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Himanshi Singh 10 Apr, 2024
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The advent of the GPT Store by OpenAI marks a significant milestone in the evolution of artificial intelligence, as it allows users to customize their chatbots powered by generative pre-trained transformers (GPTs). The store offers a diverse range of GPTs developed by OpenAI’s partners and the community, catering to various needs such as writing, research, programming, education, and lifestyle. This innovative platform democratizes the process of creating GPTs, ensuring that no coding knowledge is required, and allows users to input instructions, infuse extra knowledge, and select the GPT’s capabilities

OpenAI believes that the community will be the birthplace of the most incredible GPTs, and the GPT Store aims to be a marketplace that fosters creativity and collaboration. As AI continues to advance, the GPT Store will likely play a crucial role in shaping the future of AI-driven applications and services. 

The GPT Store aims to showcase the creativity and innovation of the community, as users have already created over 3 million custom versions of ChatGPT, with many builders sharing their GPTs for others to use. This article delves into the exciting world of community-created GPTs and their impact on various domains, reflecting the democratization of AI development and the collaborative spirit fostered by the GPT Store.

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Consensus: Your AI Research Assistant

  • Function: Access a vast database of over 200 million academic papers. Get scientifically-backed answers and draft content with accurate citations.
  • Ideal For: Researchers, students, academics, and anyone in need of comprehensive, science-based information for studies or projects.
  • Provider: Consensus
  • Sample Prompts:
    • Compare recent studies on intermittent fasting and its health benefits.
    • Provide an overview of advancements in quantum computing.
    • Identify key research papers on renewable energy sources from the last five years.
    • Analyze studies on the psychological impact of social media.
    • Extract critical findings from top papers on gene therapy for rare diseases.

Consensus: Your AI Research Assistant | GPT by Community

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  • Function: Handles PDF documents up to 2GB per file. Allows thousands of PDF uploads with a free account on myaidrive.com. The PRO version can search across thousands of PDFs and OCR documents, offering superior summaries for lengthy documents.
  • Ideal For: Individuals and professionals dealing with extensive PDF documents and requiring efficient summarization and organization.
  • Provider: myaidrive.com
  • Sample Prompts:
    • Extract and summarize the financial data from this annual report PDF.
    • Compare the content of these PDFs on different teaching methodologies.
    • Summarize a lengthy legal document PDF for quick understanding.
    • Convert this technical manual PDF into a simplified bullet-point summary.
    • Analyze and outline the key arguments from this PDF on political philosophy.
    • Break down this research PDF into an easy-to-understand summary.

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AskYourPDF Research Assistant

  • Function: Enhances research efficiency. Offers ChatPDF feature, generates articles with citations, analyzes and generates references for papers, and creates an interactive knowledge base of your files.
  • Ideal For: Researchers, students, and professionals who frequently interact with and analyze multiple PDF files for academic or professional purposes.
  • Provider: askyourpdf.com
  • Sample Prompts:
    • Create a detailed summary from these PDFs about the history of the internet.
    • Develop a comparative analysis of these PDFs on climate change policies.
    • Extract and compile key statistics from multiple research PDFs on urban development.
    • Generate a cohesive report from a collection of PDFs on public health issues.
    • Analyze and summarize these PDFs on modern architectural trends.
    • Create an annotated bibliography from these academic paper PDFs.

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Grimoire: Coding Wizard

  • Function: Facilitates website creation and more through prompt-gramming. Offers over 20 hotkeys for coding flows, prompt-first code & art learning, and 27 starter projects. Also includes a query and photo upload feature.
  • Ideal For: Budding coders, web developers, and creative individuals interested in exploring new ways of programming and digital art creation.
  • Provider: mindgoblinstudios.com
  • Sample Prompts:
    • Generate code for a responsive photo gallery webpage.
    • Create a simple e-commerce website layout with a shopping cart feature.
    • Develop a basic mobile app interface for a fitness tracker.
    • Write a script for automating data entry into a web form.
    • Construct a user-friendly interface for a personal blog site.
    • Code a landing page with an integrated email signup form.

Grimoire: Coding Wizard

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ScholarAI: AI Scientist

  • Function: Generates new hypotheses and analyzes text, figures, and tables from over 200 million scientific papers and books.
  • Ideal For: Scientists, researchers, and students looking for AI assistance in hypothesis generation and analysis of scientific literature.
  • Provider: scholarai.io
  • Sample Prompts:
    • Propose new research directions in the field of artificial neural networks.
    • Analyze data from these figures in a paper on environmental science.
    • Suggest innovative approaches for studying the human microbiome.
    • Identify gaps in the current research on sustainable agriculture.
    • Review and summarize findings on cognitive behavioral therapy.
    • Develop a theoretical model for studying economic inequality.

