28 Websites to Find Datasets for your Projects

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Whether you’re a student exploring new concepts or a seasoned professional, there’s an undeniable truth we all stumble upon: the importance of quality data. We’ve all heard the saying, “garbage in, garbage out,” and it’s a reminder that our projects are only as good as the data we feed them. Seeking robust and relevant datasets is key to the success of any endeavor. And let’s face it, there’s no better way to excel and make an impact than by rolling up your sleeves and diving into projects, headfirst.

This is especially true when it comes to data-centric work, where each new dataset presents a unique challenge and an opportunity to sharpen your skills. I’m here to let you in on a secret: there’s a treasure trove of fascinating and accessible datasets just waiting for your discovery.

No more struggling to find that perfect data source or feeling limited by data constraints. If you’re eager to take your projects to the next level and dive into some exciting resources, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will guide you through a carefully curated list of websites and sources that offer an abundance of datasets, perfect for any idea you want to bring to life.

Get ready to bookmark these go-to websites and embark on a journey of endless project possibilities, where you can focus on honing your craft, gaining valuable experience, and maybe even creating something that will revolutionize the industry. So, without further ado, let’s unlock the door to a world of data-driven exploration!

General Data Platforms

General Data Platforms

1. Kaggle

Kaggle is a prime platform for accessing datasets due to its vast repository covering diverse topics like astronomy, diabetes, and more. With user-friendly features for filtering by license type and topic, Kaggle ensures easy access to high-quality datasets, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced data scientists seeking valuable resources for their projects.

Find Kaggle Datasets here.

2. AWS Data Exchange

AWS Data Exchange is a robust platform for data exchange, offering a wide range of datasets from various providers, including government agencies and companies. It is particularly useful for projects as it provides a one-stop shop for diverse data needs. With data from multiple sources, it saves time and offers consistency. The platform’s reliability and the ability to find unique datasets make it a valuable resource for any data-related project.

Click here to checkout this website to find dataset.

3. Data.world

Data.world is a fantastic resource for datasets due to its community-driven nature. It offers a vast collection of user-uploaded datasets, ensuring variety and specialty. The platform fosters collaboration and data exchange, making it ideal for finding unique and specific datasets. The website’s search functionality and categorization make it easy to navigate and discover relevant data quickly.

Click here to explore Data.world!

4. GitHub

GitHub, while primarily known as a code repository, has evolved into a valuable resource for datasets. Its vast community of users often shares datasets alongside their code, providing a unique perspective. The website is ideal for projects as it offers a one-stop shop for code and data, with a simple interface. GitHub’s search functionality and filtering options make finding relevant datasets efficient and straightforward.

Click here to checkout this website to find dataset.

5. Open Data Soft

OpenDataSoft is a reliable data-sharing platform, offering a comprehensive directory of open datasets. Its strength lies in its focus on data sharing and collaboration. The website is ideal for projects as it provides a one-stop source for diverse data needs, with a user-friendly interface. The platform’s commitment to open data and its global reach make it a valuable tool for anyone looking for transparent and accessible datasets.

Click here to checkout Open Data Soft.

6. DataHub

DataHub is an excellent platform for accessing free and open datasets on various topics. Its strength lies in its comprehensive collection of data from different sources, making it a one-stop shop for projects. The website is user-friendly, well-organized, and efficient for finding relevant data quickly. DataHub’s commitment to open data and its partnership with the data analytics company Qlik ensure a reliable and valuable resource for any data-driven project.

Click here to checkout this website to find dataset.

7. Google Public Data Explorer

The Google Public Data Explorer is a unique tool that provides access to a vast array of public data from international organizations and academic institutions. While it is not a direct dataset source, the platform offers a user-friendly interface to explore and visualize data. This makes it ideal for gaining insights and understanding trends. The tool’s strength lies in its ability to make complex data accessible and its suitability for projects requiring dynamic data representation.

Click here to explore Google Public Data Explorer!

Government Dataset Websites

Government Dataset Websites

8. Data.gov (US)

Data.gov is an extensive open data platform provided by the US government. It centralizes data from a wide range of federal, state, and local agencies, covering diverse topics. The website is well-structured, allowing users to easily search and filter data by format, topic, and agency. For projects, Data.gov offers a reliable and authoritative source of data, ensuring consistency and authenticity. Its regular updates and commitment to open data make it an invaluable resource for anyone seeking US-specific datasets.

