The DataHour: Improving Search Results with Semantic Search

Sanjana Rajpal 02 Aug, 2022
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Dear Readers,

Have you ever wondered about the uncanny ability of google to complete your sentences even before you complete them? Or the fact that Google or any other search engine can comprehend a sentence’s meaning and provide precise responses to the featured excerpts. It appears that Google uses mystical means to “think” and exercise psychic powers. However, this phenomenon is just a byproduct of Google’s highly developed AI-powered search engine, which uses semantic search to generate results.

Do you want to learn this magic trick used by search engines? Then put your time to use because Analytics Vidhya is back with another DataHour to brush up your skills with the industry expert Nils Reimers.

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In this week’s edition of DataHour, learn to integrate it into systems to yield a better user search experience. So, what are you waiting for? Register now, and put your additional time use.

About DataHour

Have you ever had to sift through numerous pages of search results to find what you needed? Or perhaps you received what appeared to be random, irrelevant search results and had to rephrase your query?

Your question may have been poorly phrased, but it’s also possible that a search engine was having a bad day and misinterpreted your request when it searched the knowledge base.

Why does a typical search engine sometimes not produce the desired results? So if you are willing to learn how to use semantic search to provide a better search experience for your users, then register yourself now!

Prerequisites for registering: Enthusiasm to learn Data Science

For whom is this DataHour for?

  • Students and Freshers with interest in Data Science.
  • Data science professionals who want to accelerate their career growth

Learn with the Expert

Nils Reimers
Director of Machine Learning @ | ex-HuggingFace

Nils Reimers is an expert on search relevance using a pre-trained transformer network. In 2018, he authored and open-sourced the popular sentence-transformers library, the most popular framework for designing semantic search applications. Recently, he joined as a principal scientist to lead the Search-as-a-Service team to develop new state-of-the-art neural search models and to make them broadly accessible as API endpoints.


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If you missed any past episodes of ‘The DataHour,’ you may watch the recordings on our YouTube channel or read the synopsis here. 


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Sanjana Rajpal 02 Aug, 2022

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