ScholarAI: AI Scientist

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  • Function: Performs swift research by accessing over 200 million papers. Analyzes papers rapidly and assists in drafting content with accurate citations.
  • Ideal For: Researchers and students who need to conduct extensive literature reviews and data analysis in a time-efficient manner.
  • Provider: Scispace.com
  • Sample Prompts:
    • Identify key literature on the impact of virtual reality in education.
    • Summarize top research findings on the health benefits of a plant-based diet.
    • Analyze recent studies on the psychological effects of remote work.
    • Gather research on advancements in nanotechnology for medical applications.
    • Provide a summary of the latest research on ocean conservation strategies.
    • Compile a list of influential papers on the development of autonomous vehicles.

Image Generator

  • Function: Specializes in generating and refining images with a professional and friendly tone.
  • Ideal For: Graphic designers, content creators, and anyone in need of custom image generation.
  • Provider: NAIF J ALOTAIBI
  • Sample Prompts:
    • Design an image representing different seasons in an abstract style.
    • Generate images of space exploration concepts in a futuristic setting.
    • Illustrate a fantasy landscape with mythical creatures and ancient ruins.
    • Produce an image depicting life in a smart city.
    • Visualize different emotions through abstract art.
    • Create an image showing a fusion of modern and traditional architecture.

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  • Function: Creates and hosts beautiful websites.
  • Ideal For: Web designers, businesses, and individuals looking to create visually appealing and functional websites.
  • Provider: Pietro Schirano
  • Sample Prompts:
    • Design a portfolio website for a freelance graphic designer.
    • Create a mockup for an online learning platform with interactive features.
    • Develop a user-friendly interface for a mobile banking app.
    • Conceptualize a homepage for a non-profit organization focusing on environmental conservation.
    • Design a website layout for a digital magazine with multimedia content.
    • Create a dynamic and engaging website for a local art gallery.

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Logo Creator

  • Function: Generates professional logo designs and app icons.
  • Ideal For: Entrepreneurs, businesses, and designers seeking quick and professional logo and icon designs.
  • Provider: Chase Lean
  • Sample Prompts:
    • Design a minimalist logo for a tech startup focusing on AI solutions.
    • Create a vibrant and eye-catching logo for a children’s educational app.
    • Develop a classic and elegant logo for a luxury brand.
    • Design a logo that combines elements of nature for an eco-friendly product line.
    • Create a modern, abstract logo for a creative agency.
    • Develop a logo for a fitness app that conveys energy and movement.

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  • Function: Offers browsing, writing, and agent API services.
  • Ideal For: Businesses and individuals needing advanced web interaction capabilities and API integration.
  • Provider: webpilot.ai
  • Sample Prompts:
    • Automate data scraping from a website for market research.
    • Write a comprehensive report on the latest trends in digital marketing.
    • Browse and compile a list of the most influential tech blogs.
    • Conduct an analysis of customer reviews from an e-commerce site.
    • Create an automated script to monitor and report website performance metrics.
    • Generate an overview of the latest advancements in web security technologies.
    • Scrape Latest Blog and Data of Publishing from https://www.analyticsvidhya.com/blog/

WebPilot | Trending GPT

Glibatree Art Designer

  • Function: Turns any idea into four unique and beautiful variations by generating both DALL·E images and Midjourney commands.
  • Ideal For: Artists, designers, and creatives looking for inspiration and multiple artistic interpretations of their ideas.
  • Provider: glibatree.com
  • Sample Prompts:
    • Generate four unique interpretations of a city skyline at night.
    • Create artistic variations of a logo concept for a music festival.
    • Visualize a children’s fairy tale in four different artistic styles.
    • Develop four distinct designs for a book cover about space exploration.
    • Illustrate a concept of ‘future transportation’ in four diverse artistic approaches.
    • Create two different visualizations of a mythical creature in varied environments.

Glibatree Art Designer | Trending GPT

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The GPT Store emerges as a transformative hub for AI enthusiasts and creators, fostering a collaborative ecosystem where innovative GPTs redefine applications across diverse domains. As the community actively contributes and customizes GPTs, the store stands as a testament to the democratization of AI development, paving the way for a future where user-driven advancements shape the landscape of artificial intelligence.

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