Click here to explore this website to find datasets.

9. Data.gov (UK)

Data.gov.uk is the UK government’s comprehensive open data portal. It provides access to a wide range of data from UK public bodies and agencies, ensuring transparency and accessibility. The website is well-organized and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and find relevant data. For projects, it offers a reliable source of UK-specific data, covering various topics such as economics, health, and education. The platform’s commitment to open data and its regular updates make it a valuable resource for data-driven projects.

Click here to explore data.gov.

10. Census Data of India

The Census Data of India website offers a rich collection of demographic, economic, and social data about the country. It provides valuable insights into India’s population, including various statistics and indicators. The website is essential for projects focusing on India, offering detailed information at the national and regional levels.

Click here to explore datasets at Census Data of India.

Other Indian Government Websites

11. World Bank Open Data

The World Bank Open Data platform is a comprehensive source of global development data. It offers extensive datasets covering a wide range of indicators, including finance, health, education, and more. The website is well-organized, allowing users to easily search and filter data by country, topic, and indicator. For projects with a global focus, this platform is invaluable, providing authoritative and up-to-date information. The World Bank’s commitment to data transparency and its extensive coverage of economic and social development data make it a go-to resource for researchers, policymakers, and data analysts alike.

Click here to explore this website to find more datasets.

12. UN Data

UN Data, maintained by the United Nations, is a rich repository of global data covering a wide range of topics. The platform offers data on areas such as population, environment, trade, and human development, providing valuable insights into global trends and issues. UN Data is well-structured and user-friendly, allowing users to search and filter data by country, region, and theme. For projects with a global perspective, this website is essential, offering reliable and authoritative data. The UN’s commitment to data transparency and its comprehensive coverage of socio-economic and environmental data make it a trusted source for researchers, policymakers, and anyone working on international development initiatives.

Click here to explore the datasets at UN Data.

13. Eurostat

Eurostat is the European Union’s statistical office, providing comprehensive data on EU member states. It offers a wide range of data covering economic, social, and agricultural topics, among others. The website is user-friendly, allowing easy navigation and data exploration by country, indicator, and theme. Eurostat is particularly valuable for projects focused on Europe, offering reliable and up-to-date information. The office’s commitment to data transparency and its extensive coverage of EU-specific data make it an essential resource for understanding the economic and social dynamics of the region. Eurostat also provides data visualization tools and analytical reports, further enhancing its usefulness for researchers and policymakers alike.

Click here to explore the websites to find datasets.

14. FRED Economic Data

FRED Economic Data, hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, is an extensive database of US and international economic data. It offers thousands of economic time series, covering various indicators such as inflation, employment, interest rates, and more. The platform is user-friendly, providing powerful search and filtering tools to navigate the vast dataset. FRED Economic Data is ideal for projects requiring economic analysis, offering a one-stop shop for historical and current economic indicators. The Federal Reserve Bank’s commitment to data transparency and its regular updates make this platform a trusted source for researchers, economists, and anyone interested in economic trends and forecasting.

Click here to checkout the FRED Economic Data here.

Machine Learning & AI Dataset Websites

Machine Learning & AI Dataset Websites

15. UCI Machine Learning Repository

The UCI Machine Learning Repository is a well-known and trusted source for machine learning and artificial intelligence research and education. Maintained by the University of California, Irvine, it offers a diverse collection of datasets specifically curated for ML and AI applications. The repository is user-friendly, providing a comprehensive dataset search and filtering system. It is valuable for projects as it covers various data types, from text and images to time series and sensor data. The platform’s commitment to supporting ML research and education, along with its regular updates, makes it an indispensable resource for students, researchers, and practitioners in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Click here to checkout datasets in UCI ML Repository.

16. OpenML

OpenML is a collaborative platform designed specifically for the machine learning community. It offers a unique approach to data sharing by providing not just datasets but also machine-learning tasks and flows. This platform allows researchers and practitioners to share and reproduce experiments easily. OpenML is well-organized, with a user-friendly interface, making it simple to search and explore datasets, tasks, and flows. The platform fosters reproducibility and transparency in ML research, making it ideal for projects requiring a more comprehensive approach to data and experimentation. OpenML’s commitment to openness and its active community make it a valuable resource for advancing machine-learning practices.

