bash commands. The free CodeWhisperer Individual Tier includes code suggestions, reference tracking, security scans, and Amazon Q conversational coding.


  • It embraces natural language commands, offering support for CLI completions and effortlessly translating natural language into bash commands.
  • The CodeWhisperer Individual Tier is free and includes code suggestions, reference tracking, security scans, and Amazon Q conversational coding.


Codeium, an AI-powered code completion tool, redefines the coding landscape, enhancing speed and accessibility. Integrated with popular IDEs and supporting over 20 languages, Codeium enables developers to navigate unfamiliar codebases effortlessly, eliminating the need to delve into syntactical intricacies.


  • Integrated with popular IDEs and supporting over 20 languages, Codeium seamlessly integrates into developers’ preferred environments.
  • Developers can effortlessly navigate unfamiliar codebases, eliminating the need to delve into syntactical intricacies.
  • Codeium enhances coding speed and accessibility, making it a valuable tool for developers seeking efficient and error-free coding.


AI tools can now suggest code, translate languages, and even write programs based on your descriptions. This can boost your coding speed, open up new possibilities, and even handle documentation. Just remember to consider how these tools fit your workflow, any security risks, and their cost.

What are your thoughts on AI code generators? Let me know in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q1. Which AI can write code?

Ans. Several AI code generators are available such as Copilot, Tabnine, OpenAI Codex, etc. These are easy-to-use AI tools that can write code in multiple languages.

Q2. Is there a free AI tool that can produce code?

Ans. Github Copilot is one of the best-known AI code generators that is a free tool to generate codes quickly.

Q3. Can AI write Python?

Ans. Yes, several AI code writers can write code in Python language.

Q4. Which tool is capable of writing code and creating software from simple instructions?

A. GitHub Copilot and OpenAI Codex are tools capable of writing code and creating software from simple instructions by providing real-time code suggestions and generating executable code from natural language prompts.

Nitika Sharma 14 Jun, 2024

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