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Himanshi Singh 11 Jan, 2024
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OpenAI’s GPT Store finally landed this Wednesday, 10th Jan 2024, bursting with chatbots built by you (yes, you!). This user-powered playground takes ChatGPT beyond its default skills, letting anyone craft AI helpers for their passions. Imagine writing prompts like Hemingway or researching like Google Scholar, all with your own custom AI sidekick. Over 3 million creations since November tell you one thing: the future of AI is user-shaped, and the GPT Store is your brush to paint it.

But with so many options, where do you start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! OpenAI’s curated list of 4 must-explore Custom GPTs(for this week) is like a treasure map to AI gold.

Let’s dig in!

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AllTrails: Outdoor Adventure Trail Finder

AllTrails | Featured Custom GPTs

Function of AllTrails

  • Tailored Trail Finding: Utilizes user-specified criteria to search the extensive AllTrails database for the perfect trail matches. This includes filtering by activity type (such as hiking, biking, trail running), difficulty level, trail length, and specific features (like dog-friendly, wheelchair accessible, or having waterfalls).
  • Detailed Trail Information: Provides comprehensive details on each trail, including length, elevation gain, route type (loop, out-and-back, point-to-point), and user ratings. This information helps users understand what to expect from each trail.
  • Activity-Specific Recommendations: Whether you’re into hiking, mountain biking, road biking, or nature walks, the tool can find trails suited to your preferred outdoor activity.
  • Location-Based Searches: Offers the ability to find trails based on location – from local trails near a city to exploring options in national parks or even discovering top trails worldwide.
  • Interactive Trail Data: Links to the AllTrails website for each trail recommendation, providing users access to maps, user reviews, photos, and directions to trailheads.

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Ideal For

  • Outdoor Enthusiasts: Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a casual weekend biker, AllTrails can help you find trails that match your skill level and interests.
  • Adventure Planners: If you’re planning an outdoor adventure, whether it’s a day trip or a multi-day excursion, this tool helps you find and organize your trail options effectively.
  • Families and Groups: For those planning outings with family or friends, AllTrails can find trails that are suitable for various ages and abilities, ensuring everyone has a great time.
  • Nature Lovers and Explorers: If your goal is to explore new natural landscapes, observe wildlife, or find the most scenic routes, this tool can guide you to trails offering breathtaking views and rich natural experiences.
  • Fitness and Activity Seekers: For individuals seeking trails for specific physical activities like trail running, mountain biking, or nature walks, AllTrails provides tailored suggestions to meet your fitness goals.

Sample Prompts

  • I want to explore waterfall hikes in Meghalaya.
  • Find me moderate hiking trails with waterfalls near Asheville, North Carolina.
  • What are the top-rated trails in Yellowstone National Park for wildlife viewing?
  • List some scenic biking trails near Pune, Maharashtra.
  • Can you suggest easy, kid-friendly trails within 30 miles of Portland, Oregon?
  • I’m looking for challenging mountain biking trails in Moab, Utah.
  • Can you find yoga and meditation retreat trails in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand?
  • I need wheelchair-accessible trails with paved paths in Central Park, New York.
  • Planning a weekend hiking trip in the Grand Canyon. What are some must-see trails?
  • Show me easy hiking trails near Manali, Himachal Pradesh.


Click here to access AllTrails.

Consensus: Scientific Research Assistant

Consensus | Feature Custom GPTs


  • Research Paper Search and Synthesis: Consensus specializes in searching for academic research papers relevant to a user’s query. It utilizes the chat.consensus.app API to find the most relevant and recent scientific papers.
  • Evidence-Based Summarization: Provides concise summaries of the key findings from the research papers, focusing on the abstract and main conclusions. This helps in understanding complex scientific information easily.
  • Diverse Study Insights: Gathers evidence from various types of studies, such as Randomized Control Trials, Systematic Reviews, Meta-Analyses, etc., ensuring a comprehensive view of the research topic.
  • Tailored Responses: Responds to specific user requests in various formats, like drafting content, finding papers, creating tables or outlines, all while citing relevant papers.
  • Clustered Citations: Groups similar findings from different papers together, providing a cohesive understanding of the research topic and multiple citations for each conclusion.

Ideal For

  • Students and Researchers: Essential for those conducting academic research or needing detailed insights from scientific studies.
  • Healthcare Professionals: Offers quick access to the latest research findings in medicine and healthcare, aiding in informed decision-making.
  • Policy Makers and Analysts: Helps in understanding the scientific evidence behind various social, economic, and environmental policies.
  • Science Enthusiasts and Lifelong Learners: Provides an easy way to stay updated with scientific advancements and research in various fields.
  • Writers and Content Creators: Assists in crafting evidence-based content, providing authoritative sources and insights for articles, blogs, and reports.