Click here to explore this website to find datasets.

17. CMU StatLib

CMU StatLib is a renowned statistical database provided by Carnegie Mellon University. It offers a rich collection of datasets specifically curated for statistical and machine learning research and education. The database is well-organized, providing a comprehensive search and browsing experience. CMU StatLib is valuable for projects requiring statistical analysis, offering a diverse range of data types and topics. The platform’s association with a leading university ensures the reliability and quality of the datasets. CMU StatLib’s regular updates and commitment to supporting statistical research and education make it an indispensable resource for students, researchers, and practitioners in statistics and machine learning.

Click here to explore this website to find datasets.

Data Aggregation & Discovery

Google Dataset Search is a specialized search engine by Google, launched in 2018, designed to help researchers find freely available online data. It allows filtering by data type and is based on schema.org metadata standards. The service complements Google Scholar and offers a user-friendly interface accessible on mobile devices.

Click here to checkout Google Datasets Search!

19. Open Data Monitor

Open Data Monitor is a unique website that aggregates open data portals from around the world. It serves as a discovery platform, making it easier for users to find datasets from different countries and regions. The website is well-designed, providing a centralized search engine for exploring global open data initiatives. Open Data Monitor is valuable for projects requiring international data, offering a diverse and comprehensive collection of sources. The platform promotes transparency and accessibility, ensuring that users can quickly locate relevant data portals and gain insights into global open data practices. Its continuous updates and expansion make it a dynamic resource for anyone working with international data.

Click here to explore this website to find datasets.

20. DataPortals.org

DataPortals.org is a comprehensive global registry specifically designed to help users discover open data portals from cities, regions, and countries around the world. It serves as a centralized platform, providing easy access to a wide range of datasets offered by governments and organizations. DataPortals.org is valuable for projects and research that require diverse and localized data. The website promotes transparency and open data practices, ensuring users can quickly locate and utilize datasets that align with their specific needs. With regular updates and a growing community, DataPortals.org has established itself as a dynamic and trusted resource for anyone seeking open data sources, offering a unique perspective on global data initiatives.

Click here to explore datasets at DataPortals.org.

21. Data Is Plural

Data Is Plural is a unique initiative that curates interesting and diverse datasets from various sources on the web. It takes the form of both a newsletter and an archive, providing a regular stream of data-related content. Data Is Plural offers a broad range of topics, covering areas that are often overlooked by traditional data platforms. This makes it ideal for projects requiring unique and specialized data. The newsletter format provides a convenient way to discover new datasets, while the archive ensures a growing collection of valuable resources. Data Is Plural’s commitment to exploring the “plural” nature of data and its focus on lesser-known datasets make it a dynamic and intriguing resource for data enthusiasts, researchers, and anyone seeking fresh perspectives in their projects.

Click here to explore this website to find datasets.

Financial & Economic Data

Data Aggregation & Discovery

22. Nasdaq

Nasdaq is a renowned global electronic marketplace for buying and selling securities, particularly known for its focus on technology stocks. While primarily a stock exchange, Nasdaq also offers a wealth of data and analytics tools on its website. This includes real-time market data, company profiles, financial news, and investment analysis. For projects involving stock market analysis or financial research, Nasdaq is a valuable resource, providing authoritative data and insights. The platform offers various data products, APIs, and solutions tailored to different user needs. Nasdaq’s reputation, combined with its commitment to innovation and data transparency, makes it a trusted source of financial information for investors, traders, and researchers worldwide.

Click here to access Nasdaq datasets.

23. Yelp

Yelp is a well-known crowd-sourced review platform that periodically releases large datasets of its business and review data. The Yelp Dataset is valuable for academic research and data science competitions, offering insights into consumer behavior and preferences. It provides rich information, including business details, user reviews, and ratings, allowing for a wide range of analytical projects. The dataset is unique due to its scale and real-world applicability. Yelp’s commitment to data transparency and its impact on local businesses make this dataset a valuable resource for researchers and data scientists, offering a window into consumer trends and behavior patterns.

