How to Use Claude 2 AI Chatbot – New ChatGPT Competitor?

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Meet the new contender among multiple AI chatbots, Claude 2. The newly launched ChatGPT competitor, still in the open beta version, is quite interactive. It offers a different and easy-to-use user interface with easy access through the email id. This article will familiarize you with the new Claude 2 AI chatbot by Anthropic. Gain insights into its conversing abilities on different topics, unveiling its perspectives. Feel free to judge the AI and begin your own introspection. 

Anthropic Claude 2 AI | ChatGPT alternative
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What is Claude 2 AI Chatbot?

Claude 2 AI chatbot is the debut AI launched by US-based AI startup Anthropic. The senior minds of OpenAI have designed another generative AI chatbot powered by a Large Language Model (LLM), making it interactive with humans through Natural Language Processing. The AI can exhibit efficient functionality like other publicly available chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard. The AI’s safety and security are based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

Anthropic Claude AI and OpenAI ChatGPT
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Calude 1 was available solely for business, while Claude 2 found usage in the public domain. Claude 2 scored 76.5 percent on the MCQ of the Bar exam and 90th percentile in the reading and writing portion of the GRE. It also boasts better coding than its previous counterpart, scoring 71.2 percent on a Python coding test. The AI chatbot is currently available in open beta and hence finds limited usage for unpaid users. 

Claude 2 vs. ChatGPT 

Parameter Claude 2 ChatGPT
Update Can provide information upto 2023 Limited to 2021
Originator Anthropic OpenAI
Input capacity  1 lakh tokens or 75000 words 8,192 tokens or 4000 words 
Training Constitutional AI approach prioritizing safety Reinforcement learning from a massive dataset
Response Aims to be helpful, honest and harmless Aims to be witty, entertaining and engaging
Availability Limited pilot testing Publicly accessible to millions of users
Access to files at a time 5 files in the free version 10 files on the paid version
Languages English Multiple languages like Hindi, Russian, Chinese, French and others
Average response time 5 seconds Upto 30 seconds
Price $0.11 per 1 million tokens $20 per month
Accuracy Specialized domains General knowledge
Input types Accepts files in pdf, doc, txt and others in free version  Images, text, audio and more in paid version, while only text in the free version

Getting Started with Claude 2

Here is a step-wise guide to using Claude 2

  1. Open the website

    Users interested in using Claude 2 AI are required to head to the site using the link (

    Homepage of Claude 2 AI

  2. Enter using email

    Enter the email address, and you will be prompted to enter the login code received in your email.

    Claude 2 AI requesting login code sent to the email

  3. Signup with details

    You might be shown an advertisement. Look for the cross or close button, and you will be displayed a signup form requiring a few of your details. Fill in the details and click on ‘continue.’

    Snapshot of Sign up page of Claude 2 AI

  4. Go through the welcome page

    Now expect a welcome page. Click on ‘next’. Read the instructions and again click on ‘Next’ and subsequently click on ‘Finish.’

    Welcome page of Claude 2 AI

  5. Enter query

    Anthropic will display the starting page where you can enter the query and begin your interaction with Claude 2 AI.

    Interaction page of Claude 2 AI

  6. Get familiar with the interface

    Let us navigate the user interface before beginning our interaction.

    – You can input a text or attach the file as input. The Claude 2 AI allows uploading a maximum of five files of 10 MB each. The limitation remains to upload pdf., CSV, txt, and similar files.
    – Besides providing input for new commands, the search bar also allows finding the previous chat titles.
    – Once you begin a conversation, you can switch between the home page and the conversation page through the ‘A’ logo and cross button, respectively. The button is located in the top left corner.
    – The top right corner shows your clickable initial. Click on it to head to Account Settings, Anthropic Website, Help and Support, Legal Center, or Log Out.

    Snapshot depicting options available in the upper right corner.

Examples of Conversing with Claude 2 

Let us begin the interaction with ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing counterparts. It provides several examples to try. We will begin the interaction with one of the examples before beginning a unique conversation. 

Example 1: Choosing the Second Example, “Help me practice my Spanish vocab”, Concerning Spanish vocabulary. 

Step 1: Click on example 2.

Chat page on choosing the second example

Step 2: We preferred Spanish words other than the suggestion. We received the correct English translation.  

A continued conversation with Anthropic Claude 2

Step 3: We continued the conversation by providing Spanish grammar words that have the same meaning but are used for different vocabulary. The response was accurate, which was also followed by reminders to focus on vocabulary words, depicting better features than other chatbots. 

Learning Spanish grammar from Claude 2 AI

Example 2: Natural Conversation with Claude 2 AI

We began the conversation about reading a book. Here’s how the flow of conversation went.

Natural Conversation with Anthropic Claude 2 AI | ChatGPT alternative
Natural conversation with Anthropic Claude 2 AI about a book

Example 3: Decision Making and Seeking Opinion from Claude 2 AI

Aiming to use Claude 2 AI chatbot to help with decision-making, we requested input to help me make a lunch choice. The chatbot assumed a non-vegetarian meal. It provided an alternative answer followed by sincere apologies for the assumption and exhibited clearly unintentional behavior. 

Changing the topic, the next conversation compared conventional cancer therapies and Ayurvedic treatment. Though Claude 2 AI backed its reply with scientific research, the provided source was nonexistent. 

Decision-making with Anthropic Claude 2 AI | ChatGPT alternative
Seeking Comparison from Anthropic Claude 2 AI | ChatGPT alternative

Example 4: Using Claude 2 AI Chatbot for Seeking Information

This time, we aimed to check the Claude 2 AI’s information on medical treatments. We requested information that was initially provided till the time of 2020. However, it did provide the latest information on the relevant prompts. 

Prompts seeking information on cancer treatment from Anthropic Claude 2

Advanced Features of Claude 2

The advanced features of Claude 2 AI are as follows: 

  • It is trained on an approach focused on safety and avoiding harmful behaviors.
  • It is capable of open-ended conversations
  • The responses are non-toxic, honest and harmless 
  • Capable of more natural interaction by changing topics, refusing inappropriate requests, and gracefully changing the topic.
  • Capable of exhibiting common sense and logical consistency 
  • It is continuously trained and upgraded
  • Future upgrades may offer Claude 2 AI with more personalized behavior and improved memorization and context-understanding capabilities


Claude 2 AI is a conversational AI launched by Anthropic. Offering multiple advanced features compared to ChatGPT, it seems to have more promising future usage and better user features. The AI is not fully ‘explainable AI’, but it offers some transparency. The user interface of the Claude 2 AI chatbot is easy to understand and navigate. It also offers the latest knowledge and information while promising more efficient updates and improvements. Try it for yourself with the stepwise guide above to remain updated with emergent technologies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Claude 2 better than ChatGPT?

Ans. ChatGPT can support multiple languages and provides witty and engaging conversations. Still, Claude 2 excels in taking simultaneous multiple inputs, providing more up-to-date information, and carrying out open-ended conversations. The perception of better depends on one’s use and preference.

Q2. Is Claude better than ChatGPT?

Ans. Both offer different specializations. The better AI chatbot among the two depends on one’s usage. Claude provides better answers when dealing with programming languages and updated information.

Q3. How do I use Claude 2 outside the US?

Ans. You can click the link to access Claude 2 outside the US.

Q4. How do I access ChatGPT 4?

Ans. Head to the link: Sign up here and then buy the ChatGPT plus version to access ChatGPT 4. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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