Top 10 Guest Authors on Analytics Vidhya in 2022

Meetu Arora 12 Dec, 2022
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Data science is one of India’s rapidly growing and in-demand industries, with far-reaching applications in almost every domain. Not just the leading technology giants in India but medium and small-scale companies are also betting on data science to revolutionize how business operations are performed. Data science is the field where large datasets are collected, analyzed, and interpreted in a way that assists in making critical business decisions in a better manner. Data scientists are the experts in the data science community, having considerable knowledge and experience in utilizing scientific techniques to gather and interpret monstrous data to be used for a specific purpose or project. Data science is a perfect field for anyone with a passion for data and numbers and a keen interest in mathematics and technology. While obtaining a degree in data science is the first step to penetrating the industry, keeping yourself abreast with the recent trends and information in the same domain is also crucial. If you’re an aspiring data scientist, here’s a list of the top 10 guest authors on Analytics Vidhya to follow in 2022 and gain valuable insight into what’s new and important in the industry:

Top 10 Guest Authors on Analytics Vidhya

  1. Aman Preet Singh Gulati

Aman Preet Singh Gulati (aman_preet_singh_gulati) is one of our top and most-followed guest authors on Analytics Vidhya. He has been contributing to the data science community for 2 years now. He started his writing journey with Analytics Vidya back in October 2021 and has 58 published articles to his credit.

Aman Preet Gulati

The topics and niches he specializes in cover machine learning, linear regression, computer vision, business analytics, data visualization, and Python. He has contributed some commendable insights and work when it comes to harnessing machine learning and data visualization in the healthcare sector.

Some of his most popular published wiring pieces are:


  1. Drishti Sharma

Drishti Sharma

Though quite a recent contributor to the ever-growing data science community of Analytics Vidhya, Drishti Sharma (Drishti_sharma) has garnered much appreciation and following. She started her writing and knowledge-sharing journey with Analytics Vidhya in January 2022 and has contributed about 50 articles already. Her expertise lies in a variety of subjects that include Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Python, Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Cloud Computing, and Reinforcement Learning.

Some of her popular writing pieces are:


  1. Prateek Majumdar

Prateek Majumdar

Prateek (prateekmaj21), one of the guest authors on Analytics Vidhya, is a final-year engineering student from the Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata. He likes to code, study analytics, and Data Science, and watch Science Fiction movies. His favourite Sci-Fi franchise is Star Wars. He is also an active Kaggler and part of many student communities in college.

He started his data-sharing journey with Analytics Vidhya data science community in April 2021 and has 34 successful published works to his credit already. His expertise holds solid in IoT, business analytics, artificial intelligence, Blockchain, machine learning, data engineering, and cloud computing. Let’s look at some of his most applauded and followed work on Analytics Vidhya:


  1. Abhishek Jaiswal

Abhishek Jaiswal (datanuts) has been an ardent contributor when it comes to the top authors in Analytics Vidhya platform. He started his writing repertoire on AV in December 2021 and has been going strong ever since. He has 30 published articles on multiple niches under his belt and is one of the most followed guest authors on Analytics Vidhya.

Abhishek Jaiswal

His area of expertise lies in computer vision, data engineering, Python, machine learning, big data, deep learning, cloud computing, AWS, and several other beginners to advanced topics. Some of his revered published work is:


  1. Chetan Dekate

Chetan Dekate

Chetan Dekate (Chetan159) is one of our top contributing guest authors on Analytics Vidhya and most loved data science expert sharing his knowledge with the data science community. He started his writing journey with Analytics Vidhya in April 2022 and has 27 published articles already covering some of the trickiest technology subjects. His expertise lies in picking up complex technology topics and write in detail as to make it easily understandable for the non-technical people too.

His expert areas cover a wide gamut of domains like data engineering, cloud computing, cybersecurity, data science, Python, data visualization, and business intelligence. Here are some of his published and most followed work on Analytics Vidhya:


  1. Prashant Sharma

Prashant Sharma (prashantsharma16) is a huge technology enthusiast and is currently pursuing his B.Tech. Degree from Vellore Institute of Technology. He has demonstrated a keen interest in programming and its real applications including software development, machine learning and data science. He started his knowledge sharing journey with Analytics Vidhya in August 2021 and has been an active contributor ever since.

Prashant Sharma

He has 24 published articles on multiple and a wide variety of topics that range from NLP, data visualization, Tableau, Big data, data engineering, deep learning, machine learning, an many more. His blog archives are a store house of knowledge and valuable information on critical data science topics. Here are some of his published and much appreciated work on Analytics Vidhya:


  1. Gitesh Dhore

Gitesh Dhore

Gitesh Dhore (gitesh20) became a part of the Analytics Vidhya data science community in July 2022 and has contributed about 23 published articles. He is one of our top-rated guest authors on Analytics Vidhya, participating in most Blogathons and harnessing every chance to share his valuable knowledge on a variety of subjects in technology. His expertise range in a multitude of topics including data engineering, machine learning, MLOps, AwS, Cloud Computing, Big data, business analytics, and plethora of other topics relevant for beginner to advanced professionals. Let’s look at some of his best work on AV platform:


  1. Devashree Madhugiri

Devashree Madhugiri

With 22 successfully published articles and an admirable amount of technical expertise, Devashree Madhugiri is one of our top-rated authors on Analytics Vidhya platform. She enthusiastically participates in Blogathon every month and shares her acquired knowledge with the rest of the community. She started writing with AV in July 2021 and has become a star author in a commendable amount of time. Her expertise lies in data visualization, computer vision, deep learning, Python, dataa engineering, machine learning, big data, and regression. Her notable work is:


  1. Aryan Garg

Aryan Garg

Aryan Garg (aryan5059) is one the most-followed guest authors on Analytics Vidhya and has been an active member our data science community since December 2021. He has published 21 articles till date and his expertise vests in computer vision, deep learning, machine learning, database, programming, Python, artificial intelligence, IoT, Web 3.0, and cybersecurity. Here are some of his best-rated published articles:


  1. Amrutha K

Amrutha K

Amrutha K, one of the top-league authors at Analytics Vidhya, has a deep interest and expertise in cryptocurrency, programming, and machine learning. She joined AV data science community in January 2022 and has got 17 articles published already. A regular feature at every Blogathon, she connects well with the readers in her easy-to-understand language and a strong grasp of the subject. Some of her best published work is:

We hope the above list of top 10 guest authors on Analytics Vidhya inspired you to penetrate the data science space and make a rewarding career out of it. Keep following the above authors and more on our blog section for all the latest updates and comprehensive information on everything happening in data science.

Meetu Arora 12 Dec, 2022

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