Analytics Vidhya has been a tremendous journey for us. Today, when we look back at the journey we have covered so far – it makes us feel proud. It gives us a sense of accomplishment – that we have added value to our readers. It gives us a sense of fulfillment – that we, along with our audience go to bed after doing our bit of learning.

We get a kick out of what we are doing – and we love it. We loved it, when we decided to roll-out the Apprentice programme in a matter of few days. We loved it, whenever we designed a way to help people build their analytics career – be it analytics trainings, jobs, interviews or just an article about learning analytics.

During this journey, we have added a lot of articles on a lot of topics. While the tags and categories have helped to provide some structure to this madness – it is becoming difficult for new people to discover the best of our articles easily. Hence, we decided to create this page. This page will serve as an index to some of our best articles on the site. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

We will continue to refresh this page regularly as we write more. If there are topics and articles – you would want us to write more on – feel free to mention it in comments below.

Analytics Vidhya articles

Analytics Career related articles:

These articles contain advice around how to start your career in Business Analytics and once started, what are the best ways to stay updated on Analytics to be on top of your game.

For people starting analytics career:

For people already in Analytics Industry:


Analytics Interview Preparation articles:


Analytics Frameworks:

These articles includes tips and several best practices to improve your analytical thinking


Business Analytics tools:

These articles contain tips and tricks on various tools used in Business Analytics





Business Intelligence tools and data visualization:

These articles contain tips and tricks to gain proficiency in various Business Intelligence tools


Data Visualization:


Predictive Modeling and clustering

These articles cover various algorithms and techniques used in predictive modeling and clustering


Big Data:




That looks like a lot of work – and it truly has been. We will continue to put more and more informaiton on the subject out there and make sure it is of top notch quality. Here are 2 things, we would want you to do to get your brain cells working:

  1. Now that you have seen one way to organise this information about various articles on Analytics Vidhya – can you think of some more ways to represent this information? For example, one interesting view can be to change the size / color of fonts of titles mentioned in this list based on number of vies or user engagement and see what it throws up. What other views can you think of?
  2. If there are other topics on which you would want us to write on or include in this list, please add them in comments below and we will action on them.