Checkout datasets at yelp here.

24. Pew Research Center

The Pew Research Center is a non-profit think tank that conducts surveys and research on a wide range of topics, including social issues, media usage, and political attitudes. The center is known for its commitment to providing unbiased and reliable data to the public. Its website offers easy access to a wealth of datasets, making it a valuable resource for projects requiring public opinion and demographic information. The Pew Research Center’s data covers a diverse range of subjects, such as technology adoption, social trends, and global attitudes. The platform provides user-friendly data exploration tools and detailed methodology explanations, ensuring transparency and understanding. Researchers, journalists, and anyone interested in societal insights will find the center’s data and analyses invaluable, offering a window into the beliefs and behaviors of diverse populations.

Click here to checkout this website to find datasets.

Scientific Dataset Websites

Scientific Dataset Websites

25. NASA Open Data

NASA Open Data is a fascinating portal that provides access to a wide range of scientific data from NASA’s various missions and research. It offers a unique opportunity to explore space science, Earth science, and aerospace research data. The platform is user-friendly, allowing easy discovery and download of datasets, images, and even software. NASA Open Data is ideal for projects requiring scientific and space-related information, providing authoritative and detailed insights. The platform’s commitment to data transparency and its continuous updates ensure that researchers, students, and enthusiasts can access the latest findings and contribute to further exploration. With data from NASA’s renowned missions, this portal offers a window into the universe, inspiring innovation and discovery.

Click here to explore NASA Open Data.

26. Figshare

Figshare is a trusted repository designed for hosting and sharing scientific research outputs, including datasets, code, and other research artifacts. It provides a platform for researchers to make their work openly accessible and citable. Figshare is valuable for projects requiring scientific data, offering a wide range of disciplines, such as life sciences, social sciences, and computer sciences. The platform ensures proper credit and attribution to researchers, promoting open science practices. Figshare’s user-friendly interface allows easy search and download of datasets, fostering collaboration and reproducibility. With a commitment to long-term data preservation and an expanding community, it has become an indispensable resource for researchers, institutions, and anyone seeking open scientific data and resources.

Click here to explore this website to find datasets.

News & Media Datasets

News & Media Datasets

27. BuzzFeed News

BuzzFeed News Data is a unique initiative by the BuzzFeed data journalism team, where they release the datasets used in their investigative journalism and articles. The platform offers a range of datasets covering topics like politics, social issues, and media. BuzzFeed News Data provides valuable insights into the data-driven stories that shape our world. The datasets are often accompanied by explanatory articles, providing context and understanding. This initiative promotes data transparency and accountability, allowing researchers and the public to explore and analyze the information themselves. BuzzFeed News Data is ideal for projects requiring real-world, contemporary datasets with a focus on current affairs. It bridges the gap between data and storytelling, offering a dynamic resource for data journalists and researchers alike.

Checkout the following links to find the datasets:

  • https://github.com/BuzzFeedNews/nics-firearm-background-checks
  • https://github.com/BuzzFeedNews/everything

Community Datasets

Community Datasets

28. Reddit r/datasets

Reddit’s “/r/datasets” community, or “subreddit,” is a vibrant and unique collection of datasets shared and discussed by its members. It offers a diverse range of datasets covering various topics, from science and technology to social sciences and hobby projects. The community-driven nature of “/r/datasets” provides a dynamic and engaging space for data enthusiasts to collaborate and explore. The subreddit is valuable for finding specialized and niche datasets that may not be easily accessible elsewhere. It fosters a culture of data sharing and discussion, with members offering insights, feedback, and suggestions. For projects requiring unique or specific data, “/r/datasets” is a valuable resource, providing a combination of crowd-sourced data and expert advice. It bridges the gap between data enthusiasts and experts, creating a collaborative environment for data exploration and discovery.

Click here to explore datasets.


I hope that this list of resources would prove extremely useful for people looking out for doing pet projects or side projects. For the starters, this is definitely a gold mine. Make sure you pick a few side projects and continue to work on them. If you can think of any application of these datasets or know of any popular resources which I have missed, please feel free to share them with me in the comments below.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

avcontentteam 14 May, 2024

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