Big Announcement – Analytics Vidhya Announces Strategic Funding from Fractal!

avcontentteam 19 Oct, 2021
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Analytics Vidhya secures $5.5 million (INR 40 crores) investment from Fractal

It is with immense pleasure and pride, we announce that Analytics Vidhya has secured a $5.5 million (INR 40 crores) investment from Fractal ( with an aim to train 500,000 Full Stack AI Professionals.

Since its inception, Analytics Vidhya has been at the helm of imparting quality Data Science education to our community. Every day, we take up new challenges, execute unique strategies, and forge our way to creating the largest Data Science community globally. As a result, our application-oriented learning programs in Machine Learning, Data Science, and Data Engineering are some of the most preferred paths in the data science community.

The global demand for trained data professionals is skyrocketing. And this thought has only propelled Analytics Vidhya to create a platform where any data enthusiast can find solutions with respect to his data science journey.

The unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic has pushed the requirement for trained data professionals through the roof, and this funding will help the data geeks at Analytics Vidhya to achieve their ambitious goal of training a half-million data enthusiasts in the next 5 years.

Here is what the leaders at Analytics Vidhya and Fractal have to say:


Leader’s Thoughts

“We are super excited about our partnership with Fractal. This investment helps us scale our offerings, bring high-quality industry-oriented content, and offer superior value to our community. The partnership propels us further in our mission to create next-generation data professionals across the globe. Together with Fractal, we aim to train half a million full-stack AI professionals in 5 years.”

~Kunal Jain, Founder & CEO of Analytics Vidhya


“Covid-19 and the associated sharp increase in the need for AI-led digital transformation have exacerbated the existing talent scarcity in machine learning, data science, and analytical problem-solving. Kunal and the team at Analytics Vidhya have built an active, engaged community of data science professionals and enthusiasts. Our partnership will meet the world’s demand for high-quality industry-ready AI talent”,

~Srikanth Velamakanni, Fractal’s Co-Founder, Group Chief Executive, and Executive Vice Chairman


“Companies are facing a severe shortage of industry-ready talent who can solve real-world AI problems. In partnership with Analytics Vidhya, we are building a new talent supply-chain for Fractal and for the broader AI community.”

~Natwar Mall, Fractal’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


It’s a new dawn for AVians and the day is yet to begin. This funding is not only a strategic one but a boost to our morale to continue striving for excellence and follow the same principles and ethics while we ensure we scale up our efforts.


So stay tuned to Analytics Vidhya. Big things are on their way!

avcontentteam 19 Oct, 2021

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