Your Clone Will Work for You With Aphid’s aClones

Yana Khare 10 Apr, 2023 • 4 min read

Clone Yourself and Experience the Perfect Work-Life Balance

Are you tired of being a slave to the 9 to 5 grind? Dreaming of a life where you can reclaim your time, pursue your passions, and still make a living? Get ready to break free from your monotonous, tiring, workaholic lifestyle and enjoy more time with friends and family while your AI-powered clone earns money for you! Aphid, an innovative AI network, has introduced a digital bot called aClone, founded by Brandon Cooper, that’s about to change the game and put your digital robot clone to work, so you can finally live life on your terms.

aClone lets you clone yourself and enjoy life while it works and earns for you.

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What Does the CEO Have to Say?

Aphid’s ambitious founder and CEO, Brandon Cooper, envisions a future where people no longer have to toil away at uninspired tasks just to make ends meet. He states, “Imagine waking up smiling because all you have to do is think about what you’d like to do next, not what you have to do next. Our goal at Aphid is to help people breathe freely again and to help remind them that they don’t have to labor from one moment to the next.” This thought is what led to the conception of aClone – a technology that lets you create a clone of yourself to do your work while you enjoy family time and other things in life.

Brandon Cooper, CEO of Aphid, founded aClone

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Introducing aClone, the Digital Bot

Aphid’s ingenious technology created a digital bot named ‘aClone,’ which is said to “work like an employee without needing to lift a finger.” Cooper explains, “If your aClone is working for you 20, 40, or 60 hours a week online, you have more time and energy to dedicate to your craft and family. Time shouldn’t have to be a luxury. We’re all entitled to it, something we all deserve to enjoy.”

Aphid’s Automation Network Levels the Playing Field

Aphid’s automation network promises to revolutionize work-life balance for individuals and offers a lifeline to small and medium-sized businesses struggling to afford ongoing tasks like customer support. Its bots-as-a-Service and AI-as-a-Service could level the playing field and make life-changing tools accessible to low-to-middle-income people.Aphid, an innovative AI network, has developed a way to clone yourself. This groundbreaking platform doesn’t require any coding knowledge. One can choose their preferred bots from Aphid’s marketplace and let their aClone complete their tasks. A person can earn money with every job completed. The payout depends on the study, and the patent-pending workforce leveraging system ensures smooth operation.

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Breaking Barriers: Brandon Cooper’s Vision for a Better Future With Robotics

Brandon Cooper’s venture has already received its first investment from the new venture capital firm Manual Of Ideas (MOI) Global. This makes him one of the few Black entrepreneurs to receive Venture Capital funding. He remains dedicated to creating a better future for everyone, saying, “We are giving people more time with their friends and family by having a robot work for them. Everyone on my team bought into that vision. So, they’re crazy, just like me!”

Clone yourself and attain the perfect work-life balance with AI-Powered aClone

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With Aphid raising $3 million for its seed round, the future of work is rapidly changing. Embrace the opportunity to live a more fulfilling life by unleashing your aClone and letting it work for you. It’s time to redefine success, reclaim your time, and rewrite the rules of the modern work landscape. Cooper aptly says, “What’s an iPhone to a caveman?” He believes that the grander your vision, others will likely dismiss you. Thus, a person should keep going.

Clone Yourself & Revolutionize Your Life With Aphid in 4 Simple Steps

Now, you might wonder how to start with Aphid and use this revolutionary technology. Here are four simple steps to help you embark on this journey toward a more balanced and fulfilling life:

First page of Aphid website showcasing aClone, founded by Brandon Cooper
  1. Sign Up: Head over to Aphid’s website and create your account. The user-friendly interface will guide you through the process.
  2. Choose Your aClone: Browse Aphid’s marketplace and select the aClone best suited for your needs. Whether it’s data entry, content creation, or customer support, there’s an aClone designed to handle the tasks you need.
  3. Monitor Progress: Once your aClone is up and running, you can keep track of its progress and earnings through your Aphid account. You’ll be free to enjoy your time, knowing your aClone is hard at work.
  4. Reap the Benefits: As your aClone completes tasks, you’ll receive payment according to the task’s value. With your newfound free time, you can focus on the things you love. You can do things like spending time with family, pursuing hobbies, or even starting your own business.

Brandon Cooper’s advice for entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas applies to himself and anyone inspired by Aphid’s vision. He believes in keeping a message simple, connecting emotionally, being open to forging deals in informal settings, and ignoring the noise. One should always focus on your dreams and aspirations.

Redefine Your Future Today With Aphid’s Evolving AI Network

As Aphid continues to grow and evolve, so will the possibilities for your aClone. As the AI network expands, aClone’s capabilities will also broaden. This will help open up new opportunities to pursue your passions and live life to the fullest.

It’s time to revolutionize how we work and live, allowing us to dream bigger, reach higher, and live the lives we’ve always imagined. The future is here, and it’s time to seize it. Embrace the power of Aphid, unleash your aClone, and redefine success in the modern world.

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Yana Khare 10 Apr 2023

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