Sample Prompts

  • Can you find recent studies on the prevalence and management of diabetes in India?
  • Can you provide recent studies about the impact of climate change on agricultural productivity?
  • I need a systematic review on the effects of telemedicine in chronic disease management.
  • What does the latest research say about the relationship between diet and mental health?
  • Find me studies on the impact of tourism on local communities in Rajasthan.
  • Find me studies published after 2020 about the long-term efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Provide an outline of recent studies on the effects of screen time on children’s development.
  • How effective have been the government policies in reducing poverty in India?
  • What does recent research say about the effectiveness of online education in India during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Books: AI Chatbot for Book Lovers

Books | Feature Custom GPTs


  • Personalized Book Recommendations: Offers suggestions for books based on user interests, reading history, mood, and preferred genres. Can provide options ranging from bestsellers to niche genres, ensuring a tailored reading experience.
  • Literary Discussions and Trivia: Engages users in fun, insightful conversations about classic and contemporary literature. Offers trivia about authors, books, and literary history to enrich the user’s knowledge and enjoyment of reading.
  • Book Pairings: Suggests creative ‘book pairings’ with snacks, beverages, or atmospheres to enhance the reading experience. For example, recommending a cozy mystery with a cup of hot cocoa on a rainy day.
  • Price and Availability Guidance: Provides information on where to find books, whether in libraries, bookstores, or online platforms. Can also offer guidance on book prices and formats (hardcover, paperback, e-books, audiobooks).
  • Imaginative Scenarios: Presents fun ‘what if’ scenarios featuring characters from various genres, encouraging users to think creatively about their favorite stories and characters.
  • Up-to-Date Information on New Releases and Literary Events: Keeps users informed about upcoming book releases, book fairs, author signings, and other literary events.

Ideal For

  • Avid Readers: For those who devour books regularly and are always on the lookout for their next great read.
  • Casual Readers: For individuals who enjoy reading but may need help choosing their next book or getting back into a reading habit.
  • Book Clubs: Offers suggestions for book club selections, including diverse genres to suit different group preferences.
  • Students and Researchers: Helps in finding books for academic or research purposes, including classic literature, textbooks, and reference materials.
  • Gift Seekers: Assists users in selecting books as gifts, considering the recipient’s tastes and interests.

Sample Prompts

  • Recommend a mystery novel for a rainy weekend.
  • What are some must-read classic novels for someone new to the genre?
  • I love fantasy series like ‘Harry Potter’. What should I read next?
  • What are some must-read works by contemporary Indian poets?
  • Can you suggest some uplifting books for someone feeling down?
  • I’m in a book club. What’s a good contemporary novel for our next discussion?
  • I need a historical fiction book set in ancient Rome. What do you recommend?
  • What are the latest science fiction releases this month?
  • What are some acclaimed Indian novels translated into English?
  • Can you suggest a biography of a famous artist?
  • Find me a good cookbook for beginner chefs.
  • I’m looking for poetry books about nature and mindfulness.

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Code Tutor: Interactive Coding and Problem-Solving Guide

Code Tutor

Functions of Code Tutor

  • Personalized Coding Assistance: Helps students tackle coding challenges by understanding their specific needs and offering tailored guidance. This includes support in various programming languages, debugging, algorithm design, and conceptual understanding.
  • Step-by-Step Problem Solving: Guides users through the problem-solving process without giving away direct answers. Encourages development of logical thinking and algorithmic skills.
  • Interactive Learning Experience: Engages in a Socratic dialogue to foster deep understanding. Encourages students to think critically about their approach and discover solutions independently.
  • Resource and Information Guidance: Provides recommendations for additional learning resources, particularly from Khan Academy, to supplement the student’s learning journey.
  • Adaptable to Various Learning Styles: Whether a student learns best through examples, direct questioning, or discussing concepts, adapts the approach to suit individual learning preferences.

Ideal For

  • Aspiring Programmers: Whether you’re starting out or looking to enhance your skills, this tool can guide you through complex programming concepts and practical coding problems.
  • Students Needing Homework Help: If you’re stuck on a coding assignment or project, I can help you understand and solve the problem in a way that promotes learning.
  • Curious Minds: For those who are interested in understanding how to think like a programmer and develop effective problem-solving strategies.
  • Educators and Tutors: As a supplement to traditional teaching methods, offering a different perspective and teaching style to support students’ learning.
  • Anyone Seeking to Improve Logical Thinking: Not just for coding, but for anyone interested in developing strong analytical and logical reasoning skills.

Sample Prompts

  • How do I debug this JavaScript code that’s not working as expected?
  • I need help conceptualizing an algorithm for sorting a list of numbers.
  • I’m preparing for a coding interview and need help understanding dynamic programming.
  • My code works, but it’s very slow. Can you help me understand how to optimize it?
  • I wrote a SQL query to fetch data from two tables, but it’s not returning the expected results. Can you help me figure out what’s wrong?
  • Can you help me practice some common coding interview questions in Python?
  • Can you suggest resources for learning about data structures?
  • I’m struggling with understanding recursion in Python. Can you help me approach a basic recursive problem?

Code Tutor | Feature Custom GPTs

Click here to access Code Tutor.


The GPT Store isn’t just about technology; it’s about empowerment. It empowers individuals to mold AI to their passions and needs, unlocking new realms of possibility. As we explore the curated selection of Custom GPTs, we’re reminded that the future of AI is not just user-shaped; it’s user-inspired, user-driven, and limitless in its potential.

So, whether you’re planning an outdoor adventure, conducting research, embarking on a literary quest, or mastering the art of coding, take that first step into the world of Custom GPTs. The future is yours to craft, and OpenAI’s GPT Store is your trusty companion on this extraordinary journey. The possibilities are endless, and the adventure has just begun.

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