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Pankaj Singh 28 Mar, 2024
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Do you remember in 2022, OpenAI released  DALL-E 2, a groundbreaking evolution of its predecessor? This advanced version of DALL-E exceeded expectations and marked a significant leap forward in artificial intelligence-generated imagery. Now, the wave of AI-generated images and videos is at its peak. Various models, such as Midjourney, Synthesia, Steve AI, Runway, and more, came into the limelight. But After the release of Sora by OpenAI, it has been the talk of the town. Its extraordinary capabilities continue to mesmerize us, leaving us in awe and prompting contemplation about the immense potential of AI in the digital age. 

This text-to-video generator works on the prompts the users give, generating photorealistic videos of 1 minute. Although not yet accessible to the public, CEO Sam Altman showcased its remarkable capabilities by asking his followers on X (formerly recognized as Twitter) to provide their request to generate the video. Users submitted concise prompts such as “a bicycle race on the ocean with various animals as athletes.” The results were nothing short of uncanny, mesmerizing, peculiar, and aesthetically captivating. Similarly, there are many videos by Sora OpenAI that you must watch to understand the capabilities of the model.

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Latest Videos By Sora AI

What is Sora?

To learn about Sora (Its technical overview since its inception), you can watch this video:

The Latest Update by Sora OpenAI

Sora AI is revolutionizing the landscape with its innovative developments, hinting at something truly thrilling on the horizon.

The latest creations from Sora OpenAI include whimsical concepts like “eel cat” (a fusion of an eel and a cat), “giraffe flamingo” (a blend of a giraffe and a flamingo), and “whalepus” (a combination of a whale and an octopus). While these creations may not exist in reality, they represent the cutting-edge work of Sora OpenAI.

Presently, access to Sora AI is limited to a select group of filmmakers exploring its potential with remarkable results. Unlike other models where the output often falls short of expectations, Sora AI delivers on its promises, showcasing its unparalleled capabilities.

New Sora Video 1

Exploring space-time with Sora. This isn’t going to replace the filmmaking process, rather, it’s offering an entirely new way of thinking about it. Not restricted by time, money or other people’s permission, I can ideate and experiment in bold and exciting ways.

Generated with one long unwieldy prompt (except for the tunnel at the end is another clip).

New Sora Video 2

Submerged exploration with Sora

New Sora Video 3

Every frame of this video is synthetic and made with AI using text as input.

New Sora Video 4

This is an interpolation video by SoraAI – It sounds like Hybrids of the 21st century…

New Sora Video 5

Alexander Reben is an artist who has spent the last decade creating work that explores the humor and absurdity of human nature in artificial intelligence. Alex has been creating sculptures that originate from AI-generated imagery, manually transforming those AI creations into 3D models materialized in the physical world. “My experience of using Sora was as a starting point to develop 3D sculpture. My thoughts drifted towards exploring the realm of photogrammetry and its potential applications to sculpture. The prospect of transforming video into 3D models intrigued me, as it hinted at propelling the AI system beyond its initial scope.”

New Sora Video 6

Short Film by Sora: Sunny, our balloon-headed boy, embodies the bluesky feeling of boundless potential that we felt when we first began using the tool. our heads filled with so many ideas, it felt like they might POP.

10+ Latest Videos by Sora OpenAI

Sora AI Prompt 1

Prompt: An f1 driver races through the streets of San Francisco during the day; the driver’s POV is captured from a helmet cam. the Golden Gate Bridge and the cityscape can be seen in the distance, while the blue sky and the sun illuminate the scene. The driver maneuvers the car skillfully, overtaking a car on a curve.”

The latest Video By Sora AI (Sora AI text-to-video generator)

OpenAI’s latest videos showcase the incredible capabilities of artificial intelligence in video creation. From stunning visual effects to lifelike animations, these videos push the boundaries of what AI can achieve in content creation.

Note: Sora has not been released to the public yet. OpenAI is providing a glimpse into the research progress in its early stages to gather user feedback and offer the public insight into the upcoming AI capabilities. Here are some of the most impressive text-to-video creations by OpenAI’s Sora.

Sora AI Prompt 2

Prompt 1: A surreal scene unfolds as a giant, translucent jellyfish floats gracefully through a deserted cityscape at dusk. The scene is shot on 35mm film.

