Llama-3-Based OpenBioLLM Models Outperform GPT-4 and Med-PaLM

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 30 Apr, 2024
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In a noteworthy development, Saama AI Labs introduces medical language models OpenBioLLM-Llama3-70B and 8B. These open-source models redefine the medical AI landscape by surpassing established industry leaders like GPT-4 and Med-PaLM. Let’s find out how they are setting unprecedented standards in biomedical language processing.

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OpenBioLLM-Llama3-70B and 8B | medical AI model

A New Standard in Biomedical Language Models

OpenBioLLM-70B and 8B, with their respective 70 billion and 8 billion parameters, represent a quantum leap in LLM technology. Their meticulously curated dataset spans over 3,000 healthcare topics and 10+ medical subjects. Leveraging cutting-edge technology like Llama3, these models outshine their predecessors in both performance and efficiency.

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Unveiling the Power of OpenBioLLM

OpenBioLLM demonstrates its prowess across various medical applications, including clinical note summarization, medical question answering, clinical entity recognition, classification tasks, and de-identification of sensitive information. These models empower researchers, developers, and healthcare professionals alike, facilitating advancements in clinical decision support, medical research, and education.

Setting Records and Surpassing Expectations

The OpenBioLLM-70B achieved a record-breaking average score of 86.06% across nine diverse biomedical datasets while testing. This was made possible through rigorous fine-tuning and the innovative use of Direct Preference Optimization (DPO). Meanwhile, the 8B model outperformed GPT-3.5 and Meditron-70B, showcasing the models’ unparalleled capabilities in medical domain tasks.

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OpenBioLLM-Llama3-70B and 8B outperform other medical language models

Looking Ahead

The release of Llama3-based OpenBioLLM-70B and 8B is just the beginning. Saama AI Labs pledges to expand its coverage in the medical domain. It aims to enhance context windows, improve benchmarks, and introduce multimodal capabilities in the coming months. These advancements promise to further revolutionize the field of biomedical language processing.

Our Say

The introduction of OpenBioLLM-Llama3-70B and 8B marks a significant milestone in advancing language AI for the biomedical community. It represents a shift in medical language modeling, offering unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility.

With their exceptional performance and open-access nature, these models hold the potential to drive innovation. They also promise to foster collaboration and ultimately improve healthcare outcomes worldwide. As the journey continues, the impact of these models is poised to extend far beyond research and development.

You can access the model on its Hugging Face page.

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