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Medium is an awesome product!

The easy interface, no distraction and high readability are some of the drivers of popularity of Medium.  I can go on reading for hours on Medium.

I used Medium as one of the ways to read interesting high quality posts on current topics and perspective of people. I didn’t expect articles on niche technical subjects there. I was pleasantly surprised that not only there were articles on machine learning and data science, some of them were top notch. There were articles, where people have explained machine learning in very simple and yet very powerful effective manner. There were articles on deep learning and tensorflow.

Given my experience, I thought I will create and share a list of popular accounts / handles to follow on Medium. Find the curated list of data science evangelist and publications to follow on Medium for data science & machine learning.

The handles have been selected on the basis of followers and regularity of articles.


Top data science evangelist to follow on Medium

1. Adam Gietgey 

Followers: 10.6K

I came across Adam’s articles when I was starting with machine learning. The simplistic approach to machine learning caught my attention. In these articles, Adam has focussed on novice and non-technical professionals looking for a simplified overview of machine learning. Machine Learning is fun is a sequence of articles in which Adam introduces machine learning with simple examples. Learn about neural networks and how to predict the sequence of words in a story in the next article. The following articles will take you through Deep Learning and image recognition detailed explanation.

To make these accessible by anyone the context has been kept generic and lot of technical concepts have been skipped. I would recommend these articles to anyone who is curious to know about machine learning but failed to understand it in detail because of too many technical jargons. If you are a beginner in machine learning and looking for a simple to understand & easy to digest guide on machine learning, then feel free to get started with machine learning with these articles.


2. Monica Rogati 

Followers: 6.2K

Monica Rogati is the VP of Data at Jawbones. She is an expert in applied machine learning, data science and recommender system. Her passion lies in converting data into products. On Medium, she shares her perspective on the recent advancements in data science and how they will affect the startup ecosystem. The conversational tone of her blogs caught my attention.

In her blogs, she shares her personal experiences from being a young college student to her expert opinion on how the next generation of AI and data products would be.


3. Sam DeBrule

Followers: 2.1K

Every week Sam shares curated articles and best reads on machine learning. You can read about the latest developments in machine learning, news, implementation of machine learning in different sectors and how is AI changing the technology landscape.

Recently, his non-technical guide to Machine Learning & AI is an awesome list of curated resources.


4. Oliver Cameron 

Followers: 4.2K

Oliver leads the self-driving car team at Udacity and he explains extensive applications of Deep Learning. He shares blogs on Deep Learning and how it is living up to the hype it has created. Learn about self-driving cars, photonic neural network, neural art, lip reading with deep learning and many more. He shares his perspective and experience of working with deep learning in these blogs. I find them one of the most informative articles on machine learning you can read on Medium.


5. Nathan Benaich 

Followers: 6K

If you want to know the latest news related to machine learning & artificial intelligence then follow Nathan for all the weekly updates. He shares all the recent trends, technology and academic contributions to machine learning & artificial intelligence. He shares the advancement of AI in healthcare, academia, self-driving cars and research. He also discussed what the future of AI would be like and the AI startups acquired by big tech giants. Follow him to remain updated on all the recent happenings in AI space.


6. Cameron Godbout

Followers: 775

Cameron is a deep learning & NLP enthusiast. He writes about neural networks, implementation of deep learning for sales automation. On his blog, you can come find some good comprehensive articles like a cheatsheet of Deep Learning, beginners guide to neural networks, tensorflow in a nutshell. If you are a deep learning practitioner follow this handle for a refresher.


7. Carlos E.Prez

Followers: 535

Carlos studies the patterns & strategies of Deep Learning. In the past year, deep learning has gained abundant momentum and all the tech giants are talking about it. Google Deepmind remains ahead of the game. Carlos discusses the new strategies adopted by GoogleDeepmind, GoogleBrain, OpenAI, Facebook Fair, Microsoft based on their research papers.



1. IBM Cognitive Business 

In 2011, IBM Watson left everyone stunned when it first won its first competition against Brad Ruther and Ken Jennings taking away a whopping $1 million. That was just the beginning, IBM Watson since then hasn’t stopped surprising us. The IBM cognitive business focusses on AI and cognitive science. The handle is managed by the IBM Watson team and they share some insightful articles. You can read building an AI smarter city, measuring your calories intake with, how visual recognition helps prevent skin cancer, how tourism portals personalize your trip and many more interesting implementations of Watson.


2. Blog 

This is an official blog of Singapore’s government open data portal. The blog  features open source problems like disruption in train schedule, how to segregate the non-hygienic outlets in the city, connectivity of 4G network in different parts of the city and many more interesting problems. Then they the approach taken to solve these problems. I would recommend this blog to anyone looking for real-life problems and how are they solved using data science.


3. Airbnb Data Science

This is the official blog of Airbnb Data Science team. Data is one of the most important part of Airbnb and in this blog they share the use of machine learning at Airbnb. In these articles, they explain how do they detect host preferences, use of NPS to predict booking, data infrastructure and data exploration at Airbnb. This blog will give you insights about how data science is used at Airbnb. If you are curious to know how can you make it to Airbnb Data science team then I bet you will take away key notes from the blog.


4. Actionable Data 

This is an official blog of Pivotal Data where the data science team shares articles in big data, data science & analytics. The articles feature some of the best real-life problems solved by Pivotal Data. The Data scientists at Pivotal shares stories of how they solved the logistics problem in Middle East, the fresh take on insurance companies being data-driven and how big data is changing the face of the companies. The blog has a lot of informative articles on big data.


5. NYU Data Science

This is the official blog for data science home at NYU. The articles focus on topics like how to use big data to measure what kind of speech have more impact, how powerful social media is becoming in order to transmit news and similar topics. The blog also covers articles on future of data science and what impact it will have on the next generation. And it also has ample of resources to explore further on data science.


6. Cloudera

This is an official blog by Cloudera and features articles on machine learning, neural networks, bigdata and analytics. These are some of the must reads like how hadoop is acting as a game changer in financial services, introduction to Cloudera’s datalennials, deriving value from IoT, how to handle big data. The articles have been authored by data science practitioners at Cloudera.


7. Udacity

This is an official blog of Udacity core team. Every week they curate best machine learning & virtual reality articles. The articles will interest anyone & everyone interested in machine learning. Machine learning is evolving and every industry is using machine learning today. In this blog, you can find articles on machine learning  in healthcare, music, art, media, technology, food & beverage, sports, entertainment, history, games, and many more. It’s a good refresher on how machine learning is touching our lives everywhere.


End Notes

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you are a frequent reader on Medium then I’m sure you will find these handles helpful.

If you follow any handle on Medium which I have missed out and you think it deserves a mention. Then feel free to share it in the comments below.  Have any doubts or confusions let me know. Also, I would love to hear your feedback on this.

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avcontentteam 07 Dec, 2016

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