30 Exciting New Features by Canva

K. C. Sabreena Basheer 29 May, 2024
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Canva, a leader in digital content creation, recently held its annual Canva Create 2024 event in Los Angeles. At the event, the company unveiled a suite of innovative features and tools designed to enhance productivity and collaboration across various teams. These updates are set to revolutionize how organizations create and manage visual content. From Canva Enterprise to AI-powered content editing tools, here’s a list of all the new updates, tools, and features launched by Canva.

30 New Features and Tools on Canva

Here’s everything that was unveiled at Canva Create 2024.

Enhanced User Experience

  1. Redesigned Editing Experience: A completely new editor has been introduced, designed to streamline the design flow. It includes intuitive shortcuts, powerful search and filters, and a quick action toolbar. The new editor is currently accessible to the first million users who discover the secret portal on their homepages. It will eventually be available to the entire community in August.
  2. Customizable Workspace: Users can now star their most important designs, folders, or templates for quick access. Teams can share and access important designs through the new “Starred for Team” sidebar, enhancing collaboration.
  3. Project Dashboard: A new centralized dashboard where teams can manage projects, track progress, and ensure all design tasks are aligned with business objectives.
Features and tools unveiled at Canva Create 2024.

Canva for Enterprises

  1. Enhanced Collaboration Tools: Streamlined commenting allows users to expand or hide comments and filter and sort through them for better collaboration. Notifications come up on the sidebar to ensure users don’t miss any updates.
  2. Canva Enterprise: Canva has launched Canva Enterprise, specially designed for large organizations. It offers a centralized admin console, enterprise-level security features, and dedicated support. This new subscription service helps organizations supercharge content creation and boost productivity.
  3. Canva Courses: This new tool allows the creation of interactive and engaging learning materials, intended for workplace learning. Teams can assign courses and track progress from a central dashboard, making it ideal for employee onboarding and training.
  4. Canva Work Kits: These are specialized templates and resources tailored to specific professions, provided by Canva. Four initial Work Kits for Sales, Marketing, HR, and Creative teams are available, helping users kickstart projects and streamline workflows.
Canva Enterprise launched at Canva Create 2024

Brand Building on Canva

  1. Canva Websites: Canva has introduced a feature to create fully functional websites directly within the platform, offering customizable templates and easy publishing options.
  2. Ad Tech Integrations: Canva now integrates with Google, Meta, and Amazon ad creation processes. Users can access ready-made templates and tailored suggestions, streamlining the ad creation process and optimizing performance.
  3. Custom Apps and Integrations: Canva’s Apps Marketplace now includes integrations with popular workplace tools like Asana, Monday, SharePoint, and HubSpot. Users can also build custom apps through the Canva Developers platform, enhancing productivity.
  4. Brand Hub Enhancements: Canva’s Brand Hub now includes more robust tools for managing brand assets. This upgrade ensures that all team members have access to up-to-date logos, fonts, and templates.

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  5. Magic Studio’s AI Innovations: Two new AI-powered tools have been introduced into Canva’s Magic Studio. One is Text to Graphic, which creates unique graphics based on user descriptions. The other is Styles & Layouts, which provides fresh layout ideas and allows users to apply design styles with one click.
  6. Bulk Create: This feature allows users to quickly update images, text, and graphics across multiple designs by uploading a CSV or Excel file. It’s ideal for creating multiple versions of designs like business cards or event promotions.

AI-powered Content Creation

  1. Powerful Resize & Magic Switch: Users can transform any design into another format quickly. This tool is perfect for converting brainstorms into documents or presentations into websites.
  2. Supercharged Docs: Canva Docs now offer suggested editing, document outlines, and a new commenting feature. Users can also add media, graphics, and designs to documents, enhancing their visual appeal.
  3. Data Autofill: This feature automates the creation of data-driven assets by integrating business data from sources like Salesforce and MLS. Data fields within designs get updated directly in Canva, ensuring accuracy and saving time.
  4. Personalized Tone of Voice: Magic Write can generate text in a user’s unique tone of voice. This feature is ideal for creating personalized headlines, scripts, and captions.
  5. Expanded Content Library: Canva has expanded its content library with millions of new images, videos, and audio tracks, providing users with more resources for their designs.
  6. Enhanced Magic Design: Magic Design now uses advanced generative AI technology to create higher-quality templates with less editing needed.
Canva Magic Design AI tool

Upgraded Image Editing Tools

  1. AI-Powered Photo Editor: The photo editor allows complex edits, such as selecting and moving elements within photos and creating mockups. AI-powered apps in the marketplace offer additional effects and enhancements.
  2. Magic Eraser: This tool allows users to quickly remove unwanted elements from photos with a single click, making image editing faster and more efficient.
  3. Advanced Background Remover: Canva’s background remover tool now comes with more precise AI capabilities, allowing for better isolation of subjects in images.
  4. Interactive Data Visualizations: Canva now supports creating interactive charts and graphs, making it easier to visualize complex data in a more engaging way.

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Video Editing Simplified on Canva

  1. Upgraded Canva Video Editor: New AI-powered features help create and edit engaging videos. The Highlights tool generates short clips, while Enhance Voice removes background noise with one click.
  2. Video Background Remover: Similar to the photo background remover, this tool allows users to remove backgrounds from videos. It greatly enhances Canva’s video editing capabilities.
  3. Recordings: Users can now add voiceovers, narrate presentations, or record their screens to create engaging content on Canva. This feature is perfect for sales pitches and onboarding presentations.

Better Accessibility and Security

  1. Canva Shield: Canva Shield ensures the platform remains safe and secure. Admin-level controls allow organizations to manage access to AI-powered tools, protecting team data.
  2. Improved Accessibility Features: The newly added accessibility features ensure that Canva’s tools are usable by everyone. The updates include better keyboard navigation and screen reader support.
  3. Mobile App Updates: The Canva mobile app has received significant updates to mirror the desktop experience, including access to most of the new tools and features for on-the-go editing.
  4. Multi-language Support: Enhanced support for multiple languages within the platform, allowing users to create designs in their preferred language and access localized templates.


From AI-driven innovations to enhanced collaboration and integration capabilities, that’s everything unveiled at Canva Create 2024. With the introduction of these innovative features and tools, Canva continues to empower users and organizations to create, collaborate, and communicate more effectively, setting new standards in the digital content creation landscape.

These updates not only streamline workflows but also inspire creativity and productivity, making Canva an indispensable tool for professionals across all sectors. As the platform evolves, it further ensures that everyone can design with ease and impact.

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