Prompt 2: A meticulously crafted diorama depicting a serene scene from Edo-period Japan. Traditional wooden architecture. A lone samurai, clad in intricate armor, walks slowly through the town.

The Latest Video By Sora AI (Sora AI text-to-video generator)

Sora AI Prompt 3

Prompt: In a beautifully rendered papercraft world, a steamboat travels across a vast ocean with wispy clouds in the sky. vast grassy hills lie in the distant background, and some sea life is visible near the Papercraft Ocean’s surface.

The Latest Video By Sora AI (Sora AI text-to-video generator)

Sora AI Prompt 4

Prompt: cinematic trailer for a group of samoyed puppies learning to become chefs.

The latest Video By Sora AI (Sora AI text-to-video generator)

Sora AI Prompt 5

Prompt: Cinematic trailer for a group of adventurous puppies exploring ruins in the sky

The latest Video By Sora AI (Sora AI text-to-video generator)

Sora AI Prompt 6

Prompt: a ragdoll cat partying inside of a dark club wearing LED lights. the cat is holding the camera and video-tapping the excitement, showing off his outfit. fish-eye lens

The latest Video By Sora AI (Sora AI text-to-video generator)

Sora AI Prompt 7

Prompt: a tortoise whose body is made of glass, with cracks that have been repaired using kintsugi, is walking on a black sand beach at sunset.

Sora AI Prompt 8

Interpolate two videos

Sora can be prompted with text, images, or video inputs. Still, we can also use Sora to gradually interpolate between two input videos, creating seamless transitions between videos with entirely different subjects and scene compositions. In this example, the video in the center interpolates between the corresponding videos on the top and bottom. Sora generated these three videos without modification.

Sora AI Prompt 9

A stylish woman walks down a Tokyo street filled with warm glowing neon and animated city signage. She wears a black leather jacket, a long red dress, and black boots, and carries a black purse. She wears sunglasses and red lipstick. She walks confidently and casually. The street is damp and reflective, creating a mirror effect of the colorful lights. Many pedestrians walk about.

Sora AI Prompt 10

Golden retriever in sunglasses sunbathing on a beach in Hawaii

Sora AI Prompt 11

Create a photorealistic animal that has never existed before, nature documentary style.

Here are More SoraAI videos by OpenAI

Sora can craft realistic and imaginative videos from text and animate static images, as demonstrated by this DALL E 3 creation. The latest Sora text-to-video generator by OpenAI uses the following prompts:

Sora OpenAI Prompt 1: A scuba diver discovers a hidden futuristic shipwreck with cybernetic marine life and advanced alien technology.

Sora OpenAI Prompt 2: A man BASE jumping over tropical Hawaiian waters. His pet macaw flies alongside him.

Sora OpenAI Prompt 3: Close-up of a majestic white dragon with pearlescent, silver-edged scales, icy blue eyes, elegant ivory horns, and misty breath. Focus on detailed facial features and textured scales against a softly blurred background.

Sora OpenAI Prompt 4: A red panda and a toucan are best friends taking a stroll through Santorini during the blue hour.

Sora OpenAI Prompt 5: A dark neon rainforest aglow with fantastical fauna and animals.

Here is the compiled video:


OpenAI’s Sora continues to push the boundaries of what artificial intelligence can achieve in video creation. The latest text-to-video created by Sora is a testament to the incredible potential of AI technology in the world of content creation. Whether you’re a coder, a content creator, or simply a fan of cutting-edge technology, these videos will amaze and inspire you.

So, what are you waiting for? explore text-to-video generator Sora OpenAI and experience the future of video creation today.

If you want to know about Sora, read this: Sora OpenAI: New-Gen Text-to-Video Tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When can I access Sora AI?

Ans. OpenAI has not specified a public release date for Sora, but it is anticipated to occur in 2024.

Q2. Is Sora AI free?

Ans. The pricing details for Sora have not been disclosed yet; however, it’s worth noting that OpenAI typically applies charges for its premium services.

Q3. Can I generate Sora AI videos now?

Ans. No, Sora is not available to the public except for the Red Team network.

Q4. How can I join the OpenAI’s Red Team network?

Ans. You need to show expertise in a particular domain for OpenAI. For more info, check open AI’s red team network.

Pankaj Singh 28 Mar, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

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