Zomato Embarks on Groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 12 Jun, 2023 • 3 min read

Zomato, the renowned food and grocery delivery service, has taken a bold step into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) experimentation. Joining the ranks of businesses eager to leverage emerging technologies, Zomato aims to revolutionize the consumer experience through innovative AI-based solutions. The integration of generative AI promises to enhance Zomato’s operational efficiency and streamline customer interactions. With the company’s vision firmly fixed on the future, Zomato has embarked on a quest to hire top talent in machine learning, data science, and natural language processing. Let’s delve into the details of this groundbreaking endeavor.

Zomato, the renowned food and grocery delivery app, has integrated generative AI into its system to improve operations and customer service.

Revolutionizing the Consumer Experience

Zomato has set its sights on redefining customer interactions with the help of generative AI. By incorporating this cutting-edge technology, the company seeks to address the increasing demands of its users more efficiently and effectively. With a significant portion of customer conversations already automated, Zomato aims to take it a step further. The integration of AI will touch various customer-facing features, such as search and notifications, as well as backend tools like product photography and customer support. Both Zomato and its rapid commerce platform Blinkit will benefit from these transformative AI-driven programs.

Zomato's AI to improve operations and customer service.

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On the Path to Artificial Intelligence Excellence

Zomato has appointed a dedicated Head of AI Product Development to spearhead these groundbreaking efforts. The talented team behind this initiative will collaborate on integrating AI into a plethora of services. This includes refining the timing of food preparation and delivery using neural networks. Additionally, Blinkit has leveraged machine learning to optimize supply-chain costs and expedite delivery times. The potential of generative AI excites Zomato as it explores endless possibilities. Blinkit’s app tantalizes users with virtually unlimited recipes and essential ingredient lists.

Collaborating with Tech Giants

Zomato recognizes the significance of strategic partnerships to drive innovation forward. The company has reportedly joined forces with industry giants like Google, Adobe, OpenAI, and Microsoft in the AI industry. Through these collaborations, Zomato aims to stay at the forefront of AI research and development. The company has been proactively recruiting engineers skilled in machine learning for several years. With a relentless pursuit of talent, Zomato is poised to establish new service models that delight customers and elevate operational efficiency.

Blinkit’s Recipe Rover

Albinder Dhindsa, the Chief Executive of Blinkit, recently shared an exciting development on the company’s blog. A small yet talented team of engineers and a product manager at Blinkit have successfully developed “Recipe Rover.” This groundbreaking engine harnesses the power of ChatGPT and Midjourney to recommend recipes and assist users in locating ingredients. This innovative addition to Blinkit’s offerings showcases the potential of AI to transform the culinary landscape.

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Zomato and Blinkit integrate generative AI into its system to revolutionize shopping experience.

Our Say

Zomato’s foray into artificial intelligence experimentation signifies its commitment to pushing boundaries and enhancing the consumer experience. Zomato aims to automate and streamline various aspects of customer interactions by incorporating generative AI into its services, ensuring optimal efficiency. Collaborations with industry leaders and a steadfast focus on recruiting top AI talent solidify Zomato’s position at the forefront of innovation. As the company ventures into uncharted territory, the possibilities seem endless, promising an exciting future where AI-powered solutions take center stage in the food and grocery delivery industry.

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