Singapore to Triple its AI Workforce

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Singapore has set its sights on the field of Artificial Intelligence. With the launch of National AI Strategy (NAIS) 2.0, the city-state plans to triple its AI workforce to 15,000 within the next 3-5 years. This ambitious initiative is poised to reshape not only Singapore’s technological landscape but also its societal fabric.

Singapore AI Workforce

Talent Through Apprenticeship

In a bid to fortify its talent pool, Singapore’s government aims to revamp the Apprenticeship Programme, which has already graduated 300 individuals as of September. The intensified collaboration with AI product development teams from diverse industries will provide participants with real-world experiences. This multifaceted approach seeks to nurture a dynamic ecosystem that bridges the gap between creators and users.

Strategic AI Integration

The NAIS 2.0 places a pivotal emphasis on encouraging AI adoption across all enterprises. Targeted training programs, guided by Industry Transformation Maps and Jobs Transformation Maps, will be instrumental in upskilling the workforce. The goal is to ensure a seamless integration of AI into sectors such as manufacturing, financial services, transport, logistics, and biomedical sciences


Singapore AI Workforce

Uncharted AI Territory

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, speaking at the launch, highlighted the transformative journey ahead. The evolving landscape of AI, characterized by machines with human-like cognitive abilities, demands a comprehensive national strategy. The shift from flagship projects to a systems approach positions AI not merely as an opportunity but as an imperative for Singapore’s future.

Ethical AI Governance

Addressing concerns about the ethical implications of AI, Singapore’s regulatory approach seeks to strike a delicate balance between fostering innovation and implementing safeguards. The updated Model Governance Framework and the AI Verify toolkit aim to ensure responsible development. Deputy Prime Minister Wong emphasized the need for a “fit-for-purpose” regulatory environment with regular reviews and adjustments.

Our Say

Singapore’s commitment to global leadership reflects its proactive approach to the challenges and opportunities of transformative technology. As the nation pursues excellence in various domains—research, infrastructure, and international partnerships—it sets a precedent. The inauguration of the Singapore Conference adds significance, providing a platform for collaboration and idea exchange globally. Singapore’s National AI Strategy 2.0 signals more than an update; it’s a paradigm shift. The nation redefines how it perceives and harnesses the power of AI. As the city-state propels into uncharted territory, it invites the world to witness and participate. This transformative journey is shaping the global AI future.


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